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On his release from prison, he first stayed with his sister-in-law Pamela Mitford , followed shortly by a stay at the Shaven Crown Hotel in Shipton-under-Wychwood. For services to Agriculture and the community in the East Midlands. Alistair John Alexander MacIver. Colonel Commandant, Royal Marines Cadets. Maybe that is part of it As a former volunteer fireman, let me say that I am all out in favor of mutual aid! William Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale.

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Eliot argued against Shaw that Shakespeare's "primitiveness" in fact made him truly modern. Wilson Knight and the school of New Criticism , led a movement towards a closer reading of Shakespeare's imagery. In the s, a wave of new critical approaches replaced modernism and paved the way for " post-modern " studies of Shakespeare. He encloses us because we see with his fundamental perceptions.

Shakespeare's works include the 36 plays printed in the First Folio of , listed according to their folio classification as comedies , histories , and tragedies. In the late 19th century, Edward Dowden classified four of the late comedies as romances , and though many scholars prefer to call them tragicomedies , Dowden's term is often used.

Boas coined the term " problem plays " to describe four plays: Around years after Shakespeare's death, doubts began to be expressed about the authorship of the works attributed to him. Some scholars claim that members of Shakespeare's family were Catholics, at a time when practicing Catholicism in England was against the law. The strongest evidence might be a Catholic statement of faith signed by his father, John Shakespeare , found in in the rafters of his former house in Henley Street.

However, the document is now lost and scholars differ as to its authenticity. Other authors argue that there is a lack of evidence about Shakespeare's religious beliefs.

Scholars find evidence both for and against Shakespeare's Catholicism, Protestantism, or lack of belief in his plays, but the truth may be impossible to prove. Few details of Shakespeare's sexuality are known. At 18, he married year-old Anne Hathaway , who was pregnant. Susanna, the first of their three children, was born six months later on 26 May Over the centuries, some readers have posited that Shakespeare's sonnets are autobiographical, [] and point to them as evidence of his love for a young man.

Others read the same passages as the expression of intense friendship rather than romantic love. No written contemporary description of Shakespeare's physical appearance survives, and no evidence suggests that he ever commissioned a portrait, so the Droeshout engraving , which Ben Jonson approved of as a good likeness, [] and his Stratford monument provide perhaps the best evidence of his appearance. From the 18th century, the desire for authentic Shakespeare portraits fuelled claims that various surviving pictures depicted Shakespeare.

That demand also led to the production of several fake portraits, as well as misattributions, repaintings, and relabelling of portraits of other people. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the poet and playwright. For other persons of the same name, see William Shakespeare disambiguation. For other uses of "Shakespeare", see Shakespeare disambiguation. Elizabethan era Jacobean era. John Shakespeare Mary Arden. Shakespeare's plays and William Shakespeare's collaborations.

Thou art more lovely and more temperate Shakespeare's reputation and Timeline of Shakespeare criticism. Shakespeare bibliography and Chronology of Shakespeare's plays.

Religious views of William Shakespeare. Sexuality of William Shakespeare. Under the Gregorian calendar , adopted in Catholic countries in , Shakespeare died on 3 May. In addition to presenting the town with a statue of Shakespeare, Garrick composed a doggerel verse, lampooned in the London newspapers, naming the banks of the Avon as the birthplace of the "matchless Bard".

See Shakespeare's collaborations and Shakespeare Apocrypha for further details. See Chronology of Shakespeare's plays for further details.

This motto is still used by Warwickshire County Council , in reference to Shakespeare. Rowse , the 20th-century Shakespeare scholar, was emphatic: His will made that perfectly clear — in facts, puts it beyond dispute, for it uses the Protestant formula.

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Essays in Honour of Kenneth Muir. In Levine, Robert Steven. The Cambridge Companion to Herman Melville. Sonnet 20 and the politics of pedagogy". Shakespeare's Works and Elizabethan Pronunciation. A Study of Facts and Problems.

