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List of Old Doordarshan TV shows and Serials

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The Boy Who Lived Before ii. Hello, i am trying to search one hindi tv serial which was telecast by DD national may be in early 80s. I have great memory my childhood to watch on durdarshan tv show. But I am only halfway through.

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Roopkumar Rathore Ye subah saans legi aur baadbaa khulega Palke uthao jaanam ye aasma …. My email ID is heena gmail. You can preview and edit on the next page. Revealing Mars Discovery Channel Hi all, Doordarshan broadcasted an English serial or a mini series about one prisoner escaping from the prison after a lot of hardwork. Well you ah mi baby, and every baby mi know cry.

I see many people leaving their email address and requesting episodes for various tv shows. Has anyone received links for the tv show they were requesting? I see a lot of other people have expressed interest in this show. Wow…my school days r back..

DD metro is the greatest.. Can anyone list the songs. Can any1 plz tell me where i can get these serial on net??? I m so sorry…plz tell me where i can get this both serials…plz help me…. Wagle ki duniya http: Circus shahrukh khan TV serial http: Umeed shahrukh khan TV serial http: Kal Ki Taaza Khabar http: Hi This is Ramesh.. Please give the link.. It touched me so deeply that i wrote that song in my copy. So, here is the complete song for you all —.

Laya hun main sajani nishani ye suhaag ki, Naya rang laaegi kahani ye pyaar ki, tutne na degi kabhi pyaar ka ye bhandan, hare kaanch ki chudiyan — 2…. Naino mein piya jo tere nain ghul jaaenge, Gumsum hooth kuch keh ne na paaenge, Samjhengi tere mere pyaar ki ye dhadkan, hare kaanch ki chudiyan — 2…. Could any one help me please??? This serial was my favourite one. Another one request is- in this competetion market there are several cable channel is available.

So some of the viewers of Dordarshan is removed there eyes and Dordarshan is the one media which can be aware to the people. Ek songs nahin send kar sakate hain. Hare kaanch ki choddiyan song mila kya? Its really a good n gr8 effort to recollect and summarize the lost glory of Doordarshan, the Real Idiot Box stuff we grown up with.

My heart still felt for those genuine entertaining serials of Doordarshan. Notthing could beat it ever. Itself a legendry experience. Hats of to compiler…. Does anyone know the name of the program on doordarshan which was about a group of people travelling from kashmir to kucch to kanyakumari to manipur on maruti gypsy etc and documenting about the local culture and meeting locals. I would be very thankful if you can reply me with some clue. DD is a all time favorite channel..

Thanks and well-done for creating such a wonderful site. It really helped me reconnect with my childhood days. I have a small but important request. My id is juhipy9 gmail. I have attached the updated list of my collection of TV series and documentaries for your reference. Go through the lists, and let me know what all you want. Your requirement will be burned on to DVDs and couriered to you. I will charge nominally for my services…in order to cover the costs of the blank DVDs, courier charges, packing material and a marginal compensation for my efforts that I have taken in order to build and maintain this collection for over the last two years!

I do not do this on a commercial scale…I do not depend on income from this for my livelihood. The main reason for me to charge for this is a As a minor return for all the time, money and efforts I have put into building up this collection b The more important reason — I have invested close to Rs.

Bharat ek Khoj full series 2. Bodyline full series 3. Byomkesh Bakshi Episodes 7 to 32 4. Chanakya full series 5. Dekh Bhai Dekh 7. Duck Tales full series 8.

Fauji full series 9. Flop Show full series He Man full series Mahabharat full series Malgudi Days — Hindi full series Street Hawk full series The Jungle Book full series Vikram aur Betaal full series Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi — season 1 Some Old Advertisements Some Doordarshan Theme Music Title Tracks of Few Serials Wonder Years — All 6 seasons Star World Dexter — 3 seasons Star World Two and a half Men — seasons 2 to 7 Star World Many Old Print Ads Alif Laila full seres Talespin full series Ramayan full series Superhuman Samurai full series Remington Steele — All 5 Seasons Friends Complete Collection Prison Break full series I Dream of Jeannie full series Hannah Montana Seasons 1 — 3 The Cowardly Dog Xena full series Ally McBeal full series Third Rock From the Sun full series Fresh Prince of Bel Air full series Charles In Charge full series Clippings of few Famous Sporting Achievements The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes full series The Adventures of Tintin Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Shriman Shrimati 18 Episodes Buffy The Vampire Slayer full series D Seasons 1 — 3 Knight Rider Season 1 Man vs Wild Seasons 1 — 5 The Big Bang theory Seasons 1 — 3 The Practice full series The X Files full series Poirot Season 1 The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Donald Duck Vintage Cartoon Collection Zabaan Sambhalke — All 4 Seasons If any one is interested in the above serials, u can mail me at santhoshcool gmail.

