Relacion de pesos de bicis de 29" |

Relacion de pesos de bicis de 29"

trek marlin ss 29er gary fisher

Me Gusta x 1. Originally Posted by crewe6. Plantilla para copiar y pegar: Again, my fault most likely. Imho a good value for that price. Reply With Quote 91 Pauls2ndblessing mtbr member Reputation: Okay so put in another 1.

Trek Roscoe 650b+

I'm really curious as to how the large frame will feel, the medium was just a little too small. Sizing is a personal preference and the choice is ultimately up to the Customer. The stock lock on Bontreggs were about as useless as the plastic wellgo pedals. I asked Rockshox what the weight of the Judy Silver is but they said they didn't know and they will update the website as soon as they do Join Date Nov Posts Like the 9. Black Finish Aluminum Mountain

Ahora leo por ahi que hay gente con una flash de menos de 10 kilos y me entra la risa Me flipa tambien el hecho de que quitarle un kilo a la bici a partir de 10 kilos venga a cotar como euros y que hay gente que lo persiga con obsesion. Sale mas barato si los pierde el que pedalea, y a la jefa seguro que no le cabrea tanto. Pues nada queria proponeros si quereis poner los pesos de vuestras 29er, pero para que sean objetivos, pongamos unos apartados con sus reglas: Plantilla para copiar y pegar: Las Franquesas del Valles.

Este post sirve para 26", 26" doble, o 29er. El montaje es propio ,partiendo de un cuadro de Titanio de 1,6kgrs ,con componentes gama media x9 ,xt,Avid cr,reba.. No es muy ligera pero va muy bien. Hoy se ha portado de maravilla en un circuto que no era precisamente para 29": Incluyo unos cuantos pesos declarados por las marcas extraidos de sus propias paginas web.

Como comento mas arriba, estos pesos hay que tomarlos con reservas ya que es de supones que los pesos son tomados de las forma mas favorable para el fabricante y que habitualmente no indica bajo que condiciones se realiza.

ManBiker , 5 Sep Looks like a budget-Stache with smaller wheels to me But might be a nice addition. They should call this bike "Spade". It would go well with the Farley.

Good spec actually a 1X11 with a low enough gear for an old guy to get up the mountain. Not crazy about the flo-green accents, would like to have seen a Reba fork but overall, I like it. Originally Posted by centershot. Any more info on the Roscoe?

I'm in the market for a plus hardtail for a second bike and this exactly what I'm looking for. Any ideas on U. Originally Posted by jgdblue. I've compared a lot in the last days Especially the and the dropper eliminate most competitors. Imho a good value for that price. If he geo etc fits and since I'll get a discount I guess I'll swap the brakes from the scratch at least SLX and buy another front wheel with 29" x 2.

I'm pretty sure in the next years there will show up more bikes which have actually Plus on the rear for traction and something smaller on the front better steering, less bouncing.

The orange colour on the Roscoe 8 looks amazing in the Trekworld video Spain? I'd love to swap out the frame for that!

I could be wrong of course but we'll find out in August when bikes start dropping and Trek's system gets another update. The new Roscoes look pretty nice. I'm not sure if I'd want a new bike with that quick release rear set-up, but I still ride an old qr and it's been fine.

Originally Posted by go-pirates. Originally Posted by hambocairns. Mainly because I'm a heavier rider and I ride more aggressively than I used to, so I think I'd rather have a Boost thru-axle for peace of mind. Everything is in bold in your post.

Looking for a ride for my 10 year old P The Trek, 28t up front and out back,, wow that's low low and not very tall.. Mines a 32t chain ring and the out back. I never seem to need a lower gear and I often find myself spinning in tenth gear, have been known to hang In 11th with a tail wind on the level fire roads: My cassette goes from a 37 tooth cog to the 42 and It's a BIG jump.

Can be a real revolution buster during a steep climb. The I understand jumps from the same 37 tooth up to the 46 tooth Originally Posted by Osco. Yeah true, I didn't know until I rode slack and all It took was a single figure eight in my front yard.. But everybody Is different so 68 degree may be better for some people.

So dialed I left It stock I rode a friend's GT Zaskar which he'd fitted a mm fork to and it was such amazing fun! Didn't care that the seat angle was all wrong, I just loved smashing through stuff with confidence!

It's a shame they didn't spec one with a Fox Rhythm 34 fork. Originally Posted by V8Interceptor. Originally Posted by StaxB Originally Posted by richde. A solution to a problem that doesn't exist, unless it's for very short people Is it just not up yet or no 9's in the US? Bummer - not interested in the lesser spec'd bikes.

Guess I'll see what Salsa does to the Timberjack. Last edited by hambocairns; at Originally Posted by Pecjr This bike looks like fun, but a 30mm fork? Maybe in , they'll offer the 9. I'd buy his version of the Roscoe! I would be interested how they measure the STA. Nevrtheless, I guess I 'll skip the Roscoe for this year and wait or look for something else. Roscoe is now on the Australian site. No Roscoe 9, seems to be a UK only bike? Then again geometry still favours the Norco.