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The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare. Playing Companies and Commerce in Shakespeare's Time. Shakespeare's Life and Work. The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare Studies. The 'Bad' Quartos and Their Contexts. Mays, Andrea ; Swanson, James 20 April Archived from the original on 21 April Retrieved 31 December Shakespeare and his Rivals: A Casebook on the Authorship Controversy. Some Contexts, Resources, and Strategies in his Playmaking.

Mowat, Barbara; Werstine, Paul n. Retrieved 30 December That Is the Question". The New York Times. Such Is My Love: A Study of Shakespeare's Sonnets. University of Chicago Press. Shakespeare Quartos and Folios: A Study in the Bibliography of Shakespeare's Plays, — Catholic Loyalism in Elizabethan England. They offered to take us all over the place. They were totally co-operative and glad for our presence. Here is the thing: People everywhere can be hateful and vindictive.

It is not alway some institution that is in the wrong. Based on that, I would say that we did have different environments. I also believe that definitions of what constitutes abuse have changed. IMO that has usually been a good thing, though I believe the pendulum has swung too far and respect and order has gone out the window in too many cases.

Totally relate to this. And if a neighbor saw me doing anything wrong, parents were told. You could not get by with anything! We were taught to respectfully question authority. In fact, that was actually reinforced at church! For children who cannot safely remain at home, there is foster care including specialized foster care for troubled youth.

For a first time misdemeanor offender, pre-trial diversion programs where the charges are dropped after restitution and successful probation have a low recidivism rate.

Drug programs or sex offender programs with well trained and experienced counselors work well. The more holistic the program the better, involving the family in counseling and coordination with the school.

I have not personally evaluated boot camp type programs but others have and they are not effective. In my opinion, the personality structure of troubled kids is already fragile. To use strategies to tear it down and to have untrained staff who have no idea how to build the child back up is dangerous. The theory behind these programs is that the offender is lazy and undisciplined and that might be true for someone who gets involved in drugs casually and becomes addicted but in my experience drug use is often self medication because of neglect and abuse.

Across the board, the successful programs have staff that encourage the kids in their programs and are proud of them for succeeding. Wish more people would understand that there is usually a root cause to teen issues.

This seems to come and go. When my son was a little kid he played with little plastic army soldiers, and later in scouts learned to bird hunt-the real thing. Now look at what is in the movies and the video games and look at the direction of our society in this issue.

Meanwhile, the little kid with the toy soldiers and learning how to hunt is now part time military and the exact opposite of any problem to society. I think we have our ideas and values crosswise to Sunday. So relieved to hear that the kids are placed in environments that are appropriate for their individual situations.

God bless you for being part of the process. And i think part of that has crept into acceptance through the violence of war, and our long conflicts in other countries, and the acceptance by manymof yhe use of torture. That is, however, likely a subject for another day and time. As to military personnel, i knew some very good, upstanding people who were on active duty when i lived in the D.

One was an active duty Marine who was physically and verbally abusive to his 3 year-old son, and whose wife seemed to be frightened of him, but who was the soul of Southern politeness whenever he encountered my roommate and i.

But we both saw and heard things that were bad. Another was a Vietnam vet who was a teacher, and whom i had the bad fortune to encounter as a student. I was really frightened of this guy,mand he knew it and used it. Said teacher used to talk about his little daughter, and i often wondered if he treated her the same way he treated us. I think it is present in increasingly violent tv shows, movies and video games, as well as in the acceptance of increasingly realistic portrayals of violence.

I think it is apparent in the agonizing difficulties experienced by servicewomen who report ed. She is in a well-known documentary about this. I am muddled today. That is so true. This will probably get me in a lot of trouble, but ISTM that the public schools and parenting culture in general has effectively outlawed being a boy. Despite my yammering about gender roles, I do think that, generally, little boys are wired differently from little girls. Even though I was a tomboy.

Not to be nostalgic for the good old days, but we ran around like crazy and climbed on the playground equipment with no rubber underneath while our teachers, some of whom were male, got a well-deserved break. After school we played outside until Daddy whistled for us. Little boys were not designed to be still for long periods, IMO. Whatever happened to male teachers and principals, especially in elementary school?