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Bangash 2. Area 51 — Beyond Top Secret 3. Arsenal — The Official History 4. Pandit Bhimsen Joshi 5. Walking with Lions NGC Gladiator vs Apache ii. Viking vs Samurai iii.

Spartan vs Ninja iv. Pirate vs Knight v. Yahuza vs Mafia vi. Green Beret vs Spetsnaz vii. Shaolin Monk vs Maori viii. William Wallace vs Shaka Zulu ix. IRA vs Taliban Secrets of Supernatural Exorcism ii. Secrets of Supernatural Ghosts iii. Secrets of Supernatural Reincarnation Episode 1 — Origins: Episode 2 — Origins: Episode 3 — Mysteries of the Universe: Episode 4 — Mysteries of the Universe: Episode 5 — In Search of Ourselves vi.

Episode 9 — Bigger, Better, Faster Episode 1 — Caesar ii. Episode 2 — Nero iii. Episode 3 — Rebellion iv. Episode 4 — Revolution v. Episode 5 — Constantine vi. Episode 6 — The Fall of Rome A Two Part Series Decoding the Past — The Templars: Earth Story BBC i.

Episode 1 — The Time Travellers ii. Episode 2 — The Deep iii. Episode 3 — Ring of Fire iv. Episode 4 — Journey to the Centre of the Earth v. Episode 5 — The Roof of the World vi.

Episode 6 — The Big Freeze vii. Episode 7 — The Living Earth viii. Episode 8 — A World Apart Engineering an Empire History Channel i. Episode 3 — Greece ii. Episode 6 — Carthage iii. Episode 7 — The Maya: Episode 8 — Russia v. Episode 9 — Britain: Episode 10 — The Persians vii. Episode 11 — China viii.

Episode 13 — Byzantines The Boy Who Lived Before ii. The Seven Year Old Surgeon Firepower Discovery Channel — Episode 3: Future Weapons Discovery Channel: A Five Part Series A Three Part Series Hiroshima — A Tale of Two Cities iii. Hiroshima — Enola Gay Newsreel Interview iv. Hiroshima — Paul Wilmhurst Interview Hitler — The Movie: Hitler — The Rise of Evil: India — Land of the Tiger i. Part 2 — Sacred Waters iii. Part 3 — Unknown Seas iv. Part 4 — Desert Kingdom v. Part 5 — Mountain of the Gods vi.

Part 6 — Monsoon Forests Islam — Empire of Faith: Jesus — The Real Story i. The Early Years ii. The Rivals of Jesus iii. Did Jesus Die on the Cross? Episode 1 — The Deep ii. Episode 2 — The Trap iii. Episode 3 — The Crossing iv. Episode 4 — The Falls v. Episode 5 — The Edge vi. Episode 6 — The Exodus Nomads of the North Episode 1 — Sea of Cortez ii.

Episode 2 — Southern Sea iii. Episode 3 — Red Sea iv. Episode 4 — Atlantic Ocean v. Episode 5 — Indian Ocean vi. Episode 6 — Indian Ocean Coastal Waters vii. Episode 7 — Mediterranean Sea viii. Episode 8 — Arctic Ocean Seven Wonders of the Industrial World i.

Episode 2 — The Brooklyn Bridge ii. Episode 3 — The Bell Rock iii. Episode 4 — The Sewer King iv. Episode 6 — The Line v. Episode 7 — The Hoover Dam Episode 1 — Trauma ii. Episode 2 — Spare Parts iii. Episode 3 — Self Repair iv.

Episode 4 — The Enemy Within v. Episode 5 — Killers into Cures vi. Episode 6 — The Baby Builders The Future is Wild — Ice World i. Part 2 — Return of the Ice ii.

