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Electronic items, such as calculators, computers, fax machines, microwave ovens, TVs and VCRs, stereos, etc. Overcast days are not uncommon and summers tend to be cool and rainy although uncomfortable summer heat waves do occur. The largest is the English Garden. Industrially, the city is well developed, especially in the area of mechanical engineering. Many older Germans remember the assistance provided by the U. Europe's largest circus has its home in Munich and performs from Christmas until the end of March. The Hamburg Ballet is world class and has been under the direction of an American since

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The largest is the English Garden. Kennedy School offers opportunities for parents to be involved with the school and to meet Berlin officials involved in supporting bilingual education. Today, over 85 million people speak German as their mother tongue. America's steadfast support of German democracy, especially during the crises of the Cold War, adds to the generally positive reputation of the U. Stuttgart's internationally acclaimed ballet and its opera company have performances throughout most of the year with the exception of 2 months in late summer.

Habe es von einem Bekannten gehört, der wiederum von jemand anders, usw. Daher meine Nachfrage jetzt hier im Forum. Also rein von der Wahrscheinlichkeit her würde ich das ja als: Warum denn einfach, wenn man auch Siemens einsetzen kann!

Wer die grundlegenden Freiheiten aufgibt, um vorübergehend ein wenig Sicherheit zu bekommen, verdient weder Freiheit noch Sicherheit B. Originally Posted by petzi. Also ich halte das für ein Gerücht. Reply With Quote Linkliste. In summer, the city blossoms with sidewalk restaurants and outdoor cafes fine for eating, drinking or just plain people-watching.

Kids will love Berlin's famous Zoo, especially the giant Pandas, the bridge over the reptile pit and the attached Aquarium with 9, varieties of fish.

There are probably more opportunities in Berlin for making contact with the local American and international community than hours in the day. Many social contacts tend to flow from professional relationships although several more traditional community and church-based organizations exist and have active social programs and sponsor fund-raising activities.

The Berlin Chapter of the Steuben-Schurz Society brings Americans together with prominent Berliners for lectures by distinguished speakers. The Berlin American Chamber of Commerce provides a forum for business contacts and activities with a commercial-economic focus.

Kennedy School offers opportunities for parents to be involved with the school and to meet Berlin officials involved in supporting bilingual education. Germany's fifth largest city and most important transportation hub, Frankfurt am Main is Land Hessen's giant urban center the Land capital is nearby at Wiesbaden. The population is about , but the total metropolitan area includes many clustered towns and exceeds one million.

The city is located on the Main River and is about 25 miles east of the river's confluence with the commercially important Rhine River at Mainz. The new European Central Bank is headquartered in Frankfurt. The presence of this bank, perhaps other financial institutions and over American businesses make Frankfurt one of Europe's most important commercial and financial marketplaces.

The cosmopolitan nature of Frankfurt is reflected in its major airport complex with regular non-stop flights to virtually all regional cities, including cities in Europe and beyond, as well as daily flights to various destinations in the U. Approximately 90 airlines from nearly as many countries use the Frankfurt Main Airport.

Frankfurt is proud of its long and distinguished history. It has been a center for trade and banking for some years. Until Prussia assumed control in , the Free City of Frankfurt was, for years, the site of the election of the Holy Roman Emperor. The "Romer" is the traditional symbol of Frankfurt. This historic building in downtown Frankfurt has been the city. More detailed information about the city of Frankfurt can be found on the Internet, at English-language sites such as: One of Germany's most important newspapers, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, has an excellent German-language site at: Americans normally use German shops and markets as well.

These are amply stocked with excellent fresh produce, dairy products and baked goods and a different mix of local and imported items, often at surprisingly moderate prices. Most fruits and vegetables can be found throughout the year, although prices rise for imported, out-of-season goods.

Ethnic food and ingredients-particularly Asian and Middle Eastern-are easier to find in Frankfurt than at most other German cities. Frankfurt can often be overcast but its location along the Main River generally helps moderate the temperature extremes. Since the temperatures have been historically relatively mild in the summer months, few German facilities are air-conditioned but this is changing as new office buildings are constructed and others renovated.

