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BER will be served by the express buses X7 and X Linked in figure 1 is a high-resolution image of the evolutionary tree of life, from viruses through bacteria and archaea to protista, plants, animals and fungi, with a selection of representative species illustrated. Geils is NOT Jewish, however the rest of the band are Dennis aka Technoracle begann unter dem Synonym Bassfist das auflegen. Ende durften die Jungs von strobetech ihr erstes Release für das Label "Berlin Aufnahmen" herausbringen. Born in Israel

For 27 years now, she has stomped on the face of techno and acid with hard punishing beats and radioactive sounds. The ferocious releases on her Djax-Up-Beats label helped Chicago and Detroit sounds gain foothold in Europe, as Djax Records was one of the first European labels to put out techno in the early nineties.

Now 25 years later Djax can look back at an impressive catalog of over releases! When Joachim Spieth asked me to write his biography, I knew I would have to be a bit creative in order to write something different. You see when writing a biography, there are things you have to speak about, even though you know it has been said many times, and you fear it will end up looking like any other biography, with the usual and righteous amount of name droppings.

I also had to mention that he has been involved in the electronic music scene for the past fifteen years; that he used to play in a band as a teenager. I had to name the clubs in which he has played during the last decade.

But I did not really want to speak about all of the above. Because what matters at the end is who he is, what he wants to express by producing music and what he has been giving to the scene. Being a shy character, he is not the type of person searching for the spotlight but someone that is evolving on the scene by pure passion, and wants to communicate this passion to the others.

He created his label Affin to be as independent as possible and focus on discovering new talents. But most importantly, what Joachim Spieth does not put into words, is translated into sounds. Deep, solemn and at times enraged, his productions represents Techno in its purest expression. They are made to occupy our dying cathedrals of concrete, to crush the reality of our everyday life under an assumed individuality.

The elaborated basses and the echoing melodies grab our minds to throw them in a far away world, leaving the silence of a doomed society behind. Klanglos kam zum ersten mal in den 90er Jahren mit der Musik in Kontakt, als die Technoszene in Deutschland gerade am aufbrodeln war. Dies spiegelt sich auch in den Tracks wieder an denen der junge DJ und Produzent mit Leidenschaft arbeitet! She is charismatic, very talented and attractive.

She has been into music since and created a boom in recent few years, performing in the most prestigious European clubs and festivals. She spins catchy mix of deep house, tech house, minimal and techno, always with a precise technique and extreme elegance and brings freshness and incredible energy in a unique way.

Identical energy is felt in her production as well, and she proved her talent in May , winning the first place among hundreds of applicants on Remix Contest "Stefano Noferini - Papi". The remix was published on Deeperfect records. She is always special, and her music provokes interaction, intense emotions and superb music experience. Arbeitsteilung bei Techno-Duos ist keine Selten- heit. Im Gegenteil ist sie sogar vielmehr Norma- lität. Das liegt in der Techno-Szene in der Sache selbst begründet, denn zumeist konzentriert sich einer der beiden Teile qua passender Ausbildung auf den professionellen Plattenproduktionsoutput während der extrovertiertere Part sich an den Wochenenden den Bollerfäusten der kreischen- den Fans stellt und unter der Woche versucht, seinem Gemüt etwas Ruhe zukommen zu lassen.

Daniel, studierter Tontechniker, und obendrein Arnds Bruder, bildet in beruflicher wie priva- ter Hinsicht eine wichtige Stütze. Besser könnte man sich kaum gegenseitig ergänzen. Die Antwort müsste bei drumcomplex lauten: Tech- no kann eine Stufe der Komplexität erlangen, die durch perfektionierte Arbeitsteilung das Maximum aus Studioarbeit und Live-Auftritten herausholt — und das bereits seit über zehn Jahren.

Das spie- gelt sich auch in der Diskografie wider: Die bei- den decken eine Bandbreite an hochgeschätzten Techno und TechHouse-Labels ab, nach der sich andere die Finger lecken würden: Feuer aus allen Rohren und mit Nachdruck empfohlene Schall- druckkanonen seit , das ist die Bilanz harter Arbeit im Studio, die sich über viele Jahre das At- tribut Massenbewegungsphänomen verdient hat. Jeder, der Arnd mal vor einer Menge hat spielen sehen, dem wird jetzt ein Schmunzeln auf das Gesicht huschen.