So if a guy got the 8 and put on a new fork, what fork would you get? I'm thinking a Rockshox Reba would be about right, maybe go with mm travel. Should be at least a pound lighter than the stock fork. Need to talk with the LBS and see what they would do on a fork swap. That promo is awesome. Manuals across the creek are enough to sell about any bike! I'd get a fork with 34mm stanchions, like a x-fusion McQueen or a fox rhythm. Just have to wait for the reviews but I guarantee they'll mention the flexiness of the Judy 30mm stanchions , especially as it's a trail bike.

The Roscoe looks like a nice bike as more of a entry level Stache , but I think I'm still going to wait to the Stache 5, since there is none of the model in my size in my area. Plus I'm sure Trek will add a dropper seat post with the model, since the Roscoe has it. I also like the color of the Roscoe 8. Last edited by TrekWarMachine; at Originally Posted by TrekWarMachine. Maybe these will be better than anticipated.

Wish they would get a Roscoe in so I can try it myself. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk. Originally Posted by crewe6. I may pull the trigger on a Roscoe 8 tomorrow. I ride a The frame reach, standover, and eff top tube are similar, so should work. Didn't ride the Anyone have any insight on sizing? On a bike like this I'd rather it be a tad small than a tad too big. With the recent stretch of top tubes and short stems it's difficult to go with your 'standard' size.

Always good to ride both and see what works best for you. I agree with going small if need be. This bike in particular will only be used to shred. No rail trail distance riding on the Roscoe. I may not have the luxury of test riding the next size up.

I do have some longer stems, but I don't think it's a reach thing at all. The standover is really short on these bikes. Ironically, the standover on the next size up is lower, as per Trek's website. It just looks like a tiny bike. I just received a message back from Trek saying to stick with the same size as my Farley. If anything, it may be a tad small, but not too small, which like centershot said, go small if you have to choose.

I'm open to all opinions or stories from experience. I asked Rockshox what the weight of the Judy Silver is but they said they didn't know and they will update the website as soon as they do I replied with "No worries, hopefully someone can find a set of weighing scales, a Judy fork and 10 minutes to weigh them. I really wouldn't be as concerned about the weight of the fork as much as its flexy skinny legs. A bike like the Roscoe needs a light front end. Wheelies and Manuals are a big part of the fun that a bike like this is should be designed for.

Picked up my large framed Roscoe 8, weighed her on my way out.. Took her home and pulled all the reflectors off, won't be that much of a difference though. Lowered the tire pressure to front and 16ish-back, hopped on and took her down to some trails close to the house.

The geo feels nice, comfortable during tight turns but haven't got to test it downhill yet, trails today are more technical rocky riding with steady climbs and descents not too fast and I'm also not very familiar with them and had a 45 min time limit due I wish I had an entire day! Bike felt comfortable on slick rocky muddy terrain, much more stable than my old 29x2. Judy fork it to be determined, it seemed fine today but think I can get it dialed in more.

As my first dropper post I can definitely see where I can take advantage of it. Brakes are TBD , will have more time to ride this weekend and I can't wait. I started riding trails this year and purchased a Trek Marlin 5 29er this past spring to get my feet wet and love riding the trails - what a rush! Since I have been riding for the past six month and reading articles on this site, I have found out what my bike and I can and cannot do. I would like to upgrade in the next 6 months to either a Trek Roscoe 8 or a Trek Stache 5.

I'm assuming it's worth it to spend the extra money to get the Stache 5, for the better fork and bigger wheels 29 vs I also think it would be overkill to upgrade to a Trek Fuel EX 5 29? Good to hear someone actually has one and is riding it. Will be watching for more updates. Just picked up a Roscoe 8 tonight. Taking it out tomorrow. I was leery on the fork, but all of the other specs really caught my eye.

For my uses, this bike seems great. Will let you know how it goes! Originally Posted by Rider of Rohan. I'm more interested in knowing what the trails at Rohan are like! Post first day thoughts So yes I'm new to the forum, but I've used it for years, never felt the need to comment, just learn.

Now that I've got something so new I thought I could contribute I hit 14 miles of single track today and really messed around with a lot on this bike. First, I started the ride at 20psi in each. I really wanted to feel how the Judy fork performed.

I'm lbs, had 75psi in it- LBS set that up. Like I said before, I found an adjustable dial on the bottom right of the fork. It has 5 click settings and goes from turtle to rabbit. I started at turtle. This made the fork feel more progressive but rebound slow.

Turn it to rabbit and I flew through travel but the rebound was snappy. To my novice fork experience, it seemed as if it were acting as a movable token on the inside. Anyways, I found that 1 click below rabbit was best for the terrain, if not, full hare. Is this a Yari, Lyric, or even a Reba?

But the lack of adjustability and low speed rebound control are missed. Fork and stem- not a bad choice at all. Also, do yourself a favor and buy new grips with the bike. The stock lock on Bontreggs were about as useless as the plastic wellgo pedals. Drivetrain- The NX performed very well, I was not disappointed. Wheels and tires- At first, I didn't think these Rocket Rons would float my boat. They grip like a mofo and roll nicely.