The frequency of misty or rainy weather also prompts the regular use of umbrellas. Winters can be quite cold but snow seldom accumulates. Because Frankfurt is Germany's financial capital, dress tends to be "banker conservative," although many contemporary designers are represented in trendy Frankfurt wardrobes.

Local stores offer a full range of clothing in European sizes. Prices tend to be more expensive than U. The Carl Schurz School, located in the Siedlung area, provides a pre-school for children aged two-four, and a day-care facility. Parents with school-age family members have a number of choices in educational facilities. All students receive an education allowance, which will cover tuition and fees to schools listed here.

Any costs exceeding the approved educational allowances, however, must be paid by the parents. For example, costs for field trips associated with the school's program will normally be the responsibility of the parent. To obtain additional information regarding the schools, please write to:.

All schools offer athletic and extracurricular activities throughout the school year. In addition to full-time university studies in Mannheim, the European program of the University of Maryland offers a variety of evening classes at the local U. Other sports including golf and swimming are locally available.

Professional sports in Frankfurt include soccer, basketball and a professional American football team, the Frankfurt Galaxy, sponsored in part by the National Football League, with regular games in the European league. Opera, ballet, concerts, music recitals and theater are available in Frankfurt and nearby Wiesbaden.

Additionally, Frankfurt boasts excellent English-language theater with regular productions in the heart of the city. First-run movies in English are also available at several theaters in addition to movie theaters at U. The American Women's Club of the Taunus is a particularly active organization with special programs and events. Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany 1. That image, however, is only a small part of a city that, for most Americans, is one of the best-kept secrets in Europe.

Built around the Alster, a lake that is the size of Monaco, the city is graced with large open spaces half the area is either water or parkland , elegant architecture and a thriving cultural life. Hamburg has the highest per-capita income of any region in the European Union , and the city is noted for stylish boutiques as well as a large and varied selection of fine restaurants.

The relatively modern look of Hamburg belies its age. In , Hamburg was granted the right to a free trade zone and, in , joined the Hanseatic League. Because of wood construction, the city was repeatedly destroyed by fires, the latest being in In the last decades of the 19th century, Hamburg underwent a building boom and the city took on its current outline by adding port areas, parks, and beautiful buildings and homes constructed in Jugendstil architecture.

The city rebuilt many architectural treasures while maintaining a low skyline of new buildings of brick, steel and glass that reflect the city's maritime tradition.

Trade is still the backbone of Hamburg's prosperity. The city boasts the second largest port in Europe and the fifth largest container port in the world, despite the fact that ships must travel 68 miles down the Elbe River to reach the North Sea. In addition, the city is a center for media print, TV, and multi-media , insurance and aerospace it has the second largest number of workers in the aircraft industry after Seattle. The weather in Hamburg is generally rainy and can be quite cool.

Spring is lovely, with blooming tulips, daffodils and other flowers around the Alster and parks. Hamburgers take advantage of all sunny days sometimes they are few and can be found walking or having coffee or a beer at an outdoor cafe.

Sweater-weather is common even in the summer although, on the occasional hot day, the weather can be humid and sticky. Winter days are frequently overcast, with temperatures similar to Washington but with the north German darkness approaching by 4: Almost all foodstuffs are available on the local market.

There are many types of markets ranging from small mom-and-pop stores to large hyper-markets to open-air markets.

German food quality and sanitation standards are extremely high. In general, most food items can be more expensive and a few baking ingredients and some processed foods may be more difficult to find; however, this is changing monthly. Well-stocked German stores sell all European-style household items and are generally well made, but can be more expensive. Stores are generally open from Saturday hours are from On Sundays, all stores are closed except those located at train and gas stations.

All normal services are available on the local economy in Hamburg although prices and, in some cases, quality may differ from U. Prices tend to be more expensive than in the U. Thomas a Becket, the Methodist Church, St. Orthodox services are also available, but not in English. There is one Orthodox Jewish synagogue services are in Hebrew and German.