Weil man sich ge- trost die Frage stellen kann, wie jemand nach etwa 20 Jahren DJing noch mit so viel Unbeschwertheit und gleichzeitig so viel Abgebrühtheit an die Sache heran gehen kann. Vielleicht ist es genau dieser magische Funken der ersten Stunde der Unberührtheit vom Urkern des Techno, der bei jedem seiner Sets aufblitzt und die Menge immer ein klein wenig mit erleuchtet.

Arnd ist der DJ, der danach nicht im Backstage verschwindet, um Champagner zu trinken, sondern der Fan, der zusammen mit dem Rest der Menge die Platten seines Nachfolgers feiert. Ein Funke der Harmonie, der sich in der Szene gerne wieder an mehr Stellen finden könnte. A mighty girl from Thailand who provoked a tech-house revolution in her country and then allured the global scene, to Berlin and Ibiza.

A top-notch artist who electrifies the dancefloors with her infectiously vibrant energy, impeccable mixing and uncompromised selection of percussive grooves. With every, action-packed DJ set of hers, she creates a potent rollercoaster ride full of surprises. Her sound is continuosly swirling between the elegantly built tension and an unexpected explosions.

Hypnotic melodies and deep chords sweep over massive, bass-driven rhythms and forceful grooves. She triggers boiling emotions and a bursting atmosphere that resonate in bodies and souls of the crowd long after the party.

Jay Lumen is one of the most exciting developing artists in a new generation of DJs and producers. He studied music in a conservatory for eight years developing his skill and ambition for music.

Even at a young age, Jay would play the compositions of classic artists in his own style. He was trained on a classical instrument — violin — but quickly realized that he could not fully express his creativity on only one instrument and turned to electronic production instead. He familiarized himself with synthesizers and software and started creating his own sound.

Hardfloor is the project of Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker from Duesseldorf, Germany and was formed in as the German acid and techno scenes were just in the beginning. This ground-breaking single made their name instantly recognisable to European clubbers.

Utilizing since-standard compositional tools like long, melody-driven buildups and elaborate percussion breaks, the track became an instant dancefloor anthem and made Hardfloor a sought-after name for remix and production work.

Their signature manipulation of the Roland TB revolutionized the techno world — Ramon and Oliver became masterful at coaxing catchy sequences and basslines out of their multitude of magical silver boxes, a style that influenced a generation of young producers and has been endlessly imitated, never surpassed.

Ihre Kreativität und ihr musikalisches Gehör leiten Sie immer zu einem Perfektionismus, der ausnahmslos eine Top Performance garantiert. Marleen Polakowski entdeckte schon im Alter von 14 Jahren ihre Leidenschaft für die elektronische Tanzmusik. So kam es, dass Sie das Mixen von Vinyl erlernte. Seit jeher tourt die junge Künstlerin durch viele Clubs Deutschlands und entwickelt sich durch die vielen Eindrücke stets weiter. Danach folgten gleich zwei Remixe, u.

On the stage it appears in terms of two dark-dressed statures, who like to act out their anonymity behind masks and handle the machines delicately. After first contact at highschool in , a close friendship between Yannick and Joel began — soulmates, whose connection is based on the deep love to the music.

Self-organised events in various locations and the desire for realization of their personal musical ideas followed. Until their first release in , it took less than one year.

Mostly as Live-Act, they are touring since there in European clubs and follow principles like not playing unreleased tracks. Nevertheless, not even one performance sounds like the other, as they play and mix the loops and patterns from their tracks spontaneously — and always with a surprise effect. May you call them musical landscape painters.

Foggy valleys are built through melancholic and romantical sounds, where fantasy creatures and monsters are shaped. In their imagination, black and red light reflections swirl around. But the most meaningful influence pulsates around the gothic theme and comes from the fetish universe. The weakness for sadomasochism and bondage gears is hardly mistakable. The musical structures tough are largely grounded on the puristic loop culture of German minimal and techno.

Typically as well, industrial and mechanic sounding elements go along, no less than French Electro. Obviously many other artists are impressed by their diverse influencies, so the list of remixed producers and remixers gets more and more extended. Axis, Andy Martin, Octave and more. The suitable voice to the dark sounds is often contributed by Berlin based artist Mz Sunday Luv. His road to success took him from his birth town Lisbon, all the way to Holland, and then to Barcelona.