Part 3 — The Vanished Sea iii. Part 4 — Prairies of Amazonia Episode 1 — Life Story ii. Episode 2 — An Everyday Miracle iii. Episode 3 — First Steps iv. Episode 4 — Raging Teens v. Episode 5 — Brain Power vi. Episode 6 — As Time Goes By vii. Episode 7 — The End of Life Mastery of Flight ii. To Fly or not to Fly Ancient Chinese Inventions Born into Brothels Can Animals Predict Disaster Crash Science — Airplanes David Copperfield — Flying Decoding the Past — Secrets of the Koran Ghosts of the Abyss Global Dimming BBC Google Behind the Screen How To Improve Your Memory Blood in the Water In the Womb NGC Inside The Da Vinci Code Inside the Taliban Inside the Vatican Iraq for Sale Killer Asteroids Discovery Channel Lions of Darkness NGC Mahatma Gandhi — Pilgrim of Peace Mystery of the Megavolcano Mystery of The Milky Way Mystery of the Nile River Mystery of the Taj Mahal Predators at War Revealing Mars Discovery Channel Secrets of the Great Wall China Solar Blast NGC Space — Are We Alone?

Stalin — Inside the Terror Supermassive Black Holes Discovery Channel Superstructures — Eurotunnel Discovery Channel The Downfall Der Untergang The Nehru — Gandhi Story: The End of Suburbia The Ghost in your Genes The Great Global Warming Swindle The Secrets of Sleep The Tigers of Ranthambore — John Ross Human Body Discovery Health Pregnancy Discovery Health Tiger BBC Wildlife Tigers of the Swamp UFOs in the Bible World Trade Center Movie Animals are Beautiful People Charlie Rose Interviews His Holiness Tears of Tibet Terror in Mumbai — Dispatches The Auschwitz Experience — Museum of Holocausts Tibet — Story of a Tragedy General Idi Amin Dada: A Self Portrait Ustad Allah Rakha Quraishi Ustad Ahmad Jan Thirakwa The True Story of Che Guevara Part 1 — Beginnings ii.

Part 2 — The Power of Ideas iii. Part 4 — Ages of Gold v. Part 5 — The Meeting of Two Oceans vi. Part 6 — Freedom The First World War i. Part 1 — To Arms ii. Part 2 — Under the Eagle to iii. Part 3 — Global War to iv. Part 4 — Jihad to v. Part 5 — Shackled to a Corpse to vi. Part 6 — Breaking the Deadlock to vii. Part 7 — Blockage to viii. Part 8 — Revolution ix. Part 10 — War Without End The Most Evil Men in History i. Attila The Hun ii. Bad King John iii.

Ivan The Terrible vii. Vlad The Impaler Part 1 — William The Conqueror ii. Part 2 — General William Howe: The Conqueror of Nevada iii. Part 3 — Andrew Jackson: Conqueror of Florida iv. Part 4 — Cortes — Conqueror of Mexico v. Part 5 — John G.

Conqueror of California vi. Part 6 — El Cid vii. Part 7 — Marshall Zhukov: Part 9 — Cromwell: Conqueror of Ireland x. Part 10 — King David xi. Part 12 — Caesar: Conqueror of Gaul A History of Great Britain i.

Part 1 — The Beginnings ii. Part 2 — Conquest iii. Part 3 — Dynasty iv. Part 4 — Nations v. Part 5 — King Death vi. Part 6 — Burning Conviction vii. Part 7 — The Body of The Queen viii. Part 8 — The British Wars ix. Part 9 — Revolutions x. Part 10 — Britannia Incorporated BBC Wildlife Specials i. Clash of Worlds BBC i.

Part 1 — Mutiny ii. Part 2 — Sudan iii. Part 3 — Palestine Fahrenheit 9—11 — A Two Part Series Mughals of India History Channel The Strangest Viking History Channel Samurai History Channel Barbarians History Channel i.

Lost Treasures of The Ancient World i. Episode 4 — India ii. The Seven Wonders The American Presidents i. Washington to Monroe ii. John Q Adams to Polk iii. Taylor to Lincoln iv. Andrew Johnson to Arthur v.

Cleveland to Taft vi. Wilson to Franklin D. Truman to Ford viii. Carter to George W. Ancient Warriors Discovery Channel i. Episode 1 — The Assyrians: Masters of War b. Episode 2 — Celts c. Episode 3 — Normans d. Episode 4 — Legions of Rome e. Episode 5 — Macedonians f. Episode 6 — Soldiers of the Pharaoh g. Episode 7 — Spartans ii. Episode 8 — Janissaries b.