There is a large Muslim community with several Mosques. Most school-age American family members attend the International School of Hamburg ISH , which is situated in the western section of the city, about 45 minutes from the city center of Hamburg. This is the only school in Hamburg in which the principal language of instruction is English. All students are tested before official acceptance. Children must be at least five years old by October 1 to enter the ISH kindergarten program.

There are students representing 45 nationalities. Classes are generally small, from 14 to 20 students. Music, art and drama classes are offered; however, sport programs are not as comprehensive as in an American public school.

The school is in the process of a major expansion program that should be completed by The school arranges bus transportation to and from the ISH campus for children in kindergarten through grade 5 who live in the downtown area. Secondary students are not offered this option, but public transportation, the norm, is quite convenient and safe.

Certain opportunities exist for students with special needs at ISH and are considered on a case-by-case analysis every year. Contact the school in advance for more details. For further information or applications for ISH, the address is: German public and private schools accept foreign students, but instruction is in German.

There is also a French Lycee for those interested in the French school system. There are many good German kindergartens equivalent of American preschool , but waiting lists may be long for some of these kindergartens.

Four different universities in the area offer a variety of degree programs in English. Rice University in collaboration with the University of Bremen and the City of Bremen is establishing an international, private, research university in Bremen that will grant undergraduate and graduate degrees similar to U. Purdue University in collaboration with the State of Lower Saxony is establishing a private business school in Hannover and will offer MBA degree programs.

Hamburgers are quite serious about sport and exercise, and because of this, Hamburg has a wonderful selection of sports and sport facilities. Swimming is available year-around, with exceptionally nice, inexpensive and numerous indoor swimming pools. In the winter, there are several popular outdoor ice-skating rinks. The centrally located Alster Lake and many miles of intertwining canals offer wonderful opportunities for rowing and sailing in the summer, with a number of rowing, sailing and windsurfing schools available.

Tennis and horseback riding are also very popular and many schools can be found in the area. Hamburg abounds with playgrounds and parks.

The Alster Lake, beautiful open areas and woods in the vicinity offer opportunities for walking and picnics. A pleasant way to discover the city and the surrounding countryside is by bicycle. Hamburg has an extensive system of bike paths, which make most of the city easily accessible by bicycle. As a major European city, Hamburg provides something for everyone, from the prestigious opera and ballet to its many museums, from the Harbor Birthday to a night out on the world-famous Reeperbahn.

The Hamburg State Opera is considered one of the world's leading opera houses and is the oldest in Germany. The Hamburg Ballet is world class and has been under the direction of an American since Three important orchestras are based in Hamburg. Jazz music enthusiasts will not be disappointed; the city offers year-round quality entertainment.

Hamburg has some 30 theaters that are considered among the best in Germany. The English Theater group presents plays several times a year with professional actors recruited from London. The Hamburg Players, an amateur theater group, also presents plays in English. In German cinemas, most films are dubbed into German, but "original version" English language films are shown at more than one city location.

There are several video stores with a large selection of current and classic English language videos. For up-to-date information in English on events in Hamburg, see the Internet site www. There are eight American-related clubs in Hamburg, which cover a wide range of interests such as social contacts, business networking, volunteer activities, and current events.

Again, there are a number of international clubs that hold meetings and lectures and conduct activities to promote international understanding and friendship through the English language. The International School is an important venue for international contacts for those with school age children.

There are also numerous activities of the Consular Corps, depending on one's rank and function. Situated in the center of the former GDR's industrial triangle, famous for its chemicals, steel, heavy engineering, and publishing, Leipzig has a proud heritage as home to the world's first and longest-running trade fair, more than years old. An impressive fairground facility, between downtown Leipzig and the Leipzig-Halle Airport, was opened in April Banking, communications, and the service sector have largely replaced heavy manufacturing since German reunification.