Like making a campfire in the backyard and cutting up stuff with a real knife. Cap pistols and BB guns. Playing at the creek and maybe following it to the river. Following the river out to the beach.

Maybe kids get hooked on violent games or act out violently because they are missing that part of development nowadays with being over-managed by adults. Not having recess or gym classes is just plain nuts, imo. So is not having normal play. Bys and girls alike need to let off steam. Bein a teacher is no longer viewed in the way it was, and for many, it is seen as a bad, low-paying, low-status job. When has the country not been at war somewhere?

There used to be many more military bases and active-duty servicemen than there are today. The thing with women in the military is complicated, I think. The military and the way it prosecutes war today is so different. But certainly the military should not tolerate behaviors like rape or even harassment by either gender, because if there is anything a fighting force needs, it is mutual respect.

But people are people, uniform or not. But more subtly, there has been a glorification of the military all over the place in the public media and popular culture. Your remark regarding when have we not been at war? He said it more directly than i did. My grandkids have daily recess up through fifth grade with PE maybe once a week, then in middle school no recess but a pretty vigorous required PE class. And the high schools have teams in every imaginable sport and some I never hear of.

So that is not a problem we have. That is the one with TKD training who we made give it up. The south has sometimes been criticized for excessive emphasis on and enthusiasm for sports. Maybe some of it is justified. But there are a lot of days with weather where you can get outdoors-maybe a little wet and cold, but out. That may be a factor. I taught my oldest granddaughter how to use an electric drill a few days back. And her uncle showed her how to set up and control a campfire last year.

We have heard from out in the community that the local law enforcement is heavily recruiting former military for jobs as cops, but only as the jobs come available. This is not a small town. I am not concerned about that, actually. I think they are probably better trained and less apt to act rashly out of fear and more apt to be both effective and self controlled, but I have not seen any statistics on that.

I would have given my right arm for the presence of trained forces at the time. Exactly, and there are plenty of good sources to prove the points that you and i are making. Somehow i seriously doubt that military training is good for peacetime activities like crowd control.

I would love to see the entire US become as gun-free as the UK, where some people do have guns, but where licensing laws are very tough, and police forces don't customarily use sidearms. I need to put mr 2 cents worth in about Teen Challenge. One of the most nice kind pastors we have had was a former director of Teen Challenge in Hawaii. Several of the young people ended up at Teen Challenge.

I never heard of any abuse. Just complaints about the car washes they did for fundraising, the legalism and the pressure to speak in tongues.. I also know of changed lives. Somehow the extreme Pentacostalism was an antidote to the addictions. I never could figure that one out.

Teen Challenge was at the time a misnomer. They only accepted young people 18 and older, except for a few rare exceptions. One being in Arkansas. Anyway, my experience with them, although not my cup of tea, has been good. There is another organization called Victory Outreach that is similar.

They are more into fundraising than TC and even more Pentecostal and legalistic. I have a friend who is a SWAT training officer who says if the public knew what the police were up against concerning weapons it would cause panic and put democracy in more jeopardy. Not sure what the answer is? Looters can do as they want during unrest? I think they are probably better trained and less apt to act rashly out of fear and more apt to be both effective and self controlled,.

Except for the ones with PTSD, and are a bit trigger-happy. One is a civilian activity, which requires a completely different mindset to what people in the military are trained to do, violent drug gangs notwithstanding. The majority of police work is, or should be, non-violent by nature. I think I said at the very first that I am alarmed by the militarization of local police forces. Yes, it has gone crazy. Yes, you did, and i noticed that wsy back. I think Roebuck has put it well, particularly in his 1st comment, just a bit upthread.

Thanks for sharing about your experience with Teen Challenge in the s and s. That was quite a while ago, and I would imagine that the number of programs under the Teen Challenge umbrella was much smaller and perhaps more manageable 20 or 30 years ago. I grew up in a mostly rural life style in the shadow of a city with girl cousins in the city.