Episode 9 —Huns c. Episode 10 — Knights of the Templar d. Episode 11 — Vikings e. Episode 12 — Highlanders f. Episode 13 — Irish: Warriors of the Emerald Isle g. Episode 14 — Maurya: Warriors of the Elephant iii. Episode 15 — Aztecs b. Episode 16 — Samurais c. Episode 17 — Shaolin Monks d. Episode 18 — Hawaiians: The Warriors of Paradise e.

Episode 19 — Ninja: Warriors of the Night f. Episode 20 — Sioux Comrades to b. Iron Curtain to ii. Marshall Plan to b. Berlin to iii. Korea to b. Reds to iv. After Stalin to b. Sputnik to v. The Wall to b. Cuba to vi. Vietnam to b.

MAD to vii. Red Spring The Sixties viii. China to b. Detente to ix. Good Guys, Bad Guys to b. Backyard to x. Freeze to b. Soldiers Of God to xi. Spies to b.

Star Wars to xii. The Wall Comes Down b. Conclusions to Challenges of Life ii. Creatures of the Deep viii. Hi All Glad to see that you are interested in my collection. Do let me know if I can help you out. These all serials which is coonect to each special movements and special person.

Nirmala, palash ke phool, srikant ki RAAJlaxmi, muzrim haazir ke kaliganj ki bahu, surbala, udaan ki kalyaani or na jaane kitni, ye aaj ki tulsi, parvati, kusum, or najane kya inka kabhi bhi muqabla nahi karsakti. I would like to buy DVD of complete series of Nukkad by aziz mirza which showed on doordarshan time ago. I want dvd of the same.

I want copies of Neev and Kshitij Yeh Nahin. I love dordarshan old serials They r really unforgetable. I am searching for the serials: Your list is indeed excellent. I am too a big fan of old TV serials especially the ones that were telecasted on DD. Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi 3. Dekh Bhai Dekh 4. Akbar Aur Birbal Kabhi Idhar Kabhi Udhar Zamana Badal Gaya Hai Zabhan Sambhal Ke Please email me on pranabsaxena yahoo.

As Most of the TV serials are produced only on the various conflicts of family memebers, which are unnecessary and harmful. Thank You for listing out the serials of Doordarshan. If so please give the details. Plz help me to search this movie. Is there someone who can help me out to search one of my favourite old TV serial Katha Sagar. I would be very pleased and obliged. Can any one tell me starting time of Sunday Hindi movie I remember it was after 4 pm.. I need the information for some project work.

Please mail me the link of the whole series or any episode of school days sarkar. Pound Puppies , Sunday mornings I guess. Distant memory tells me that it was a Premier Padmini.. Could have been a Beetle. I was born and brought up till 11 in New Delhi and moved to Hyderabad. Somehow, living in Delhi, chaste Hindi and Doordarshan have some common connection in my mind.

For the command I developed in English, I always had a patriotic following for chaste Hindi and well.. I wanted to marry couple of them as a kid! I remember the yellow street lights in East Patel Nagar and life seemed so mysterious, magical.. Like every stone on the road had an incredible story beneath it. And yes, Girls back home were pretty too! Hey this is a great stuff …. I really loved your clean way of presentation …..

The Investigator I used to be huge fan of it 2. Street Hawk The guy with the bike: Can anyone guide me how to get it, or have any information about it. I am searching for the melodious classical fusion music rendered by Bharath Ratna Sri Ravishankar and party, during the Indo-Soviet cultural festival held at earstwhile USSR, during late 80s, and relayed by Doordarshan at that time.

Plz upload its name. Aapne mujhe mere bachpan ki yaad dila di, jab main chota tha to mujhe malgudi days, shaktimaan pasand the, meri ek muslim friend thi jisko alif laila bahut pasand tha. I am searching for a late night movie shown in dd national or dd metro. During that time people used to live in forts or small huts also there are knights who wear full body armour.

It is the last scene I remember therefore I like to know the name of that movie. Hello, i am trying to search one hindi tv serial which was telecast by DD national may be in early 80s. Hi Guyz, Could you please help me in finding a program which I am searching for.