I had a new level of confidence with them. Wheel set is solid, performing and physically. They're heavy but really supported me pushing through corners. No creaking or flexing, that is until I goofed and landed a bit off. Let's just say I called my LBS for a dual wheel true Again, my fault most likely. I did forget to mention, I settled in riding front at 16 psi rear I don't know how much more aggressive of a tire you can put on here. But they don't have the brakes to stop them!

Shimano m's flat out suck. I had DB7's on my last bike and would take them back in a heartbeat Finally the frame- the "new" alpha gold aluminum frame has great geometry. I felt super comfortable all day, usually suffer from lower back pain. It sits very comfortably and has an enduro feel. I found a big steep cross country ski hill, at least degree slope, slammed the dropper, put er in high gear, leaned back, and let er rip.

Was that ever fun. This thing can handle its paces. It almost felt like a bmx bike. This let me test the 42 tooth as well and I like the range of cassette. The one downfall to the short stem, slacker headtube, short chain stays, was I had to get out of my seat a lot to climb or my front wheel was up. Going back to the fork, weight isn't something you should worry about.

The frame however, it's a heavy rig. Bunny hops or preloading kickers really took effort. The bike feels heavy off the ground. But on the dirt my god is it FAST. I was throwing it every which way and it responded better than I could have wanted. To wrap it up, Pros: Lack of fork adjustment, not very good low speed compression, not the best climbing geo even though the traction is great. I bought this bike because I wanted something to take me to the next level. I was looking at going full fat, but glad I didn't.

I spent a day on a Salsa Woodsmoke and it was the most fun I've ever had with my pants on. This wasn't far from. It accelerates great, dives into corners hard, and goes where you point it.

Is it a Stache? No, it wasn't intended to be. The specs aren't quite there either. But if you want that same plus sized effect at a budget price, buy this thing. I'm a teacher and have student loans. You can fill in those financial lines, this bike is perfect for me. I cannot say enough, you get a LOT of bike here for 12 bills and some change. You won't regret it. I will be shreddin on this guy for a few years for sure. Originally Posted by Pauls2ndblessing. Great review, I love my roscoe 8 as well, spent some more time on her today, absolutely fantastic bike, so comfortable and really brings tonnes of confidence to the table!

Originally Posted by fishywishy. Originally Posted by philoanna. I totally agree if you're right. But it looks like there is a lot of room for wider tire.

Great review R of R. I get the feel that Trek dabbled instead of fully committing to the They are close with the 8 but fall a little short for those wanting a little more than the 'beginner' bike level that it's spec'd at.

I hate to buy a new bike and immediately start spending money on upgrades. I would much rather get the bike that I want to begin with. My local dealer also carries Salsa, so I am in wait mode until the Salsa release. Hopefully that bike will have what the Roscoe is missing. I'd like to add that it's not nor is it advertised as an all-mountain bike, it's an adventure bike with a mountain feel, even in the Gary F video they mention it as well as Trek putting rack mounts all over it should be the tell for that Can't stop talking about how comfortable the bike is, that's probably one of my favorite features, it just feels good!

I think it's a great value, but I think there are a lot of folks out there that are looking for just a bit more. The 9 would be great but I'd even pay a little extra over that for a Reba fork.

That would shake a couple pounds off right there. I fully understand the price points but I will very likely end up with something other than Trek to get the spec fork mainly that I want. Correct, if you want an all mountain hard tail then you'll want the Norco Torrent.

Looks like a decent fork will drop lbs or so from the Roscoe. Bummer because the Norco looks great same with Kona. Getting that much weight off the front should really liven that bike up. I got mine a week ago. I think that I too was expecting this bike to be a little more than it is. That is not to say that I don't like it. It's comfortable and looks really nice. I ride my Farley a lot on my local trails, and I guess that I should have never expected the Roscoe to hook up like the Farley.

If I was coming off of a lot of trail riding on my El Mariachi, I may have been more impressed. However, I can say that after swapping out the super wide bars and putting a little longer stem on it, it is a very comfortable bike. I think the reba rl I'm thinking I'm going lighter cassette, crank, and bars first then a lighter fork next year. I think I'm hoked on the bike. That's unfortunate to hear, I came from a Specialized Camber Comp FS and the Roscoe check marked everything I missed about having a hard tail as well as the confidence and plushness, albeit a little less, my FS offered.

I took the Farley around the LBS and it is a fantastic bike but just more than I wanted to spend, it was light, fat, and responsive. Maybe the Roscoe will grow on you a bit more! Thanks for the kind words, all. Paul, what did you think about the brakes on this thing?

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trek marlin ss 29er gary fisher

I could be wrong of course but we'll find out in August when bikes start dropping and Trek's system gets another update. With the recent stretch of top tubes and short stems it's difficult to go with your 'standard' size.

trek marlin ss 29er gary fisher

The one downfall to the short stem, slacker headtube, short chain stays, was I had to get out of my seat a lot to climb or my front wheel was up. The time now is

trek marlin ss 29er gary fisher

It also adds no real cost addition to the frame. No, it wasn't intended to be. No rail trail distance riding on the Roscoe. I was looking at going full fat, but glad I didn't. Just food for analytical thought Reply With Quote 93 Pauls2ndblessing mtbr member Reputation: