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There is a strange echo here of the much better-known story of Minster Lovell Hall, in Oxfordshire, where Francis Lovell is reputed to have fled for safety after the battle of Stoke, secreting himself in a hidden room whose whereabouts was known only to an aged and trusty servant. Doug Evason, overman at Dinnington colliery until , heard the phantom miner mentioned on many occasions, but never witnessed anything unusual himself. They should have gone years ago — it would have saved a lot of trouble. The truth about all those fashionable healthy eating fads

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The truth about all those fashionable healthy eating fads Could there be a world that lies beyond our beliefs? Martin Skrtel Former Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel saved from swallowing tongue after being knocked unconscious playing for Slovakia The Slovakian was momentarily motionless on the pitch after being hit on the temple in a friendly vs Thailand. In , a young Rotherham musician named Trevor Beever was a regular visitor to the old Church at Whiston, whose pipe organ he used on a regular basis. Refuge House Moorgate, Rotherham.

The figure a black dog was seen in a small cave area near the stones, the sound of whimpering was heard before the dog manifested itself while snarling its teeth. Scaring the unsuspecting man half to death he closed his eyes and waited his fate, when he opened his eyes the dog had gone! More recently we have received another sighting of this strange spectral figure, please see below for their story in their own words.

Took my grand-nephew Michael not his real name for a walk in Stones wood, which is not far from where I live. It was a cool October afternoon, and the weather was calm and slightly misty. We walked a way along the top path to the point where it levels out, before deciding to turn back. I walked back along the path while he decided to climb down the rocks not really allowed.

I waited for him under the railway bridge at the bottom of the steps. A few minutes later he came belting down the steps in a blind panic. When he got his breath back though still looking back and in a hurry to get away from the area , he described seeing something big, black "black as darkness", he said , and moving through the undergrowth as if it wasn't even there.

Some kind of huge animal, somewhat like a panther only much bigger, but of indistinct shape. He didn't hang around to get a better look. Seems our Michael had just had an encounter with the fabled Stones Wood Padfoot, and he was genuinely terrified.

I've been in these woods dozens of times, and never come across anything supernatural, except once hearing a strange growling sound down by the brook, which I would describe as a 'growling wind' for want of a better term , even though there was no wind at the time. Anston Stones is visible as a belt of trees from the A57 between Sheffield and Worksop, and has an unusual history, which is described in detail in a later chapter. The following story was related by Newcastle man Alec Fox, who was spending a short holiday with a friend in North Anston, in the summer of The weather was fine and warm, and the friends had decided to go for a walk in the stones.

They had reached one of the many rocky outcrops about half a mile into the expanse of green belt land, when Mr Fox decided to go on ahead and climb to the top of a small crag. As he was walking in between two columns of rock, he felt curiously uneasy, as though he was being watched. Undeterred, he found a foothold and began to climb the rock face. He reached the top and was Astonished to see a huge black dog, something like a rottweiler but much larger in fact Mr Fox noted that it was the largest dog he had ever seen , approximately ten feet away from him.

The dog stood motionless and stared, growling. Mr Fox remembers feeling as though he was not witnessing an "earthly" event, and described a sudden chill coming over him. Although not an unrational person, he climbed back down the face as quickly as he could and called out to his friend who was standing below. She had seen and heard nothing, and quickly ran round the crag and up to the area in which Mr Fox had been surprised by the black dog.

There was nothing there; no trace of a dog, or a person who could have been walking such an animal. Mr Fox followed, and noted that there was nowhere in this part of land for the dog to have disappeared so quickly without trace.

He remembers remaining chilled until the pair retraced their route and left the scene, whereupon the temperature appeared to return to normal. Although the most rational explanation would be that the large black hound was not a phantom at all, and could easily have been a domestic dog enjoying a walk with or without its owner, Mr Fox remains unconvinced. He described his encounter as having had the feeling of a "once in a lifetime experience", and has refused to return to this area of Anston Stones on his subsequent visits to South Yorkshire.

Interestingly, another feature of the phantom hound is its association with guardianship of sacred places. Perhaps on that summer afternoon in , the walkers were being warned away from a particular area. It would be interesting to find out whether any other visitors to this spot have had the same experience. The former rectory, now known as High Trees, is haunted by the ghost of a rector who caught his wife in the arms of the butler and murdered her. There is an indelible bloodstain on the floor where the deed was done.

Julie Milnes, submitted this story through, please see below in her own words, if you have any further information over this sighting, please contact us at sightings Haunted-Yorkshire. The Bluecoats staff have reported the sound of a child crying which they beleive dates back to when the building was a school, also sounds of footsteps are heard on many occasion throughout the building along with cold spots.

This reported sighting was left on Rotherham-ghosts guest book, where figures from another era are seen on a regular basis. I did conduct an investigation down here and I must admit there were some pretty strange things happening, unfortunately I didn't see any apparitions but will be going back.

Storey submitted by G. The figure of a woman dressed in a brown dress and bonnet has been seen walking through the pub quite regularly by the staff normally around closing time. In the late 's, the Rotherham Advertiser ran a column for local people who had had supernatural experiences, inviting them to come forward and tell their tales.

One elderly Rotherham resident, Mrs Nettleship, recounted an episode which concerned her family, and had taken place in a house on Clifton Lane , Rotherham , in the mid's.

The Nettleships had two young children, baby Roy and four-year-old Audrey, and their circumstances meant that the whole family were forced share the same bedroom. A fortnight after moving into their new home, the little girl began to grow fretful when left in the bedroom alone, and insisted that a 'white lady who shook her hands and cried' was appearing as she lay in bed.

Putting this down to the vivid imagination of a child, the Nettleships reassured Audrey that nobody could get into the bedroom, and assumed she had been dreaming. Several months later, Mrs Nettleship discovered an old-fashioned doll in a cardboard box in the bedroom, which had previously lain hidden on a high shelf. As the family was poor, she decided to keep the find a secret and repair the doll as a Christmas present for Audrey.

She returned the doll to its box and replaced it on the shelf. It was shortly after this discovery that, at around 9. They ran in to find Audrey in a state of shock, such that her mother later described her as 'rigid with terror'. Mrs Nettleship noticed that Audrey's nightdress was torn, and took the little girl downstairs to comfort her.

Audrey described how the 'white lady' had tried to 'take her away, and she had had to fight to pull away from her.

Although the Nettleships could see for themselves that their daughter was in a terrible state, they dismissed the story as a vivid nightmare. However, as time progressed, Audrey became more and more subdued, stopped eating and eventually became ill. The Nettleships once again put this down to the 'nightmares' which they assumed Audrey had been having, since their baby son Roy who slept in a cot next to her had never once been disturbed in the night.

Shortly afterwards, the family decided to move house, but before they left, Mrs Nettleship went to look for the old doll she had found some months previously in the bedroom. The box was exactly where it had always been, but the doll had vanished. Nobody else admitted to having even seen it, and in its position on the high shelf it would have been very difficult for Audrey herself to have removed it.

Although the happenings on Clifton Lane were never quite forgotten, the family continued with their new life in a different area of Rotherham and soon the memories faded into the past. Then, many years later, an article in the Rotiierham Advertiser caught Mrs Nettleship's eye. As she cast her mind back to the old house on Clifton Lane, where Audrey had experienced such discomfort as a child, Mrs Nettleship was horrified to read that the self-same White Lady is said to appear wringing her hands in distress as she cries for her lost children He loved the job so much he keeps coming back.

Storey submitted by Sandra Kelly, Rotherham. Dinnington's year-old Lyric Theatre is though to be haunted by one of its past stage acts. Strange happenings have led to rumors that The historic theatre—famous for variety stars such as Ken Dodd and Danny La Rue. Such things as cold chills, lights flashing without being turned on or connected, objects rolling uphill—and photographs of orbs have all been witnessed here.

During pit holidays, one of the deputies would go down into the workings on his own to check the coal faces and make sure that they were all in order. Several years ago, one such man had gone to look at a particular district and sat down to have his lunch break before continuing work.

A light appeared in the distance, getting brighter as it came towards him, until a man appeared clearly with his head-lamp on. The deputy did not recognize his face but said, "hello" to the stranger, who replied a greeting, then passed him and carried on his way further down the tunnel, towards a disused district.

The light from his head-lamp finally disappeared into the distance. At the end of the shift, the deputy came out and asked his colleague on the surface who else was working on that particular district, so that he would recognize the man in future. But there had been nobody else down the mine at all on that shift. Doug Evason, overman at Dinnington colliery until , heard the phantom miner mentioned on many occasions, but never witnessed anything unusual himself.

The fact remains that many people have died underground at Dinnington in accidents of one kind or another. Because the shaft was sunk in the early 20th century, safety standards were not as stringent as they are today, and accidents were commonplace. Who is to say that one of these poor miners does not still walk through the tunnels". Another restless spirit said to walk at Dinnington colliery was a man who appeared above ground, rather than below.