No way were our lives similar in activities. That is one of the holes in the Dobson agenda. But when the great SHTF is upon us, guess who are the ones with some experience and know-how that folks are going to be needing. And, gender appropriate activities vary with the family. And nobody remotely thinks that is inappropriate. Nor does her husband become religiopsychodiskaboobatated about it.

Maybe because nobody tried to thwart his self image as a male while growing up. I just know what destructive looting does to a small business owner who is barely making it as it is. Their insurance goes up sky high IF they can even get it anymore.

Not the looters who seem to get by with it. If that sort of violence keeps up, what do we expect? If you have answers to protect property I would love to hear them. Riots are not peace-anything activities. I think we are getting prepared for societal breakdown the day after—.

Major Morrison physically threw him out of one of the buildings and once outside Mr. McDaniel shoved a garden hose in his mouth and turned the water on then filled his mouth with dirt. When disasters strike-fire too big for the local fire department, power lines down due to ice storm, such as that-what happens. They ship in people from all over including the little volunteer fire people in the surrounding little towns and the electric company imports people from all over.

No way my city could survive financially if they had to maintain police and fire and such personnel enough for a major disaster—got to have guys you can call.

Maybe that is part of it. And I promise you, nobody in their right mind wants medical personnel and institutions that are not trained within half an inch of infinity in every possible bad thing that might happen. All the while thinking it probably will not happen. Better to prepare ten years too soon than two minutes too late.

As a former volunteer fireman, let me say that I am all out in favor of mutual aid! Have you asked your police force what is going on? They are civil servants. They should be interacting and responding to your questions. Are there any other good ones? Are you saying that the constitution gives people the right to burn-baby-burn? I guess I am not into that. OK, full disclosure time: I live in a very small rural town in central NH. Believe it or not, we do not have a police force, not one officer!

I was talking about neighboring small towns, where heavy stuff was pushed on them even against their will. The problem is that the same things required to quell a riot can also be used to prevent a peaceful protest. I was thankful for the police protection.

However, I was also involved in a small peaceful protest during the era of desegregation when some racist shenanigans were happening in local government. The question for me is how do we protect our first amendment rights while not surrendering our right to life and property? Does anyone do a healthy and robust addiction recovery Christian ministry? This is nub of the issue, Gram3. It might be one of those eternal tensions that we deal with in trying to live in an open and democratic society.

There really is no common culture any more, it seems to me. The Great Experiment of American democracy is being, is going to be, tested. I have no idea as to how it might play out.

I imagine we have different perspectives and needs as far as police coverage is concerned. This post does seem to be getting off topic. Let us get back to the issue at hand. I gave him the website. Hopefully he will join the discussion. As I have said before he is one of the few Pastors I have truly respected through the last 35 years. Thanks for redirecting the conversation.

From that I would offer the following warnings: Yup, some programs are abusive. What does that say about your own discernment, and the discernment your son learned by your example? What you are stating are the same old, tired selling points used by the directors of these programs.

I have spoken to parents who were duped into doing this. Yet again, another worn-out selling point to discredit abuse victims, heavily used by program directors to discredit children to their own parents, ot anyone else they want to believe that they were abused.

Perhaps there should be a program for parents where they are separated from their children and loved ones until they can learn healthier solutions for their lack of helping their own child instead of pawning them off on someone else and getting them out of their way for awhile.

My parents would know before the dust settled or the blood started to flow. Hmm…this paragraph reached out and shook me. In a good way. I grew up in AofG and am 3rd or 4th generation on both sides. For some reason, your words here shook loose a realization for me. I think I just got permission internally to finally let the AofG doctrine I grew up in take its fair share of the blame for this.

But the religious indoctrination that goes on is not okay. But I do know that a particular AofG I used to be involved in thought that the proper rehabilitation coarse for an adult alcoholic and child molestor although I am not sure of the AofG was fully aware of that aspect, but still… was to send him to a Teen Challenge — as a counselor!