Although Leipzig still bears scars of neglect and mismanagement, first at the hands of the Nazis and later under the yoke of the Communists, thousands of buildings have been restored or renovated, new construction abounds, and the infrastructure is on its way to becoming state-of-the-art. Eastern Germany already has the finest telephone system in Europe, and thousands of miles of roads have been widened, repaired, or replaced in the last ten years.

Leipzig's citizens played a primary role in toppling the Communist regime, demonstrating bravery en masse with peaceful demonstrations that sealed the end of the GDR in the fall of Throughout the Consular District, the United States, its people and policies, remain a source of considerable interest and curiosity; countless sister-city relationships, exchange programs, economic partnerships, and the like have been created in the past decade, and many more are in the planning stages.

Additional information about Leipzig in English and German can be found on the Internet at http: Local markets are well-stocked with all types of food items. Store hours are limited; most shops close at 6 p. Neighborhood markets are augmented by large discount retailers located in newly built shopping malls, as well as the Leipzig Central Station, where stores are exceptionally permitted to remain open until 10 p.

Leipzig as well as other major cities in the district offers a wide variety of excellent restaurants, ranging from Saxon specialties to Italian and Asian delicacies. Fast food outlets abound. Prices are notably higher than in the Washington, D. A car is certainly not indispensable, though a few tourist sites are not accessible by public transport. At present many highways are in the process of being widened or rebuilt, causing extensive traffic jams, accidents, and other delays.

Train travel is frequent and with a rail pass Bahncard relatively inexpensive. Traveling by train not only eliminates the headaches of negotiating traffic, but is also substantially faster.

Within Leipzig buses, streetcars, and taxis are accessible and relatively inexpensive. Bus or streetcar tickets are generally obtained from machines located at only the major stops before boarding, although they may also be purchased from the conductor at a higher price. Taxis operate from several stands in the center, or may be called by telephone.

For motorists, well-established car dealers and workshops offer a full range of services. Standards for street and business dress are similar to those in Washington, D. Formal attire is rarely required. For most evening functions, a dark suit or cocktail dress usually suffices. Given the variable climate, a flexible wardrobe is useful.

Given the large number of cobblestoned streets, several good pairs of walking shoes are advisable. Raingear and umbrellas get frequent use most of the year. Prices in local stores are high in comparison to the United States, and local stocks may be limited. However, gaps in local supply may be filled by shopping trips to Berlin, a two-hour drive.

A British pastor offers English-language services at the Anglican Church in Leipzig on an irregular basis. A wide array of toiletries, cosmetics, and household products is available in Leipzig. Although all American brands are not represented, in nearly all cases there is an adequate alternative. Prices are, however, higher. Dry cleaning services are of variable quality. Hairdressers are generally very good.

Most repair services are more than adequate. The school intends to add one grade per year as part of the International Baccalaureate Program. Leipzig has University, Music Academy, Art Institute, and Volkshochschule adult education institution courses for those with German-language ability. Leipzig University is one of the oldest Germans peaking universities. The French, British, and Polish governments also have active cultural centers in town.

The Leipzig region offers opportunities for exploration of the area's rich cultural and historical heritage and is blessed with extensive parklands. Recreational facilities include swimming pools, bowling alleys, and fitness centers. Horseback riding is available nearby. Saxony's Erzgebirge offer opportunities for winter sports as does Thuringia's Rennsteig. Cultural opportunities in this part of Germany are particularly extensive. Leipzig's world-famous Gewandhaus Orchestra and innovative Opera perform most of the year, augmented by guest performances in the Gewandhaus's first class philharmonic hall.

Other theaters include Leipzig's Schauspielhaus and the Musikalische Komedie, which offer a wide variety of drama. Leipzig's Kabaretts, well-known throughout the German speaking world, serve up a special brand of biting political humor.

The region is also home to no fewer than eight other opera companies within a two-hour radius, including Dresden's world-famous Semperoper.