At night, there was a huge light set up to illuminate the colliery buildings for the men who came above ground in the dark. On several occasions, the large shadow of a man was seen looming against one of the building walls, as though there was someone standing in front of the lamp itself And yet there was never anybody there. Eric Brotherton, an ex-collier born in Dinnington in , has a history of spectral visitations occurring around the deaths of his family or friends.

In the old days of Dinnington colliery Mr Brotherton was a member of the rope splicing team. Out of the ten men in the team, he is today the only one left alive.

Two years ago, his closest friend and co-worker, Joe Phelps, appeared to him one night as he lay awake in bed, unable to sleep. Mr Phelps "walked into the bedroom" where he was immediately recognized, but in surprise Mr Brotherton could not understand why his friend had arrived at such a strange time.

Mr Phelps seemed to want to rouse him from his bed, and shouted, "come on, hurry up; we're going to be late! Two days later, Mr Brotherton, who had found no connection as to why an image of his friend should have spoken to him in the small hours, found out that Joe Phelps had died on the very night that he appeared by his bed.

Sightings of the recently dead are quite common among family members and friends of the deceased. What makes this story interesting is that it was perhaps with a wry sense of humour that Joe Phelps called Eric Brotherton with words he hadn't used for over thirty years. When they worked together as young men on the rope splicing team, Joe quite often roused Eric with a shout of: In the early 's, David and Cathy Wayland, tenants of the Don Field Tavern on Eldon Road, Eastwood, were plagued by the spirit of an ex-landlady who had allegedly died on the premises many years before.

The ghostly woman appeared to Mrs. Wayland one evening dressed in white. She was in her sixties, with dark hair and dark skin, and expressed a desire to stay within the building. Alongside this sighting were other events which could not easily be explained away Doors were locked and unlocked without human assistance, and strange noises terrified the Waylands in the dead of night.

The upstairs corridor was one place the family dog would never visit alone, as it was supernaturally cold even when the rest of the building felt warm. I can never get the place warm even if I leave the gas fires on. It is said that a former member of the Kent family committed suicide by hanging herself from the banister, this is still in use today.

She was angry with her father as he forbid her from seeing the local bakers son who she had fallen madly in love with. Its said that her restless soul still walk the corridors of this ancient establishment. Many other sightings have been seen here including children. Ferham House is situated in Kimberworth, Rotherham. It was built in by John Platt of Rotherham. It became the home of the Habershon family in the s and has been used for a number of purposes which include a single mothers refuge and a work house.

The home has since received grade II listed building status. A report was made to Rotherham-ghosts that strange happenings had been taking place quite recently, which included doors and windows banging, furniture moving and voices heard when no-one was there. The most recent event happened to one of the staff members working there, she was walking down one of the corridors and was about to enter a room when she saw a tall man wondering around, she didn't think too much of it until she checked the visitors book and found that no men had been visiting the building at the time she saw him.

A group of people were driving down Garden Lane at Ravenfield, as the road began to dip a figure of a man immerged dressed in 80s clothing and a cream jacket and fuzzy hair, the man just walked across the road and disappeared not giving any eye contact to the group. The group have since traveled this road a number of times and seen the man on many occasions recreate the same movements. The 17th century former manor house in the village of Wentworth, Rotherham has seen many things go bump in the night have included ghostly footsteps in the beer cellar, a clock striking in a sealed up room in the attic, a white faced woman customer reporting seeing a woman in Victorian dress in the toilets, and objects moving around the pub.

Another victim, Gemma not her real name , said the men who abused her were still free and had faced no legal action for the crimes they committed. Another victim, Jessica, slammed the decision to shut down Risky Business — the youth service working directly with victims of child sex abuse in Rotherham. One victim, Lizzie — who was just 12 when she was groomed — said she was glad the council had resigned. Political correctness and fear of appearing racist stopped council speaking out against Pakistani community.

The sexual abuse of about 1, children at the hands of Asian men went largely unreported for 16 years because staff feared they would be seen as racist, the report said today. Children as young as 11 were trafficked, beaten, and raped by large numbers of men between and but victims were denied justice because of misplaced 'political correctness', it was said.

One current council officer said politicians 'wanted to use any other word than Asian males. They were terrified of [the impact on] community cohesion'. There were fears that taking to the Asian community to task over the abuse of girls in Rotherham would disturb community cohesion and staff were 'mindful' of being called racist.

Another public servant told investigators: They had massive influence in the town'. Failures of South Yorkshire Police who did not believe victims and even referred to them as 'little slags'.