Your comment is a big true true Gram. I am absolutely certain of that, believe me. Latest odds I heard were before I can remember growing up, there were people who were considered not really true Christians because of behavior….

No one ever apologized for their treatment of her. As far as TC goes, I know that it was often used by those I was aware of to send kids to get straightened out religiously…no legal issues or substance abuse issues. Just rebelling against the church. Behavior modification so that you become afraid to not follow the doctrinal line. I fight this and never was even eent to TC. I know someone who was and she is not well mentally.

All of her pain and issues were just stuffed. And now, she plays her part and does the church thing and her parents are happy as clams. But it is so fake and I just want to weep for the little girl I once knew. Glad to be of service. It also conveniently 'ignores' the fact that some of what is called bad behaviour — self-medicating with substances, or refusing to go to church for example — can be part of a survival strategy kicking in to help a traumatised person survive mentally or physically for just one more day.

In a nutshell, it means: This can make them very dangerous, because they can zealously pursue their ideologies in the face of any amount of contrary evidence.

Help us here Nick. Getting people to believe the evidence was a monumental task, as to some extent still is. But the evidence is overwhelming. There are a number of health issues in which people do this. Cooler heads in religion preach look at the historical evidence or the scientific evidence and people cover their ears, so to speak, so as not to hear.

We see this in politics and race relations and current social issues—just all over the place. Here is what I cannot understand. Why do people not rush to get the evidence? Why would they not feel safer with evidence based thinking? Why do they think that they themselves can ignore the evidence, follow some pet idea, and somehow that is going to work out for them? They said I had to come with them but that I was free to read quietly either in the car or inside the building—whichever I chose.

They respected me and I respected them. Is the answer the irrationality of sin? I know of people who did this sort of thing. He also chose highly educated Paul. Let us look at the example of child molestation or rape of a teen. What is shocking to people is to find out that many victims become sexually promiscuous.

Does not make sense. I personally believe that what they suffered even AFTER their abuse with finally telling someone or going through the process whether legal or emotional has a lot to do with it. They now feel worthless. Even simple questions like what where you wearing or but he is a godly man have such wounding power, we cannot even imagine. The worst place for victims is church! And goverment programs see so much of it is almost ho hum. It goes back to what JeffS said on another thread.

We have to stand up for the weak. We must fight for them and be adamant about their value and justice. How we respond to the sins done to them is very important. It can leave people more broken than when they walk in the door. I speak this as a 6-year military veteran though never in combat, in more than a few situations of violent confrontation—never shooting, but a few improvised weapons that were sharp. Many of these people seem to take on a power-trip mentality that they think, and many observers think, is typical of the military.

I am speaking, of course, outside a direct combat setting, but I was taught in the military including NCO leadership schools that the best approach to tense, potentially violent situations is to first try to deescalate the situation through calm, rational speech and actions while gathering sufficient resources so that if it did escalate to violence, overwhelming, non-lethal force would be applied—only as a last resort.

It is a rare person in the military that I found eager to exert violence if it could be avoided again, outside a direct combat situation. Please, I ask that our of respect for those who served, and serve, honorably, do not typecast the behavior of military wannabes with that of true military professionalism.

I was taught restraint, and a variety of deescalation techniques to help resolve non-combat adversarial confrontation. And why would a person in such pain want to share this with people who worship such a god? What I mean is that God actively wills abuse or similar in order to get glory? I recently heard J Mac on suffering, and he took the line God gets the glory out of it, but I found it most unconvincing.

He was so into the sovereignty of God that I felt he was beginning to create a caricature, though I appreciated some of what he had to say about a difficult subject.

It is one of the few in my area where mothers can live with their children under the age of 5. The program had firm house rules, but there was never any yelling or physical abuse on the part of the staff. If anything, the environment was uplifting and encouraging. I find the argument about God getting the glory when someone suffers. Better yet, visit home after home of child abusers and see children suffering. Recently, I heard an atheist speaker say that these very things cause him to question the morality of God.