Dresden's Zwinger complex offers an Old Masters art collection to rival the leading collections in Western Europe, and the nearby Albertinum houses the treasures of the "Grunes Gewolbe. Local movie theaters offer recent releases, generally dubbed into German. Leipzig hosts several museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts, located in temporary quarters while a new facility is built, the Grassi Ethnographic and Decorative Arts Museum, Egyptian Museum, and several collections covering the historic Battle of Nations, scene of Napoleon's defeat in Travelling exhibits are often displayed in the various institutions.

Leipzig's traditional Christmas Market sets the tone for Holiday activities, while Dresden's Strietzelmarkt is the oldest Christmas market in Germany. The region is home to a number of festivals and celebrations, many related to its rich musical history.

Leipzig's nightlife revolves around various bars and discotheques, as well as Moritzbastei, a university-associated club, offers space for some 1, revelers in deep underground caverns. Munich, capital of Bavaria and a metropolis of almost 1. It attracts numerous conventions, meetings, fairs, and exhibits with a broad range of economic activities. Munich is also one of the world's outstanding cultural and entertainment centers. Its excellent theaters, museums, and galleries present unending high-quality cultural performances and exhibits, while the traditional Bavarian love of fun sustains a wide variety of festivals, atmospheric nightspots, and entertainment.

It is a dynamic city with a multitude of recreational and intellectual possibilities. Munich is Germany's third largest city, after Berlin and Hamburg.

The city long ago outgrew its medieval walls, leaving a well-defined inner city, or downtown area. Munich is also Germany's fastest-growing major city.

Expansion continues at a fast pace with construction of new suburbs and U-bahn lines. Part of this growth is due to Bavaria's drive to become the electronics, information sciences, aerospace, biotechnology, and media center of Germany. Munich is about 1, feet above sea level on the southern edge of a flat plain stretching from the foothills of the Alps , about 25 miles away, north to the Danube River. The Isar River flows through eastern Munich on its way to join the Danube.

The climate is like that in the northern U. Winters are cold but not severe. In spring and fall, pleasant, clear, warm weather is interspersed with prolonged stretches of rain and cloudiness. Temperate summers are short with a fair amount of rain. Individuals interested in further information about Munich and Bavaria should also look at the following websites:. The sidewalk fruit and vegetable stands have beautiful, fresh produce, and the large open-air market, the "Viktualienmarkt," just behind the Marienplatz, offers almost any fresh food you can imagine, but at a high price.

Clothing needed is like that worn in the northeastern U. During July and August, heavier weight summer clothes are needed. Both men and women are comfortable working in suits or lightweight wool dresses for the women. Most entertaining in Munich is informal, and a business suit or dress is appropriate. Due to Munich's frequent rainfall, bring a raincoat, preferably one with a removable liner, and suitable footwear.

Boots are a must for the winter. Munich is a fashion center; beautiful and well-made clothing can be purchased here. However, clothing of similar quality to U.

Sales are conducted only twice a year. Bring a sufficient supply of special toiletries, cosmetics, and over-the-counter or prescription drugs.

Electronic items, such as calculators, computers, fax machines, microwave ovens, TVs and VCRs, stereos, etc. All the normal necessities for comfortable living are readily available in Munich on the local economy. These include tailors, shoe and watch repair, laundry and dry cleaners, photo developing, small appliance repair, picture framing, and bicycle repair.

Barbershops and beauty shops are in every neighborhood, and unless you frequent the most exclusive and expensive shops in the downtown area, prices will be comparable to those in the U. Finding English-language reading materials will require some effort, at least until you gain a familiarity with the city.

The International Herald Tribune is available locally at some newsstands. A locally published English-language magazine called Munich Found is very helpful in providing information and events in Munich and where to find certain things.

Larger bookstores carry some English-language books and magazines, but the selections and supply are somewhat limited and are more expensive than in the U. Kiosks at the main train station carry a wide range of English-language newspapers and periodicals. Few families have domestic help, but such help is available on a daily basis. Domestic services are, however, hard to find and quite expensive.