Getting his name on the bill of the events he plays today has not been an easy job. Luckily, the thing with talent is that it only takes one person to be recognised and nourished.

Call it kindred spirits, call it whatever you want; the two immediately hit it off and started exchanging musical ideas from the get go. We both took the underground route, building slowly and keeping full control over our music and careers, without the support of mass media or powerful friends. Just as most good Portuguese wines traditionally have a Reserva label. Jan started producing electronic music at the age of Hard and dark Techno.

In order to present his favorite music and especially his own music to an audience he started DJing some time later. Several gigs followed, especially in his former hometown Saarbrücken. Receiving more and more attention for his tracks and his live-act performances which are combining his own style of dark, melodic and industrial atmospheres he is constantly playing in clubs all over europe and even played several times at events in south america Venezuela and Colombia.

Mit originell und massivem Techno Sound hat er viele Fan- Herzen erobert, und noch mehr Partymenschen eine Technonacht geschenkt die sie niemals vergessen werden.

Er hat bereits in bekannten Clubs und mit Headlinern zusammen gespielt, aber wirklich wichtig ist, es ist egal, ob er im Club oder auf einer Undergroundparty mit unbekannten Künstlern das Lineup schmückt, er rockt jeden Floor mit voller Hingabe.

With his own novel and massive solid techno sound he brings the crowd to their feet. Whether in clubs or at festivals he always brings full energy and rocks the floor with full dedication and precision. Dort bei den Buddhistischen Mönchen aufgewachsen begab sich Toni Thorn im alter von 18 Jahren auf um die Welt zu entdecken… …so oder so ähnlich könnte die Geschichte von Toni begonnen haben.

Hat sie aber nicht!!! Soviel gibt es über Toni nicht zu berichten. Aus einer Laune heraus entstanden, zieht er durch die Lande um das Partyvolk zu unterhalten und mit ihnen zusammen, jedes Mal aufs Neue, eine unvergessliche Nacht zu gestalten. Toni ist jemand, der sich selber nicht ganz ernst nimmt, mit einem Hang zum positiven Wahnsinn.

Wer ihn kennt oder erlebt hat, weis was positiver Wahnsinn bedeutet. Minimal, gemischt mit technoiden und klassischen Einflüssen, ist seine Leidenschaft und diese Leidenschaft lebt er hinter den Decks förmlich aus. Zuckende Körper, vor Freude schreiende Menschen geben seinen Sets die Energie die sie jedes mal aufs neue so einzigartig machen….

Ever since then his love to electronic music was without cease and he constantly inhanced his knowledge and developed a great understanding of that genre, especially to Minimal.

Hence, he started djing at the age of 17 and quickly became acquainted with mixing and reading the crowd. In order to bring his passion on a higher level, he began producing his own tracks in Born in Israel Kobi discovered the world of trance music in when he was 9 years old kid.

Since that time, Kobi started working and experimenting with music production and making electronic music. Shortly afterwards he realized that what he wants to do in life. By the age of 17 He built his own home studio so he can start creating music seriously.

These days, Kobi plays World Wide and also in Israel while creating his music nonstop. Blastoyz music is psytrance hi-tec mixed with electro sounds. Daniel Boon ist ein Berliner durch und durch — und nicht mit dem amerikanischen Pionier gleichen Namens zu verwechseln, auch wenn gewisse Gemeinsamkeiten bestehen: Immer auf der Suche nach neuen Einflu?

Umgeben von einer lebendigen Elektroszene wurde der gelernte Dachdecker mit Musik sozialisiert und begann anstelle Ziegel auf Dachstu? Das Ergebnis ist ein Sound, der so wind- und wetterfest ist wie einst die Da? Wer zu Daniel Boon tanzen geht, muss sich um a? Von Berufswegen schwindelfrei, sind bei ihm die Grenzen nach Oben nur schwer abzusehen. Seit bearbeitet er Plattenteller und la? Experimentell und variantenreich, kreativ und grenzenlos legt er Sounds ineinander, die am Ende trotzdem ganz nach ihm klingen und in den Clubs der Hauptstadt bestens bekannt sind.