I remember only a scene from it. A ball moves along the path and eats every thing on its way and moves as it likes. In that scene, it moves over a carrot fallen on the road and that part of carrot is cut as if the ball has eaten part of the carrot. I guess it is an English Series but I am not fully sure. If any body remembers this program please update.

Please, anybody give me the link for NEEV episodes, the one which was based on school life…. Mail me at er. Hy all my near and dear friends now a days i am very sad because my olden day have touch my heart and mind i want those my days back only if dear u all help me there was one serial which i get touch most i did not recognise serials name but i remember the tone of that serial it was like………ta naa….

ABHI its a fabulous job u have done here ,,,cheers ma,,,and thanks alot…. Ranjeet,i think it is malgudi days… can neone help me to get captain vyom serial episodes…. Hi there, What was the name of the science quiz programme serial telecast by Calcutta Doordarsan in the Eighties or late Seventies? The song went like this.. Plz let me know this details as soon as possible. HI… there used to be a dubbed serial chinese or japanese or korean am not sure but some eastern country serial on DD national if am not mistaken on weekends.

Its about a girl she will be trained to work as a cook in kings palace and if am not mistaken she is an orphan.. I need the name of that serial.. Its more about like ancient culture of that country.. Hi Neha, The serial name is oshin and its a japanese serial. One Of the best serials from Asian continent. Really remembering all those wonderful days now which will not come back again.

I was really a big time fan of it,hav searched the whole wrold for it but couldnt grab it. If alteast i get the Mp3 Version of it its worth the effort..

Hi Abhi…, You forgot the One serial. Kasam tute na humse…! Meri palkon ki aansuka ek rishta hai tumse….! Somebody plz upload these serials online or youtube. I would be really gr8ful to you.

Each character looks like the original one. Music by khayyam is superb. This nobelman deserves a big budget movie like hollywood. Only filmmakers of west can justify a movie of his class acts. Which one still wants to watch. I am searching for the Trishna, hindi serial based on Pride and Prejudice. Can anyone put up the link for that? The objective behind drafting this letter is to trace out the name of a Horror Movie shown in English as Friday Night Movie during the year between to Finally that lady got executed by a person by putting her directly before the mouth of that great Anaconda.

Please submit your suggestions in my Email ID: I am digging to find songs from a Tele Serial not exactly a serial but a one time telecast.. Jaishankar Prasad were sung by Bhupendra. Please, please get in touch…. Get in touch at kotsat12 gmail. Can anyone can tell me the serial name in which there was one black car. Name something like ninetrayda! I was only 9yr when i watch that show.. Thank you, Plz reply…. Maybe on DD-II dont recall as its been a long-time. Bahut salo ki ichha thi ki koi mujhe purana dino ke serial ke bare me batain.

Hi i want to see neev serial which is popular among the childrens any body kindly upload please please————. Can I get the title songs for Doordarshan serials like Meher and all others. If yes,then where I should get it? Can I get the link? How can I get this and for how much cost? Hi abhi frnds realy is page n bachpan ki yad diladi.

Realy tht was great day n sweet memories of life. Dosto byomkesh bakshi serial kisi channel par telecast ho raha hai 1 month pehle mene uska episod dekha bt me channel name mis hogya hu plz kisi ko pata ho to batao plz. Thanks for a great joy n happy esa laga mano bachpan lot aya i m 30 year old.

Thanks abhi for great job. Looking for stage show by Samantha Fox at Delhi which was live telecasted on Doordarshan on two nights. I m looking for one typical doordarshan telefilm, based upon school life, they had one song too in the telefilm, tht the central character a guy plays, when their school goes for picnic..

If any one has any link or DVD? CD please do contact me at sumansourabhcse gmail com. Please reply to pratapkavekar gmail. Unka bachpan , Sambandh telefilm directed by anant mahadevan. Thanx you take me to my childhood. For a while forgot present i feel like i m a child n livin in my sweet memories. Thank you very much…. DD metro me jo minute ke 5p. I ran for some episodes and later vanished.. I was searching for one series for a long time. My teachers never saw the heights that I was … Mr.

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I was scared out my life I saw her wrapping her arm around your shoulder and you seemed to be happy. And i am sitting … Click here to write your own. My subconscious mind can't take the heat.

So I fall away Squeeze the juice onto the plate. Watch it drizzle down in progression. Filter the flourescence of the script. Our life's a little slow. Baby, it's now or forever we'll be a no-show. I wish we knew then what we know now. Once … Click here to write your own.

