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Hütter Schneider Emil Schult. It is still good, challenging, rocking, and technically amazing. Due to the focus on melody, my enjoyment of each track depends highly of the appeal that the provided leads and grooves have on me. Mojo End Of year Lists

Jazz Rock/Fusion • United States

Amino does throw more at us in terms of nuance, sound effects, and complexities. Still, the music represents tremendous appeal to me and calls for a resounding 5. Robby's rounded tone and head-spinning six-string runs, are every bit on par with Chris, and balance out the compositional mastery OHM is known for. Every album from Pilgrimage onward features Eastern Orthodox iconography in the cover art. Om's first three albums feature Al Cisneros on vocals and bass and Chris Hakius on drums.

Radio-Activity was released to mixed reviews, with Rolling Stone criticizing the album: In a retrospective review, Jason Ankeny from AllMusic called the album "a pivotal record in the group's continuing development," and stated that it "marked Kraftwerk's return to more obtuse territory, extensively utilizing static, oscillators , and even Cage -like moments of silence.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Ohm Sweet Ohm. For other uses of "Radio activity" and "radioactivity", see Radioactivity disambiguation. For the animated film, see Ohm Sweet Ohm film. Electronic experimental pop [1].

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Klang Box The Catalogue. Organisation Yellow Magic Orchestra. Retrieved from " https: CS1 French-language sources fr Use dmy dates from October Articles which use infobox templates with no data rows Music infoboxes with deprecated parameters Articles with hAudio microformats Track listings with deprecated parameters Certification Table Entry usages for France.

Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 13 February , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kling Klang Studio Düsseldorf , Germany. Solo, the other Ohm album and Ohmfrey, to be precise. None of those provided comparable excitement to me, so this release appears to be one of a kind. Review by Negoba Prog Reviewer. Despite his pedigree, Poland is first and foremost a fusion player who to this day loves to recount Dave Mustaine throwing his Weather Report tapes out the window while Megadeth was touring.

Ohm's sound is a heavy fusion that is modern, textured, and virtuosic. Both Poland and Pagliari use a wide variety of effects that give the trio a very characteristic sound. Poland's tone in particular is completely singular, perhaps one of the most identifiable guitar sounds in all music. After a phenomenal debut, Ohm concentrated on tighter compositions, mellowed a little, and produced a very solid outing that adds meaningful breadth to their catalog. A new listener should absolutely get the first album first, as it is still the standard for the band.

One reason is the appearance there of David Eagle on drums who is a slippery octopus. Kofi Baker is a very good drummer, miles ahead of his father, but Eagle was a magic ingredient that really completed the trio like no other. The first is the heaviest and most aggressive of the album, with a simply blistering white hot solo from Poland.

The second is the most complex, the most likely to appeal to a prog fans ears. The sounds and textures are spooky and trippy, and Pag gets plenty of room to showcase his monster talent.

While Poland gets called "under-rated" and "under-appreciated" on almost every review I read, Pags is just as amazing to my ear. Certainly, he is absolutely essential to the Ohm sound. When I hear Poland playing with other bassists, they simply pale. There are quite a few ballad-y type songs on this album, including the second track "Tara.

The more I listen to this album, the more I've come to appreciate it, but the debut simply blows me away. Great addition to your modern fusion library, but not essential. If you want more explanation of his guitar style, I've described it in detail on other reviews on his solo page, other Ohm albums, and on the Ohmphrey side project social review comments Review Permalink Posted Thursday, April 5, Review this album Report Review Review by Mellotron Storm Prog Reviewer.

Chris is lighting it up after 3 minutes. Check out the guitar after 3 minutes. It settles beautifully before 2 minutes as Poland shines. It picks back up late. I like this a lot. Some guitar outbursts before 3 minutes.

It picks up quickly. It does get fairly heavy at times. The bass is impressive. Check out the drums before 3 minutes. The guitar shines late. A very solid 4 stars and an album that fans of instrumental music should check out.