Ab legte er regelma? Zusammen mit Oliver Tatsch gru? Aber Auflegen und Veranstalten reicht Boon nicht, und so schleicht sich seit auch der eine oder andere eigene Track in seine na? Born and raised in Berlin, Daniel Boon is like his namesake, the American pioneer, never afraid of new pathways and ideas. Here he was socialized with electronic music and soon began taking his first steps as a DJ in the Matrix Club in In his next endeavor, he joined forces with Oliver Tatsch: When Daniel Boon is not spinning the decks or organizing parties, he is producing new tracks.

Joana Günther is a Djane from Stuttgart. She played at Butan, Lehmann, Borderline Club and showed at many events what she got to offer. At the age of 13 she discovered technobeats, which arouse a great interest in running synthesizer-constructions. In she found "Kreativform Trümmerfeld". These events were organized with passion. Der im beschaulichen Weingarten geboren und aufgewachsene Alexander Kufner begeisterte sich schon in jungen Jahren für die Musik.

Vom Schlagzeug bis hin zum Piano übte er sich in verschiedenen Instrumenten und Stilrichtungen, welche ihn bis heute auf seinem Weg begleiten. Von nun an drehte sich Tag ein Tag aus alles um die Musik. Bereits mit 14 Jahren nahm er schon professionelle Songs auf und produzierte kurze Zeit später ein deutsches Hip Hop Album mit über 20 Songs. Ein Durcheinander aber eine Chance neue Dinge kennen zu lernen. Zu dieser Zeit begann Sanchez mit dem Auflegen und parallel dazu mit dem Produzieren.

Elektronische Musik wandelte sich nun zu seinem musikalischen Mittelpunkt und der Name des durchaus jungen Künstlers wuchs. Michael Kohlbecker Musikproduzent und DJ. Diese Veröffentlichung legte den Grundstein der Musikkarriere. Ebenfalls erregte er grosses Aufsehen bei seinen ersten live Auftritten auf der Nature one und Universe Tribal Gathering. Weitere Remixe wie für Joachim Witt u. Minimal Techno-Die Veröffentlichung "Tabasco" auf dem Label mit Peter Eilmes wurde zur weltweiten Clubhymne und brachte die derzeit heissbegehrte Trompetensounds in das Technobusiness.

Für den renommierten Club Cocoon produzierte er eine Präsentation des grossen Clubs.? Aktuell steht die Veröffentlichung der 5. Mit der Umsetzung der gesamten Musikproduktion für eines der grössten Feuerwerke in Deutschland "Rhein in Flammen" wurde ein völlig neuartige Präsentationsform von Feuerwerken geboren. Die Veröffentlichung der 3. Michael Kohlbecker Release "Endlich wach! His talent in music was first sparked at the age of fourteen when he started composing music in popular genres.

Despite the fact he was sixteen, he was drawn and fascinated by the underground clubbing scene. This new interest had an immediate impact on his own music productions.

By the end of Timmo got his first break in the music industry. That was clearly not enough, as he also mixed a VA Compilation for the imprint, including tracks by Slam, Juan Sanchez, himself and more. In things got pretty serious for the 24year old Bulgarian, as he signed his first record to the most successful and honored techno label — Drumcode.

The success Timmo had with his music, quickly started to give its fruits. For the past years, he spread his sound over some highly rated clubs such as Sugarfactory in Amsterdam, La Guacara Taina The Cave in Santo Domingo, which is one of the most interesting clubbing locations in the world, as the club is an actual underground cave. The magnificent psychedelic trio, the eternal kids of the psy trance world are no others then - Matan Kadosh,Aviram Saharai and itai spector, they all come from Afula, which is located at the northern part of Israel.

As today new generation Psytrance headliners, Sesto Sento already a gold record seller with a 1,, song plays on myspace, are always pushing towards the next level. Collaborating with anyone there is on the top of the psy scene, releasing in any label counts, besides remixing huge acts such as Moby, the Police, Depeche Mode, Fatboy Slim, Faithless and more.

While touring more than 30 countries around the world hitting huge dances floors. So get yourself and come together and join us for a Sesto Sento inner lightening trip to the brighter side of the universe They are equally comfortable with the first, the last or the peak slot of a night, thus making them universal party weapons. Though young at age, their record collection demonstrates musical knowledge some veterans can only hope to gain and he swiftly but thoughtfully moves through different periods of electronic music in their sets.