Consequently, when a good house cleaner is found, many families will arrange to share his or her services. English-language services in downtown Munich are held by the following churches: The University chapel and St. Killian's Church also hold Sunday masses in English. The Munich International School is operating at its full capacity of almost students in kindergarten through grade The school has more applications for admission than places available, and this situation is expected to continue for some time.

BIS is currently offering grades kindergarten age four through grade 12 to students. BIS and MIS work together in a cooperative agreement to assure consistency of administration and curriculum for both schools. Children with physical, emotional, or learning disabilities cannot be accommodate at present by the international schools. German elementary schools with free tuition, in each section of the city, are open to American children.

These schools may be extremely crowded, however, and the ratio of students to teachers is high. Children normally attend only half-day and have several; hours of homework. Older children sometimes enter German secondary schools, but language may be a barrier. Many German kindergartens accept American children, but they are also crowded and frequently have a long waiting list. The University of Munich, the largest in Germany, offers numerous courses.

To enter, you must have an excellent knowledge of the German language and have already completed two years at a U. A German course for foreigners is taught only to those who have completed two years at a U. Bavaria is a sports paradise. World-renowned German, Austrian, and Swiss ski resorts are within easy reach of Munich. Many resorts feature learn-to-ski weeks. Several Munich sport shops sponsor ski weeks at popular resorts, as well as special ski plans which provide transportation and instruction at a different slope each weekend.

Most large sport shops rent ski equipment. The Munich International Ski Club organizes both day trips and longer trips throughout the ski season for its members. Munich has three large public ice skating rinks, many large outdoor swimming pools and several larger indoor swimming pools. Several golf courses are also available, but greens fees are very expensive and many are operated by private clubs requiring membership.

Horseback riding enthusiasts use several riding clubs. The Olympic facilities give Munich the opportunity to host frequent international sporting events, e.

Racing is also a popular spectator sport. Walking tours through Munich are popular. From various observation towers you can see the city and as far as the Alps. Many old churches are interesting to visit. Numerous art galleries and museums are free or charge only a small entrance fee. The Deutsche Museum is the world's largest technical museum.

Several large castles in and around Munich are well worth a visit. Many miles of pleasant and scenic trails are in the Alpine regions and in the Isar Valley on the outskirts of Munich. Also in Munich are several parks. The largest is the English Garden. The nearness of the Alps and a host of interesting cities offer unlimited touring opportunities.

Bavaria has more interesting museums, castles, and architectural monuments than you could visit in a 2-year tour. Perhaps the most impressive points of interest are the towering Alps of Upper Bavaria and the Austrian Tyrol, with world-famous spas and sports facilities. Skiing is particularly popular, but the beautiful scenery, picturesque villages, and colorful people offer year-round attractions.

Numerous interesting cities are within a few hours' drive; included are N ü rnberg, Ulm , Innsbruck, Augsburg, Salzburg, Regensburg, and Bayreuth , site of the annual Wagner Music Festival. The so-called Romantic Road connects the 16th century walled towns of Dinkelsbuehl, Noerdlingen, and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Bavaria is also an excellent hunting and fishing area.

Game includes deer, boar, chamois, capercaille, black cock, hare, fox, pheasant, partridge, and duck. Streams are well stocked with trout, and there is some river char and pike fishing. German hunting and fishing licenses are required. The large Bavarian State Opera House and about 20 theaters have nightly performances.

Concert lovers will find the musical fare frequent, varied, and of outstanding quality. Fasching carnival begins in early January and ends on Shrove Tuesday. Munich is famous for its excellent beer, and the city features many beer halls. Europe's largest circus has its home in Munich and performs from Christmas until the end of March. Several theaters in downtown Munich feature recent English-language usually American films. There are long-standing German-American clubs for men and women in the Munich community which combine social activities with charity work.

The Columbus Society, a German-American society for all ages, offers a varied program of lectures, social gatherings, and outings. Many opportunities for social contact with Germans are available, but initiative is required.