I really like this catchy tune. It does get heavier half way through though. Great sound 3 minutes in. Check out Poland after 3 minutes. It turns intense late. The guitar is more aggressive later. Check out the bass 4 minutes in. I like the rhythm as the guitar plays over top. It turns heavy after 2 minutes. This is the heaviest section on this album.

It settles a minute later as the tempo continues to shift. It then turns more aggressive. Love the drumming here. If your into Fusion this is a no brainer really.

Lights out playing from all three guys. Personally I would have prefered more heaviness but that's my only complaint. Review by snobb Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator. As often in such cases, the band is power trio without keyboards, and it's really for good.

Music played is melodic heavy fusion, brewed from Chris' heavy rock guitar and very competent jazzy rhythm section. Whenever the guitar is absolutely main instrument there, possibly the correct name of album's music should be "heavy instrumental rock with jazz elements". Happily, rhythm section is quite important on many compositions, and it saves album from being just usual instrumental rock recordings.

Chris Poland is good rock guitarist ,but really not the jazz fusion one, and even if you can hear some McLaughlin influences here and there, guitar's sound is mostly pure rock. But - music is accessible, melodic, technical enough for heavy rock, and have jazzy flavour. Good album for heavy rock fans, entering the jazz fusion doors. Nothing too much to listen for jazz-rock or fusion lovers though Due to the focus on melody, my enjoyment of each track depends highly of the appeal that the provided leads and grooves have on me.

And as can be expected, one piece works better then the other. But there are highlights throughout, The Black Hand is an excellent track that depends a bit less on the guitar soloing and brings the remarkable bass and drum work to the fore. Overall the approach stays the same for all tracks and it brings down the average level. It is a good album in the contemporary fusion scene but I rounded down to 3 stars because of its dominating focus on shredding great as it is though and its repetitive approach.

Depending of your affinities with the genre, this is of course something that might displease you less then it does for me. They were considered a group of prodigies at the time and in the early 80's Gar and then Poland were tapped for the first incarnation of Megadeth.

Years later, following rehab and around the time of best friend Gar's death, Poland decided to return to his roots with Rob Pagliari resulting in the amazing Ohm:. Several drummers have rotated through the group, most notably Ginger Baker's son Kofi, who plays on the second half of the disc here, Circus of Sound.

Where the songs on their debut disc had been incubating and maturing live for a very long time, tracks for subsequent albums have been written and recorded with more spontaneity. Amino Acid Flashback sees the band in a softer jazz vein than the debut, and 's Circus of Sound moves the other direction, cranking the distortion a little, and rocking a bit harder.

At the same time, as the album moves through three different drummers, it also settles back toward jazzier beats and the sound that Ohm: After almost wearing the debut disc out, I was a little unsure about this one at first. The compositions aren't quite as developed on a few songs more jamming , and some of the drumming is a little more straight rock than complex jazz. The spotlight is even more firmly on Poland than ever, not that he doesn't earn it.

In fact, he plays like a demon. Poland's trademarks are smooth-as-silk speed legato runs, unparalleled articulation including microtonal bending, and very individual note choice and phrasing. His playing continues to improve and his work on this record may well be his best. Despite 53 minutes and 14 songs, the album never gets stale. The music actually spans fairly widely from aggression to tenderness to funky fun.

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ohm singles

And yet, despite deep personal betrayals, Mustaine continues to ask Poland for leads, and has said "he just plays circles around me. For other uses of "Radio activity" and "radioactivity", see Radioactivity disambiguation. French Albums Chart number-one album 27 May — 30 July

ohm singles

It was the first Kraftwerk album to feature use of the distinctive Vako Orchestron keyboard choir, string and organ sounds , which the group had purchased on their recent US Autobahn tour and the Moog Micromoog which was used extensively on this album.

ohm singles

Ohm singles - music is accessible, melodic, technical enough for heavy rock, and have jazzy flavour. Hütter Schneider Emil Schult. Ohm singles first is the heaviest and most aggressive of the album, with a simply blistering white hot solo from Poland. Check out the guitar after 3 minutes. Organisation Yellow Magic Orchestra.