This year the pair will release the third EP on From Another Mind, along with a remix package including previous guests from their Stuttgart and Munich nights. Dynamic Reflection and Soma comissioned reinterpretations for Abstract Division and Monoloc, respectively. Both being notorious for their excessive passion for party and a knack for the appropriate music, their joined forces represent a mighty double dose of up-to-date Progressive sound.

It was around When the two of them met each other on the way to a gig, they eventually made acquaintance. Also, they figured out that they were neighbours. Next thing they figured out was that next door there was quite interesting music: Both already had a great background as musicians and thus a lot of experience. Since they got along very well with each other, they started DJing together. This venture turned out to be a very promising one when the dance floor went on fire during their first mutual gig in One year later, Fabio and Benni decided to take their musical relationship to the next level and moved to a shared apartment as well as a shared studio.

Their sound could be described as fresh, playful, vocal-orientated, minimal Progressive Trance with a lot of bouncy offbeat rhythms and a touch of Pop. The follow-up turned out to be even more successful- the Crazy Trip EP became a highly acclaimed hit. Also the next releases, including a collaboration with Interactive Noise, gained remarkable good feedbacks.

Amid a serious dearth of US techno producers in recent years, Charles Duff, also known as Matrixxman, has been busy soundtracking the technological singularity that unfolds before us. His sound tends to be cold and mechanised yet somehow retains an element of warmth, perhaps even soul, if you will. A lone spark of instantiated humanity that refuses to be extinguished by the din of automata marching toward us. Italy has produced its fair share of influence in the electronic music scene.

His early sound experiments date back to at 14, thanks to his Father, a guitarist, composer and music lover. In those years, Marco could rely on the right equipments to move his first steps on sound design and firsts sequencers, under the old Atari ST platform.

International performances have seen Marco playing around the world, in the USA, Mexico and all over Europe included his homeland Italy. Currently considered as one of the rising stars on the global Techno scene, Steve Shaden has rapidly gained fame and respect thanks to the incredible musical successes he has achieved through the years.

Beginning in , Steve began to expand his horizons and focus solely on the European Techno movement, creating the music that would define him as the artist that he has become. By studying music production and engineering after secondary school, he turned his strong passion for techno music into a full-time musical gig.

He quickly became known around the globe for the gloomy and dark sensations that envelop his unique style, created from a precise blending of powerful, rhythmic old-school beats with modern percussions and heavy basslines.

His meteoric rise is reflected on the Beatport charts: On the Yearly Top Hard Techno Artists chart, he entered at 98 in , reached 55 in , and by the end of , he climbed to 4.

Besides success on the music market, his productions have also been noted and supported by some of the best DJs in the Techno scene like: In addition to his talent and passion for producing music, Steve has also always had a strong passion for mixing, beginning when he was 15, doing DJ work in the clubs around the area he lives.

In he founded Phobiq Recordings, an interpretation of his musical taste and a reflection of the sound he champions in his performances. Phobiq gained prestige in the last few years, becoming one of the most respected Techno labels, thanks to releases from extremely talented producers. Sasha has been playing in the best festivals and clubs around the world and he is able to showcase his expertise thanks to his solid musical background and a passion for collecting vinyl since the late 80s.

Today Sasha can be considered a landmark for contemporary Techno lovers, without ever forgetting his old-school origins. Im Jahr bemerkte er schnell seine Begabung und beschloss es einmal zu versuchen. Mischpult, Plattenspieler und andere Techniken waren schneller gekauft und aufgebaut als man schauen konnte.

Domenico Spinelli legte sein ganzes Herz in die Musik bis er dann endlich am Thalstroem,Chris Liebing und Len Faki auflegten. Daraufhin errichtete er sein eigenes Studio zum aufnehmen und produzieren. Exactly how this boost is generated is not obvious at all — which makes it catchy in the most subliminal way possible. However, the actual magic of Neelix happens somewhere inbetween those genres. For 10 years already this unique formula made him a crowd-pleaser at a great variety of dance events on all 5 continents, including monumental festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland or Boom.