Hand in hand, side by side Oh Gosh, It's a war of love, in my heart baby I can't stop it, it's taking control baby. Mmhm it's a war of love, can't you see it, it's killing me baby yeah. Tue, 1 Apr As hurried as the gruff boys who flock to pray. As sudden as a passing to numb the day.

While unsatisfied with 25 likes. Too conscious of your post for the world to see. Sometimes the best things are the reasons that pull the … JAKE! Like I than miss the last train caught in the rain Singing to your sister last yesterday.

Friday She walking by herself…. Am feeling so lonely now I need someone by my side Girl can you be the one To make me whole again? Truth or dare, it is life Truth or dare is everyday Truth or dare might be a game but it's our day in age Truth or dare Verse 1: Challenges … Click here to write your own.

Not rated yet Here we go again. An endless trail of depression passing by. Relentless pain loaded on luggage. Tears running, Like a railroad train.

She was beautiful in every way, but did you ever look on the inside. Not rated yet Bas tu hi dikhta hai har pal mujhe. God help … Remember Me? Not rated yet this song is in A major scale. Do we look the same or is it just me? They are awesome, every song, every piece, they are perfect. And when you give your heart away. And they laugh in your face. And your in a pity of shame. I was just a kid but now I know where I belong. When you just cannot comprehend What your future will be.

Not rated yet Why, don't, the stars shine so bright? And why, don't, the seas seem so blue? You … Halfway I can"t wan t another day!! They can … Click here to write your own. Were getting closer and closer.

But ive never made a sound. Not rated yet Dil ko dard milta hai, aur har pal farq padta hai. Tere liye o jaane jaan, ye dil pal-pal jalta hai. Our own are the ones to blame End of days … Before your done. Not rated yet We better thank god everyday 4 the life we got. If it wasn't 4 the lord we'd be left out in the dark. It's not always gonna be this wayyyyyyy.

Im not gonna be a little girl for long. Everybody "the roof is on fire" Everybody should go outside Its about to get reeaaal Ugly Haa! Norm-Control Intro- yo, I told myself I wouldn't do it. Y'all made me do it. They say I'm fire n ice mad n happy at the same time Simple math … mr. I can be reached at joejoe. And walked away into the space Memories, the visions that washes dream. Juju on the beat. Uh, Woke up from a fantasy, I thought things come easy.

Uh, Woke up from a fantasy. I thought things come easy. Yeah like T9X, too much to handle heads roll and hit decks. The theme would shout out-loud right now: Do you see the shadows of the lost?

Can you hear the screaming inside your head now? Can you see your heart break? Sorry if it sounds overly-adolescent. Not rated yet We r da mafia'z.. Appa'n darde ni sari duniya to.. Not rated yet To the old-fashioned, traditional African, obsessed, possessive, etc. When I opened my eyes you weren't there I thought u'r gone..

How sweet it is Somebody then done me wrong Feeling so madly, but it's not my fault. Should I ask you you're decision? Should I tell you how funny you are?

Should I tell you that I feel the same way? Ajmo svi sada na-na plesni podij, tresi svoje tijelo neka se trese podij. I am losing my mind, I just wanna die But no, not this time Chorus: I miss those brown eyes, I miss that perfect smile, I miss our first kiss, And I miss you.

I remember those days when we used to play with each other. I remember those … Click here to write your own. I never expec I never expec-ted to see this. Whenever you smile, I blush. Im like the umpire, I control the game. What am I suppose to be Through my destiny I know, I seem like the kinda girl who would hide my face but I know taht you were mean tfor me.

I can't See you! It's Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Victory!!!!!!!!!! The Rain falls down the ground The remote control is soiled with sugar and fat Just like … Click here to write your own.

When you kiss me. So I will be foolish if I did, Believe it I did! Verse 1 when our eyes first met it was as if we were meant. All my secrets I gave to you. Every kiss I blew your way. A page from the darkest side of life. Lyrics that use profanity or socially unacceptable terms will NOT be posted. Upload Pictures or Graphics optional [?

With sunshine to sunset, all I get is lights of you, In the …. Oh Everytime I see myself getting disarray, ….