Police in Rotherham refused to believe victims and sometimes even blamed them for the abuse calling them 'little slags', the report said. Investigators also found that South Yorkshire Police were guilty of having a 'phenomenally low conviction rate' which allowed perpetrators to freely abuse up to 1, girls in 16 years.

Between and — the period covered by Professor Jay — there were five convictions of men sexually exploiting girls and young women. South Yorkshire's chief constable David Crompton, right, has been under huge pressure to explain his force's attitude towards child sex exploitation over the last 15 years. One officer told investigators: It's unbelievable and key to why it wasn't taken seriously as an issue. The view was that they were little slags.

They didn't understand the situation, and thought that the girls were happy, or complicit in it. The sense was that if there had been any offence it had been by the girls, for luring the men in.

On at least one occasion children as young as 13 or 14 were accused by officers of consenting to sex, even though the age of consent in the UK is Some of the crimes we were made aware of included rape with a broken bottle and girls being ordered to kiss perpetrators' feet at gun point. The report said that police were inactive in many cases put extreme pressure on vulnerable children to testify against the men who abused them and threatened their lives.

Some of the police actions suggested they were right'. Two councillors and corrupt police officer accused of having sex with victims of Rotherham abuse scandal.

A corrupt police officer and two local politicians - including one serving councillor - have been accused of having sex with abuse victims in Rotherham, it was revealed today.

The PC also allegedly passed on information to gangs who are believed to have abused 1, children and vulnerable young girls over a 16 year period. It came as a long-awaited independent inspection report into Rotherham Borough Council's is due to be published today, which could recommend the local authority is stripped of its powers. The two Rotherham councillors accused of having sex with abuse victims have been passed on the National Crime Agency, which is investigating the years of abuse in the town.

Another colleague has also been reported to the IPCC for allegedly failing to pass on information about the officer's conduct. Some were told they and their families would be killed if they spoke out while police and council workers were found to have turned a blind eye. Victims also say that the majority of their abusers are still walking the streets of the town. Last week the town's MP said victims of the Rotherham child abuse scandal may number as many as 2, - hundreds more than were identified in damning report - the town's MP said today.

The report by Professor Alexis Jay revealed how some 1, vulnerable girls had been subjected to rape, violence and trafficking by gangs of mainly Asian men in the town between and Labour MP Sarah Champion said new victims were coming to her on a 'weekly basis'. Risky Business was one of the few organisations praised by the report, but it was largely ignored and even harassed.

It was later shut down. The Jay report provoked shock and controversy when it was published last summer. It revealed the sexual exploitation of young girls and said police and council officials had betrayed the victims by not tackling the problem. The National Crime Agency has taken over the investigation into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham and is in the preliminary stage of its inquiry.

Whistleblowers bullied out of their jobs. Whistleblowers who flagged up a lack of action by council bosses were bullied, harassed and driven out of their jobs, the report revealed. Instead of acting on the confidential information given to them to help protect children at risk of abuse, the bosses turned on the informants.

In three cases, people who blew the whistle felt they had been marginalised by bosses, bullied, harassed and victimised as a result. Similarly, a youth service, whose job it was to highlight the horrendous level of child sex abuse in the community, was closed down. In a third case, they felt they had been marginalised and were forced to leave their job.

I am proud to have done so despite the cost to my health and financial situation. Another staff member said: In the report, Louise Casey said: Early to mid s. According to the Jay Report, community workers come across examples of child sexual exploitation and find children under the care of the local authority are at risk of being targeted. The 'Risky Business' youth project is set up to work with people between the ages of 11 and 25 in Rotherham, amid concerns young people are being abused through prostitution.

Youth workers start to identify vulnerable girls and young women on Rotherham's streets and refer them to children's social care. Community workers first came across examples of child sexual exploitation regarding children under the care of the local authority in Rotherham pictured in the mids.

Shaun Wright is elected as a Labour councillor on Rotherham Council. A small group of professionals from key agencies meet children at risk of, or involved in, child sexual exploitation but their work is not properly supported, according to the Jay report.

Senior police and social workers think the extent of the issue is being exaggerated. A Home Office draft report into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham criticises agencies and says there is a 'high prevalence of young women being coerced and abused through prostitution'.

Police and senior officers at the council are unhappy with the report, claiming some facts are either exaggerated or made up. The report's author does not complete her work. A report by strategic drugs analyst Dr Angie Heal, commissioned by South Yorkshire Police, finds there are a 'significant number of girls and some boys who are being sexually exploited' in Rotherham.