Andys Leben als Techno Dj und -produzent ist wie seine Musik selbst: Er legt Musik nicht einfach auf, er spielt mit ihr, schnappt sich sein Publikum und nimmt es mit auf seine Technoreise. Er meint, er ist schon so lange von elektronischen Sounds und dem Mixen von Tracks fasziniert, dass er sich kaum an eine Zeit ohne erinnern kann. Als hätte der Kopf der Tectrex Crew nie etwas anderes gemacht, organisierte er unvergessliche Undergroundpartys in einer stillgelegten Russenkaserne und schenkte einer alten Matratzenfabrik in Sommerschenburg ein neues Leben und mehr als Technofreunden einen Ort, wie ein Zuhause und einen Grund, um am Wochenende aufzustehen und nicht schlafen zugehen.

Der Krachgarten wurde geboren. Techno aus dem Osten. Oder wie er es nennt: Heute hat Andy mittlerweile sein eigenes Label, tectrex records, bei dem er seit Techno mit Schmackes bastelt und baut, Töne kreiert und selbst in die Tasten haut. Und auch da ist wieder alles selbstgemacht. Denn wer hat, der kann und wer will, der macht. Denn genau das ist sein Ding und seine Art Techno zu leben. Phuture Traxx ist bereits seit vielen Jahren ein fester Bestandteil der elektronischen Musikszene.

Als tatkräftiger Produzent, Remixer und Labelmanager Neverending Records lebt er seine Vision von elektronischer Musik erfolgreich aus. Men of the moment and flavours of the month come and go, as the phrases suggest. Lützenkirchen is one name that refuse to go away. From his huge remixes for the likes of John Digweed and Coburn to his outstanding artist album Pandora Electronica, the power and quality of his productions rarely slip.

Meanwhile his acclaimed live sets continue to grow in reputation, his charismatic stage presence bringing a breath of fresh air to the usual limp and lifeless laptop workout. After immersing himself in his love dance music by working as a promoter in Ibiza in , he worked as a professional background vocalist and songwriter on some major projects from to , before succumbing to the house and techno bug that had been slowly consuming him.

Blending infectious, jacking techno grooves with dirty electro sounds and dashes of house, his sounds is electronic as they come, but with a real sense of funk that makes his music accessible to a wide range of DJs, clubbers and part-time dance music enthusiasts. Continually striving to innovative and evolve his sound, you can always count on him to push things forward — rather than copying the latest hotshot or ripping off endless old records.

He only began his DJ career in , when the success of his productions began to bring booking requests from around the world, and by he had switched to performing pure live sets.

The last two years have seen him play in every continent at least twice, with 8 tours of Brazil in the past 3 years alone. Despite this heavy travel schedule, he remains one of the most prolific producers around — with a level of quality that few can match. If we have a closer look at his work for the last 20 years it is quite hard to imagine that all this is done by only one person - Deutschmann is definitely something we can call a musical workaholic.

In his studio, Pierre Deutschmann is always working on sounds that have the ability to catch every listener. His tool is a perfect working development in his set, playing smooth but rough, with a downgrade of surprise while mixing it with his huge repertoire of own productions. Terapia Geboren am Lebensjahres, die Liebe zur Electronischen Musik! Nur wenige Wochen später durfte Tontherapie sich vor einigen hundert Leuten nach "Sven Wittekind" in dem angesagtem Ulmer Nachtclub "Club Ohm" beweisen und sein Namen ein wenig mehr bekannt zu machen!

With releases on worldwide labels such as: Toolroom, Yoshitoshi, Great Stuff, Stereo Productions, Ultra and Armada, and his own Unity records label has gained him the respect from artists such as: His newly launched label Unity Records has been gaining worldwide support from artists such as: D-Unity continues to tour the globe spreading his signature underground vibe and presence.

Mit viel Empathie versteht er es treibende Bässe, hypnotische Beats und funkige Töne zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort einzusetzen und so jedes Publikum in seinen Bann zu ziehen. Von bis führte er zusammen mit Rene Kuntze den Strobe Club in München, in dem er auch selbst auflegte.

The name Chicago Loop has been gaining some momentum within the last year, but the man behind this relatively new alias is certainly not a newcomer to the scene. Ant Wilson, or Ant to his friends, has been producing electronic music and traveling the globe playing clubs, events and festivals for the last 23 years from Japan to North and South America, Israel, South Africa, Europe and everywhere in between.

