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I hope someone can help me, thank you. This is really cool mine really bounces. I love loom bands and they are so fun to make. I am even selling them to people in my class. Mines similar and the pegs are diagonal going down but I went on a different website where they have video tutorials and it worked perfectly. It depends on what bracelet you want to make.

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Wow, this ball is so funny looking! That is how you would set up the rainbow loom for the bouncy ball, and other crafts that require monster tail but you may use rainbow loom as well. When we got our Rainbow Loom back in September we started out with the Single and the Fishtail pattern. I got a loom for Christmas and I cant stop making them. Watch the video and carefully watch the pegs:

I love my loom bands that are so cool. Should you decide to do an update at any time Have several designed that can be made on one to two forks in stead of making the on a loom. For children that do not have looms. They are very popular so I thought you may be interested in viewing them. Our whole house has gone loomy. Son 18 and hubby have even gotten in on the act. While many bands are pretty decent, be careful of the looms!

My girls and I have been playing around with ours since they arrived. Hope this helps some who are just catching on to the loomadness! I just came across your website and would love to purchase Rainbow Loom.

Where in the UK could I get this? Try visiting the official Rainbow Loom website, maybe there is a purchase or contact link there. Maybe 1 loom kit and packs of bands go for the mixes for a bigger selection. We do not have internet at our house and my daughter really wants to make new bracelets with new patterns but she cant watch the videos on you tube.

Thanks for your help!! My granddaughter is about to turn 7. She loves crafts-making things. Any advice would be great. So sorry for the late reply, these messages went to my spam!

Anyway, I teach in elementary school and ALL of the kids are doing it here, even kindergarteners — they just need a little less help as they get older. Never been to America or used their currency.

Btw my rainbow loom package is gonna be at my house this Saturday or next Monday! How cute is that? You may have seen this site already, but it has a lot of Rainbow Loom tutorials. Your email address will not be published. First Name E-Mail Address. Comments My daughter is so incredibly in love with her Rainbow Loom and learning new techniques. I Wisconsin , we have them at Walgreens drug store. You can get them for cheap off of amazon and from Walmart and biglots.

Hi, they sell bunches of awesome rubber bands at Michaels in IL. My kids love these. That both got one for xmas. These were probably the top seller for last year. The kids just love them! It depends on what bracelet you want to make. Never mind if figured it out lol. I love this website! These bracelets are really cool me and my BFF are going to try all of them. Love makeing this there fun my class is like adected to them lol!!!!!! I want to know how u make that web one? If you click on the link of the item you like, the tutorial will be there.

Thanks so much for sharing that! My 13 year-old will be thrilled that I pinned this! Thanks for featuring the tutorials from Kids Activities Blog! We really appreciate it. I know right, the bracelets are everywhere!

But at least inverted fishtails you can do on you fingers and a hexafish on a fork!!!! I know how to do the single, fishtale and diamond they are so easy to make but I alway do the single. These ones i already know and im advanced not beginner so make a deal of it! Then I decided to buy some rainbow loom stuff. Now I can make Single, squared single, fishtail, inverted fishtail and heart chain. I can do the double band and the Bon Bon the single and all the others except triple single Isabelle stone.

They are all amazing I could only do the single the fishtale and the double band???? I hope someone can help me, thank you. They dont have all the really cool ones if you want check out the website made by mummy and it shows you how to make really cool charms. I have just completed the fullsize dragon it wss really hard and yesturday I did the tangled garden it didnt even use a loom it looks hard but it is quite easy and it takes masses of time.????

Lucky people i read a few comments. Hello everyone we love crazySorry there so easy you better do crazy you want to Craig Craig crazy little come on go on you got to do the leader,. I recently created a bracelet but I wanted to know if it was someone elses or my orignal design. Your email address will not be published. You have to click the link above the pictures — the link is the name of the band. The railroad is easy all u have to do is make a triple single and take out the middle part of it.

Just keep trying until you get it its the best you can do than people just telling you over text. When you click the pictures, scroll down and there is video tutorial. There are video tutorials click on the name then go down to the YouTube video! Yeah thanks but could you put up a video for me I would really appreciate it. You only technically need 1 Figure 8, then 2 normal bands…. I love making the triple single and the railroad.

The waterfall is completely different. I made a diamond one in a minon design and it is super cool thanks. Just move the middle section off to where you want it and press it. I have never used a loom before but when I tried this website it was simple, thankyou! The triple single is actually a waterfall braid. And it would help if you put more designs up.

I can make all of those is there any for advanced and intermediate. The Star burst is much easier….. I have just made my first ever loom band. Do any body know how to do the square loom band with out the loom. I just want to try make a railroad!! I hope i can do it!! Loom bands are cool! It is easier to make one of those Loom Bands. I can do the double band you just get two bands instead of just one easy. Thank you soo much loom love! You made loom bracelet making a lot easier for me!

They dont have all the really cool ones if you want check out the website made by mummy and it shows you how to make really cool charms just some advice if you were interested. Love these designs but I hoped u could get more designs from here. It should look like this now! The [ is the end of the small piece. It is not as easy to stuff the bands into the ball on the rainbow loom as it is on the monster tail, so make sure to hold the bands down while you do the other things.

I meant move the big center piece to the LEFT, not right! And leave the right small piece where it is. I love this video. But, is is possible to make a volleyball charm using this method? Would love it if you could help me with it. I saw this when it was put on the web and looked at the comments, I was so discouraged to make it.

You should still do a video on the loom. How do i do this design on a rainbow loom? If u find out or already know please reply!!

This is really cool mine really bounces. I love the colours that I made it. My friend wants to make one to but she does not have a monster tail. I made this on the rainbow loom and it worked out really well!! It might stretch your bands a little more because the rainbow loom is obviously bigger than the monster tail though. I think it should also be possible to make this with two forks, as they could represent the six pegs??

I used to be SUCH a loom disaster I could only make the single lol and since I used your wonderful website, I am now starting to make some of the far more advanced bracelets! So thank you so much xx. My son already like his I made and he was surprised it actually bounced.

This is so cool loomlove loomlove how do you come up with stuff fits so awesome please answer back. I made 1 bouncy ball and it was made perfectly. It is so awesome my ceiling is about two meters high, I bounced it so high it touched the ceiling.

Looming hard I have I jumper ropd I made on my hands. So idk I have a lot of bands btw help if reading this.. I need to firuge out stuff orchexafish band plz. Btw I tried for 10 hour over and over it was waste I cqnt do it I could have been playing animal jam. This ball is so cool! If you do one peg on the top and bottom both wider then you can slip a ball inside and have a bigger ball! This is my 5th try and I keep getting to the very last step, bring over the very last band to the center, and then that band breaks!

Finally, on my 5th try, I did it! Instead of using a looming rubber band, I used a normal one. LoomLove can you help me? Thanks for the tutorial it was great I got it the first time its so cool.

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single rainbowloom

I find it harder on the loom so my mom and dad got me a monster tail yesterday. Loomatics book too is good. I love making bracelets with my rainbow loom.

single rainbowloom

I hope in the future more loom bracelets,rings,necklaces and a lot more things will be invented. Btw I tried for 10 hour over and over it was waste I cqnt do it I could have been playing animal jam.

single rainbowloom

I dont have a singls that comes apart or a monster tail will it still work? Instead of using a looming rubber band, I single rainbowloom a normal one. You must be singke talented if you know how to do all of those bracelets. Is there a video of how to do it on the rainbow loom? Love these designs but I hoped u could get more designs from here. It is hard bekanntschaften raum kassel the loom!!!!!!!