Various sports, hobby clubs, and other social groups usually welcome German-speaking Americans. The Bavarian-American Center also sponsors exhibits, lectures, concerts, etc. These programs are well attended by Germans and offer a good opportunity to establish contacts with host-country nationals. Stuttgart, the cultural and political capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg, has a population of slightly fewer than , people; adjoining suburbs contain over two million. The area is a vigorous and vibrant cultural and economic center, with high-tech industries such as automobiles, chemicals, electronics, and machine tools.

The city, surrounded on three sides by low hills, retains an old-world Swabian charm in its modern downtown core as well as in its more traditional outlying districts. More than 30, U. Major headquarters are located in Stuttgart and Heidelberg. In an area about the size of Switzerland 13, square miles are such landmarks as the Black Forest, Swabian Alps, and the classical university towns of Heidelberg, Tuebingen, and Freiburg.

Humidity is high, and the average annual rainfall is inches. German markets are well stocked with all types of food items. Store hours are restricted, with most shops closing at 6 pm on weekdays and early afternoon on Saturday. On the first Saturday of each month, stores remain open until 6 pm in winter and 4 pm in summer. Stores are also open Thursdays until 8: Bus, streetcar, and subway services are well developed, but do not conveniently serve the Stuttgart area.

Standards for street and formal dress in Stuttgart are becoming more casual. The variable climate makes a flexible wardrobe most useful. Prices for clothes in German stores are high, but twice-yearly sales provide high-quality items at bargain prices. Shoes for women and children have been difficult to find in the past. Monthly Anglican services are also available. Parents may send their children to German public schools free of charge.

Waiting lists exist for day-care centers and private kindergartens ages Undergraduate work in various fields is offered by the University of Maryland at U. In addition, in fall , the University of Maryland University College opened a 4-year program in Schwaebisch Gemuend.

A 2-year graduate program for a master's degree in education is offered by Boston College, and other university degree programs are available. Stuttgart has university, music academy, and art institute courses for those with German-language ability, and there is a film academy in Ludwigsburg. Numerous facilities exist for handicapped dependents, but specialized schools, such as those for the hearing or vision impaired, require fluency in German. Hunting and fishing opportunities abound.

Stuttgart and areas within 4 hours driving have an excellent range of sports — volksmarching, horseback riding, ice-skating, swimming, bowling, tennis, golf, and cross-country and downhill skiing. Entertainment and cultural events are abundant. Stuttgart's internationally acclaimed ballet and its opera company have performances throughout most of the year with the exception of 2 months in late summer.

Frequent concerts are given by the State Symphony and other orchestras and by various local groups. Stuttgart is, among other things, a jazz center.

Various international artists and circuses also perform in Stuttgart during the year. There are several museums, including artistic, ethnographic, and natural history collections. The expanded Stuttgart Staatsgalarie has attained international prominence. The Wuerttemburg Art Association offers periodic painting, sculpture, and graphic arts exhibits. The annual fall harvest festival, a rival to the Munich Oktoberfest which starts somewhat earlier and closes as Stuttgart's Volksfest gets into full swing always attracts large crowds.

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The city has approximately. The Columbus Society, a German-American society for all ages, offers a varied program of lectures, social gatherings, and outings. A port city, Mainz is also an industrial hub, producing chemicals, optical glass, and food products.

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Der Telegrammrahmen ist aus Kompatibilitätsgründen nicht verändert worden. Dusseldorf is the site of some of the largest commercial fairs in Germany:

single stammtisch bayreuth

Children normally attend only half-day and have several; hours of homework. Nuremberg also has large distilleries and breweries. Its most distinct disadvantage is its single stammtisch bayreuth and overcast climate. The paths winding through the Fuggerei show the care with stammhisch the settlement was planned and, even now, the ancient houses appear in good repair. Killian's Church also hold Sunday masses in English. This was the first institution of learning in the country to provide an office for the exchange bayreurh information between school and industry, and its single stammtisch bayreuth training program with the area hospitals, known as the Dating sites in burgess hill Model Scheme, is unique in Germany.