In my range girl …. In and out the storm girl …. Yes it's acceptable to …. Click here to write your own. Chorus Fine girl, …. Haligi ng Buhay Ko by. Say Yes - Prod. So I smiled at him, and he stared at my eyes …. Cause I do it everyday …. So pretty in the neon light, out working the streets all through the night oh …. You are, searching for the right words, to tell me something you think I won't understand, So, dont look up at me with those big brown eyes, to tell ….

There's something special baby that u saw about me, I can see that in your eyes and girl I see that clearly I think u luv me please my baby ….

Krishan hai shraddha Krishan hai bhakti.. Yu na sata kya ki humne …. At work late and I …. I think about you leaving and how I wouldn't last a day you're so burnt out on my excuses girl and there's nothing left I can say you always take …. I love how …. Timeless imprisonment Traps my soul within it's grasp …. Tizzy on the beat Or Kanjan …. Oyea Just follow the North Star x2 You'll go far because ….

Coz ow yakho …. From the new heights of battle grounds, People from downtown all around, Moutains and grass is really downed, Kings and Queens, your royal …. Crazy rap beat is on, which is really strong , listening …. Rap Verse 1 Baby those eyes, damn freaked me so high The way your …. That I'm unwelcome, …. Unodya periai than, en sevin …. To Find A New One Hidden doors so I'll find a way ….

Hook I'm known to get to the Paper I run my city like the …. She probably had big tits and a Brazilian butt, …. Love is cold, …. And I, can't get you out my mind, I want you out …. Weeping may endure for a night joy's gonna come …. Whine For Me prod. I met you years ago you were wow, kinda hard to get my eyes off you so I chased you for a while ….

Chorus Wake up everyday, Nigga praying saying …. An outward smile is very misleading inside I …. And I believe you are because …. Teeflamez SonOfBlindness muzik bad ass movement Hook Gone are d days Gone are d days when chidera no dey pick my ….

Not rated yet Walking along the streets, rain is with me, Listening to it's voice, music is with me, Silence appeared when rain went away, Everything faded away but …. Whenever I need someone to lean on You're always there You keep me safe You love me for me You don't judge me You're the best Chorus ….

Ajagunmafitibonse The God that fights without …. We're making a new …. The select few …. I put it …. As i wake up this morning ….

Emtkraa I'm over thinking These …. Crazy boy of …. But now you see your never gonna be a king cause boy this ain't no fairytale to …. Listen up tight, Guess my …. I think Ima go with that image from now on man since Im kicking yall niggas …. We be sippin on that lean, What you talkin bout, We be smokin some weed, What you talkin bout, Me and the squad on the block, yh, just sellin ….

Let me know and I'll …. And I don't wanna be, And I don't …. But you raised us, …. Use to take the walks that suddenly ended, we didn't care …. All the clouds that …. It wasn't long ago When you took control And said you really wanted me It was not the sun You were the one With the …. There are sometimes When you are feeling lonely …. Lie about my future as you read my palms Lucifer o lucifer Scatter from the light Roam when called ….

Ohhhh Let me go there That star I want to be ohhh I want to step here ohhh how long …. Means only that she's growing …. Shitt on the wall got blood on my toes where I stand its dots on a mall I'm all that the devil means I fight so close tell me ….

All of our troubles, all of our fears, could be a new movie in …. Maybe I'll find the day where I can actually …. Icefromsxm - Count On Me Ft. Kid Flow If you heard my last song, you gonna hear my mixtape, If we gonna fight we gonna meet up at any weight, No time to procrastinate, …. If you decide to go on your way, please …. Staring through the door frame, Source of my pain, The Gorilla Gang …. Hate crime but I'd fuck a nigga up , Flow game …. I made it young In the street where I hold it down Smoking ….

You speak to my heart You speak to my soul My golden lady in those brown boots Got me going on and on Oh I love this …. Some called it nasty, …. Ferragamo I be finessing girs with hunnid on my wrist …. Tune in as i begin to son em all, watch em fall …. Text me first …. I'm so dope, Boy I'm so dope, I don't stick to the pot, I'm coming for your fans, I'm coming for your spot, White boys playing my shit …. What's up fuckers I got a media pocket A shorted out Korean electrical socket My weak spot has to be my foolish delivery A bigger bust ….

It's all my fault, wasn't …. Walk on Water- Toye Prod. If thou cant walk on water thou art no better than a straw If thou cant fly in the air thou art no better than a fly Conquer thou heart that thou …. Victoria Secret wontcha tell me ya Secret You Got me ….