I know this to be true of the vast majority of the military as well as police. Some of the most gentle people I know have served in the military. It is parsed and drawn out. But it is the message that a broken person comes away with when unbalanced theology is taught. Thank you, Dee—one would have to be at least borderline sociopathic or psychopathic to revel in or enjoy violence, or the aspects of control that some seem to enjoy. I have met far more of those types of personalities ouside of the military than in the military.

I think the military has a built-in, though informal, system for identifying those that lie outside the reasonable behavior spectrum and find ways to separate them from the service.

It would behoove the church, as well, to develop a system that filters out those types of personalities perhaps the more formal final interview process that candidates in historical denominations go through helps with that process.

Though, from the stories we hear, it is not foolproof, either. Women and men of experience need to sit on pastoral and elder search committees and converse with candidates, probe them with difficult scenarios, not let them give canned answers.

I think the presence of women is particularly important—my wife is far superior at identifying potential idiots than I am—men tend to be to trusting of other men. Balance in perspective and evaluation. You saw the dichotomy in Greek mythology; look at the two gods of Olympus associated with war: In her war aspect, Athena personified controlled violence for a purpose, under the guidance of Wisdom.

Ares was in it purely to get off on the Ultra-violence. In comics fandom years ago, I heard it expressed this way: I am very sorry if I came across as stereotyping former military. Indeed, in teaching adult education college courses, I met many fine veterans — smart, competent, dedicated, and yes, gentle — some of my favorite students. I do not feel, however, that military experience necessarily translates to a civil policing skillset though I do take your point re: It seems to me that the military experience is predicated on having an enemy.

Although there are without question some extremely bad actors out there, the us vs. I am a non-veteran mother of a current JAG officer.

I do know, however, that the military actively prosecutes their people who get out of line based on their rules and regs.

Any idea that the military is a free for all for bad boys is not accurate. About the wannabe thing, maybe that is why they are saying around here that our local law enforcement is trying to fill vacancies with actual military veterans who are given preference over others.

Roebuck, thank you for your kind clarification. Sometimes we just need context. Nancy makes a great point regarding the formal methodology used by the military to prosecute bad actors. Informally, people that could not be trusted were separated for a variety of reasons without formal prosecution, if that makes any sense.

Military discipline and order is based on relationships of trust between those of command level rank and the lower ranks. In my experience, I saw officers removed from command simply because of the breakdown that occurs when those being led do not trust those leading them. This is not well understood by those who do not have military backgrounds—the movies make it seem like a very autocratic system in which those with little rank have no input. I found it to be the opposite—I had many frank discussions with those of higher rank—and they listened, even if they did not change their minds, at least they listened.

In the military, organizational failure is always seen as leadership failure. Seems the opposite in the church, where the sheep are blamed for the failures of the shepherd. I do think that sometimes certain Christian groups employ tactics used by cult groups to brainwash.

I have also seen parents do the same thing with their kids. It is one thing to raise them in the knowledge of God and quite drown them so that the do not question things until they leave home. I plan to mull on this over the weekend. Basic training is a whole different animal than normal military duty—relationships and intent are much different and when I reference my military experience I always keep it separate from basic training.

My basic training memories are mostly humorous—most understand it is a game with a very serious intent that one must learn to play in order to thrive. But there always will be bad things, and bad people. Basic training is still pretty awful in the Marines, though I gather that drill sergeants are not given the kind of leeway that they used to have. The ethics have changed, and for the better.

Very interesting — I have no military experience, and have only heard indirectly from friends about this dynamic.

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Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute.

william moseley dating 2015

For services to the Rural Community and to Charity.

william moseley dating 2015

For services to Children and Young People. A Study of Shakespeare's Sonnets. Why would they not feel safer with evidence based thinking? For services to Law and Order in the William moseley dating 2015 West and service to the community. JessicaUppal Apr 8, Skandar partnersuche vegetarier probably get annoyed with all this fangirling but, you are the greatest actor ever! Lead Scientist, West Midlands.