In , a report commissioned by South Yorkshire Police found there were a 'significant number of girls and some boys who were being sexually exploited' in Rotherham file picture.

The Sexual Exploitation Forum is set up, holding monthly meetings to discuss cases of children who are being sexually exploited or are at risk. An investigation into the grooming and sexual abuse of young boys identifies more than 70 alleged victims.

A man is convicted of offences against 10 children. Operation Central is set up to investigate men believed to be involved in child sexual exploitation. Ofsted rates Rotherham's children's services as 'inadequate'. Councillor Wright resigns from his council cabinet post in the wake of the report.

Shaun Wright was elected onto Rotherham council in the early s and was later elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire.

The minister of state for young people and families serves the council with an improvement notice for its children's safeguarding services. Five men given lengthy jail terms after they are found guilty of grooming teenage girls for sex. The local Safeguarding Children Board sets up a child sexual exploitation sub group. The Times publishes an investigation revealing that a confidential police report had warned thousands of child sexual exploitation crimes were being committed in South Yorkshire by networks of Asian men.

The newspaper also reports that agencies in the town had extensive knowledge of such crimes for decades. South Yorkshire Police refutes claims in article. Home Affairs Select Committee tells force's chief constable to 'get a grip' on the issue. He states that tackling child sexual exploitation is one of his priorities. The chief executive of the council, Martin Kimber, appears before the Home Affairs Select Committee to answer questions about the lack of prosecutions.

Four women sue the council for failing to protect them when they were children. The council announces it is commissioning an independent inquiry. Professor Alexis Jay publishes commissioned report into child abuse in Rotherham, revealing more than 1, children had been subjected to rape, violence and trafficking between and Rotherham Borough Council leader Roger Stone steps down with immediate effect.

Mr Wright issues a statement saying he will stay in his job as PCC, despite calls for him to stand down. In August last year, Professor Alexis Jay pictured published report into child abuse in Rotherham, revealing more than 1, children had been subjected to rape, violence and trafficking. The Labour Party suspends four of its members pending an investigation: The Independent Police Complaints Commission announces ten police officers mentioned in the Jay Report are under investigation.

Devastating report is published by Louise Casey. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles announces new elections in to replace Rotherham Council's 'wholly dysfunctional' political leadership. The controversy that followed the publication of the Jay Report report in August led to a series of high-profile resignations. Senior figures to quit included Labour council leader Roger Stone, council chief executive Martin Kimber and council director of children's services Joyce Thacker.

After the scandal broke, Mr Wright defied demands from political leaders of all parties to resign for weeks and refused to see why he should take any blame. He finally stepped down in September, claiming he was leaving 'for the sake of the victims'. It later emerged Mr Wright will not get a severance pay-off, but will keep his local authority pension, which he can claim from the age of Mr Wright had faced demands to quit since the report revealed that the authorities had repeatedly ignored warnings about the abuse of children in Rotherham over 16 years.

The details of the payoff, revealed after a Freedom of Information request last October, came as Mrs Thacker was singled out for criticism in a report published into the town's child sex abuse scandal. The Home Affairs Select Committee report said she ignored 'numerous credible warnings' about the scale of abuse, and called for an independent investigation.

The customer can be heard screaming "I dare you" in the Pita Pit restaurant before the employee grins and spits in the meal she just prepared. Racism Jewish leaders launch extraordinary attack on Jeremy Corbyn as protesters gather at Parliament Jewish leaders plan a protest in Parliament Square, ahead of a meeting of Labour MPs, after accusing Mr Corbyn of siding with anti-Semites "again and again".

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Wales football team Wales vs Uruguay live updates from China Cup final as Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez face off The Dragons face a much tougher test than their previous game when they thrashed China Diet Teen with genetic condition that left her rummaging in bins to feed insatiable appetite is crowned beauty pageant queen.

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Xavy Wright complained there were no warning notices aimed at potential shoplifters in the section containing "white" hair products. Some of the crimes we were made aware of included rape with a broken bottle and girls being ordered to kiss perpetrators' feet at gun point.

speed dating rotherham

Mary Portas discusses feeling comfortable going out without make-up and rejecting fashion 'codes' No one wants to watch Joey the geriatric: The following story was related speed dating rotherham Singletreff neunkirchen man Alec Fox, who was spending a short holiday dating coburg a friend in North Anston, in the summer of Ritherham House Moorgate, Rotherham. However, as time progressed, Datingg became more and more subdued, stopped eating and eventually became ill. Even before the church was split into the opposing factions of catholic and protestant, many preachers were arrested and accused of heresy for their beliefs.