Always busy in the studio continually writing more techno and with many high profile releases currently being secured, Chicago Loop is certainly making some big waves in the techno scene right now. Manipulating and working to shape sounds to create something new, is for us the greatest thing.

The electronic music gives us a canvas which we can always return to. His first album, released in , was a balancing act between traditional Progressive Trance and new school influences.

Ever since Klopfgeister became well-known for a style that always sounds like him, but never sounds the same. The man has a good humour which reflects in his multi-layered arrangements, a humour that is truly contagious. Despite his busy international tour schedule he still finds the time to keep up a steady flow of new productions, even for his second project Nightsoul. Thomas Oberhöller, born In the young age of 13, he had his first contact with psychedelic music and a year later, he attended the first psychedelic-party.

Since this time, he is totally conspired to psychedelic music. In , he got interested in creating UV-decorations by himself and the backgrounds of how to organize a psychedelic-party. Since that time, he played on several events in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Macedonia. During the years, the club Psycana continuous grew and further developed in its interests.

In the same year, he got the lucky opportunity to play a live-dj-set on greek psychedelic-radiostation named Dragonflyradio. Today, Thomas still loves to deejay for each who wants to hear him, exclusively in rejection of any salary and regardless of crowd size, just to share psychedelic passion!

Having been initiated into the Goa Trance scene in the early Nineties and by traveling the globe ever since, his sets are a mirror of the constant melting pot of fundamental Psytrance characteristics. Whether he is guiding the dance floor through the night or into the morning, the outcome is always a voyage filled with a depth and an energy that allows the crowd to feel a sense of freedom through Trance.

Groovy, deep, mature, hypnotic and clearly distinguishable. Through his impromptu sets, he is able to interact personally with each dance floor, taking the audience on a trans-formative journey. His sets are a direct form of communication through music.

For Boom Shankar, this process of mutual giving and receiving between the DJ and the audience has led to meaningful feedback from festivals like S. He is working on his seventh one which will probably see the light in spring of In addition, Boom Shankar is part of the S.

Festival crew in Hungary, the Alice im Wummerland party series in Germany and is working on a new music project together with Soul Kontakt from Malta entitled "Lightsource". The Reactivitz can be considered as one of those fast-rising artists whose skills and perseverance allowed him to reach the support of the techno music industry. His sound, caracterized by dark atmospheres, loud drums and groovy basslines, has been highlighted by many producers worlwide.

Julian Brand, Techno Made in Germany. Man kann sich sicher sein das man noch einiges von diesem Künstler hören wird. Julian Brand, born and grown up in Munich is addicted to Techno since he was 15 years old. Some Events followed in Munich. The People want more of this impulsive Sound and are more and more excited from his style; dark atmosphere,hypnotic and and a lot of Bass! After the closing of the Strobe Club, he managed a couple of month with his 19 years the complette Booking for the replacement.

The next releases are allready signed and are waiting to hit the dancefloor. We will definetely hear more from this artist in future! Producer Lia Organa was born in Stockholm, Sweden where she lived most of her life. This is a Techno nomad with an angelic face, but behind that is hiding one of the bad girls in Techno. Amazing when you hear the strength and elegance that shows in her sets and productions. Music producer, Radio producer DJ and sometimes live act , this multifaceted talented artist spend many hours on studio perfecting her art.

For 2 years Lia has studied music and technology in Stockholm and as a DJ and sometimes live act she inspires her audience with her performances in various clubs, and festivals all over the world. She is part of the Dark techno scheene and partys in Belgium and recident in the Darkroom.

Lia Organa is not a stereotype artist but a source of inspiration and listening to her music is like a journey from techno to dark techno and sometimes over to techhouse. Dave Mustaine isnt Jewish. His mother was half Irish and half German Moravian. Yaphet Kotto was born Jewish; he is not a convert. Madonna is not Jewish in any sense of the term.

Anyone can "follow" Kabbalah. Anyone can pick up a Tanakh right now at Borders and begin to "follow" Judaism also, but that does not make that person Jewish. Kabbalah is not a Jewish sect, but a school of thought within the religion. You can follow Kabbalah all you want, but you can't convert to Kabbalah because it's not a religion in itself.