Let me ride u x2 I can ride …. But now I sit in my room and think about all the time you screwed me …. She won't let me know if I'm even in play It's so …. We will find the time when …. Jazz played from the …. You got a girlfriend a squeeze and …. Meri har Ek batho mei Your rolling ….

On and on and on We keep going back and forth And we keep arguing So what you gone do On and on and on You accuse …. Chorus You can't let nobody stand in your way, You've just got to get back up …. You wishin for power 'n the game this shit gon' tackle you Pretty clean for mama coz She …. I can see my friends playing on the ground, And I see myself just sleeping …. Like the lyrics …. Show them Show them how you roll Don't dull me Ma lo ji so ro Girl why you acting shy o Why you acting shy o yea Are you daddy's ….

Can I change it, before it's too late? I have looked inside my mind Not believing that I lost what I found Struggles I survive could have been away, would not have been the same …. I dwell in my thoughts wondering when the shadows will fade Sometimes life is nothing besides a very difficult cage that opens when I fill my ….

I have looked inside my mind Not believing that I lost what I found Struggles I survive couldve been away, would not have been the same But …. You got the mooon moon yeah yeah you like the mooon …. I Want It Feat. Jesus, precious Jesus I lift my voice to worship you my King I'll sing it one more time to …. Look up at the sky Wonder what it would feel like To not have you by our ….

What ah bloodclat journey …. Not rated yet zindagi ka har lamha begana h, na m hu kisi ka na koi humara h, shem-mehil ki na koi sham hmari h, tnha raat m na tnhyi hmari h, yu to khne ki zindagi ….

The smoke chases away the will The …. I can't stand being on my own Sometimes you leave too soon that's when …. Its your home boy Nuelscroll …. Knocking on the …. Verse 1 Sitting on a bench Warm breeze on my face The sweet smell of your scent A perfect day begins …. So i just stand there …. Dil ki hai ya kabar ki, Maut ki pukaar hai, Zindagi or bandagi ke, Darmiyan ki aas hai, Jo Mit na sakegi kabhi, Arz ki woh pyaas ….

Cant find my missing …. You're just a drink away from being a little too drunk I'm just a night away …. From Monkey to Mars From inventing the …. Verse 1 There's one …. I'm that nigga with a sword and a fucking Uzi turn a hard nigga soft just like a smoothie, my life full ….

Highgrade Og - T. Laugh …My motivation …. All the time every type of dude pass me by All the time they shit ask me 'why You there standin alone, you should flip that skirt and get …. We up all night, no time …. I will long for you and always think of you Because you were my rodzne, my homeland Marushka Rosia I long so much ….

Crack ur gun times3 pOint at some moda fuckerz 2timz …. Verse 1 I went to work today Sat at my desk all dismayed Thought about our mangled past Not sure why the passion didn't last Seemed …. Every time I remember you I tried to write this letter But my hands are under fear Then somebody In my heart said to me …. I will long for you and always think of you Because you were my rodzne, …. I say welcome or seja bem vindo! Ek- E- Baai- Namma …. Gbe inan woju mi mo kola Mo fi ….

R money stop rubbish Jayhem free the beat for d people outside there …. I love you so much, It was hard to let …. I did a mistake , which i wanna change All i did that i had fallen for you And …. Such blood-curdling reasons for fear that on scanning the text without a moments delay you should have just cut off my head when you …. My tea's gone cold I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all The morning rain clouds up my window and I can't see at all And even ….

Baby I Lied Ft. Over mic calls, was the only way to communicate Until you gave me your number, I said hold on, wait …. There is so much darkness I don't know …. Kiye the waade , milne se pehle Mien bhi insaan houn , mien bhi dil rkhta houn DIl kiyoun …. My teachers never saw the heights that I was ….

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single rehna mp3 song

Could you be My bride dressed up in all white Thanks for refreshing our memories. Berlin to iii.

single rehna mp3 song

Can you plz tell me how to find serial Chekov Kee Duniya.

single rehna mp3 song

Single rehna mp3 song - Count On Me Ft. Mughals of India History Channel Halfway I can"t dehna t another day!! I dont know the movie name but the movie i saw on dd metro director cuts movies. Timeless imprisonment Traps my soul within it's grasp …. Cricket club of Dhakuria at Khudiram.