For Madonna to be Jewish, she would have to convert to Judaism. Kabbalah is not something that can actually be separated from Judaism; it's a way of understanding and applying Judaism to one's life. Dieting and physical exercises can help you in shedding your weight to a certain extent but if your BMI Body Mass Index is 30 or exists above this value, you need to take extra measures for adequate relief from the shackles of obesity.

However, Phentermine, Adipex etc are FDA approved diet pills that suppress your appetite effectively and assist you to lose weight once you fall in the grip of obesity. Phentermine should be administered only after getting hold of a Phentermine prescription from the doctor and for more details on the medicine, visit the website http: I'm not sure why I even took the time to read this.

It was a total waste of time and I can only blame the insomnia for making me do it. However, you list Tracey Gold as the star of "Benson". Tracey Gold starred in "Growing Pains". Her little sister, Missy Gold played in "Benson". Man, you are on dick! System of a Down is not Jewish! They are Armanian you moron I think you may not even know the difference Shouldn't you include Jesus, Mary, and most of the saints, on your list?

I read in a science magazine that genetic testing of the population of Spain found that just about everyone in Spain has Semitic genetic material. The Jews lived in Spain for hundreds of years.

There's also Semitic ancestry from the ancient Phoenician colonists, and later the Moors. You say you are white Hispanic, so guess what, you are genetically partly Semitic and should be proud of it.

It is obvious you are a jew yourself, I know how your kind operate and how they leave these sorts of comments about. Want a much better resource for figuring out who is a kike, what kikes have done to our world, past, present, and future if we don't put an end to their criminal empire? I don't understand why caucasians are splitting hairs about the differences in their race. I would be proud to be Jewish and be endowed with a religious and spiritual heritage.

One thing is certain. Assholes come in all colors and faiths. Judaism is a made up religion. They're protestants, and sung in church choirs. Got my doubts about Gary Brooker too, but who cares?

Its what they do, not what fucking religion they are. Couldn't give a toss the great man was jewish or a martian. He is jewish, and he and his brothers are typical cockneys! The great "Gentle Giant" a British progressive band, were mainly the Schulman Brothers, massively talented multi-instrumentalists and British jews.

Great fan Bob Dylan DID apparently return to the jewish fold after briefly converting to christianity. No wonder the US is in so much trouble. I guess thats a good thing You need a lesson You have 'half breeds' on here who may have a Jewish father but they have a non Jewish mother. This means said child is NOT Jewish. You think WE want them? You are an idiot! So tell me already , the last list like this was Hitler , he took non Jews.

Me I am the rightful heir to the thrown of England. So tell me already , who makes such a list other then Hitler , who by the way took white trash along with Jews.

I am the first Son dating back to William only Conquered because Harold had just won two wars , his forces diminished he still rode out , lived after an arrow hit his eye with his Son. Several court challenges later ,England has bowed to a Fraud. June "Goddamn Devil" Released: Retrieved 16 May The Official Charts Company. Archived from the original on 9 August Retrieved from " https: Articles which use infobox templates with no data rows Music infoboxes with deprecated parameters Articles with hAudio microformats All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Views Read Edit View history.

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single party lahr 2012

These form an intermediate genetic position between viruses and cells, having the largest genomes, with extensive cellular machinery, including protein translation, and larger than the smallest completely autonomous bacterial and archaeal genomes. Actual writers listed below. Gig after gig she was able to refine her technique and track by track her style emerged for phatt basslines mixed with dry but grooving melodic beats.

single party lahr 2012

Schon damals, als seine Freunde lieber auf irgendwelchen Ballermann-Partys waren, trieb es ihn alleine auf Technopartys wo er dann auf den Sound wie z.

single party lahr 2012

Thanks for the feedback. From that moment Alberto began to get noticed by bigger record labels such as Suara, Elevate,Terminal M,Noir Music, Deeperfect, Bla Bla, Transmit recordings and has produced and remixed with world renowned artists such as: They were detected in vicinity of the contractile vacuole in Trypanosoma cruzi and were shown to fuse with the vacuole when the cells were exposed to osmotic stress. A contact-dependent DNA import system has thus far single party lahr 2012 been observed flirtsignale frau chat other archaea, or in bacteria or eukaryotes. Sein Gefühl für die richtige Platte zum richtigen Zeitpunkt retten ihn über die erste Lhr und wird zu einem weiteren Single party lahr 2012.