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Each chapter describes a major subgroup of the M1 Carbine: Collecting the American Sniper Rifle to There are many fine websites that have additional information on this topic, too many to list here and too many to keep up with as they come and go. During the 60th Infantry's drive along the Tunisia-Algeria border, the regiment captured a German general's diary which gave the regiment its nickname, the "Go Devils". In the event that you need to return an item, please follow these directions: Through the use of first-person accounts, General Service records and period photographs, Mr. Every marking, every code is explained.

M-1 Helmet Depot

Approximately 22 million of the steel helmet shells were manufactured during World War II, along with 33 million helmet liners. More Info No Javascript? Today in WW II: This is another Hi-Cut composite helmet. Also included is an extensive gallery of period photographs showing the helmets as worn by troops of the time.

It is being sold to do one helmet. However, we have been using one of these decals on several helmets and it is still going strong, thats how durable it is. This consists of a large cross which you paint in white and a smaller outline cross which you use to mask the white edge and then paint in red.

This consists of a large square background that you can paint in white and a large Medical Red Cross that you paint in red. The square is approx. This consists of a red cross approx. The stencil is reusable many times over as it is made from acrylic and has a tacky backing.

It can be used for one, two, three or four star general's insignia. The 'tabs' can be left as is, or painted in by hand. This is one version of many numerous Shore Patrol Helmet designs. It is 5cm tall and 8. The picture shows how it can be applied even on a heavily corked helmet.

Shore patrol are service members who are provided to aid in security for the U. The letters are 2cm tall and the stencil is 8cm wide.

This stencil is a little tricky but suitable for hand painting. It is 2cm tall and 12cm wide. The 94th Division in turn became the U. The division also relieved the st Airborne in the Battle of the Buldge under Gen. It was known as was known as "Patton's Golden Nugget". This is in new condition. This is in 'antiqued' condition. This stencil is suitable for hand painting only.

It allows you to paint the Triangle, the yellow, red and blue. Many armoured units only wore the triangle as it was way to difficult to paint the tracks, lightening and Division number.

You need to hand paint the black lines between the colour segments. There are 4 stencils for this insignia. Only paper and hand painted insignia were used during WW2 - they did not use transfers till after the war. This stencil allows you to hand paint the American Divisions 'Triangle'. Helmet stencil for the famous 97th Infantry Division which originated from New Mexico.

Because of the high number of American casualties during the Battle of the Bulge, several American units earmarked for the Pacific, including the 97th Infantry Division, were ordered to the European Theater of Operations for the final assault on Germany. During WWII only paper and painted decals were used and this stencil allows you to hand paint the insignia. It allows you to paint the Panther crushing a tank insignia of the Tank Destroyer Battalions.

There are 4 stencils to make this insignia and should only be done if you have a steady hand for fine painting! It is 5cm in diameter.

Like all our stencils they are reusable. Helmet stencil for the famous 25th Infantry Division which originated from Hawaii.

The division's rapid movements during its campaigns led to the adoption of the nickname "Tropic Lightning". During the 60th Infantry's drive along the Tunisia-Algeria border, the regiment captured a German general's diary which gave the regiment its nickname, the "Go Devils". In his account of American actions against the Germans, the general wrote, "Look at those devils go!

The devils head faces forward - hence there are two stencils included. This is the second of wo versions that were used. Helmet stencil for the famous nd Infantry Regiment Combat Team. The regiment was a fighting unit composed almost entirely of American soldiers of Japanese ancestry who fought in World War II. Most of the families of mainland Japanese Americans were confined to internment camps in the United States interior. The nd Regiment was the most decorated unit for its size and length of service in the history of American warfare.

This stencil is suitable for hand painting only - not spray painting. Rare helmet stencil for the famous 'SeaBees' - it features a 'Bee' and machine gun. The need for a militarized Naval Construction Force to build advance bases in the war zone was evident when under international law civilian engineers could be executed if they resisted military forces.

The SeeBees were thus formed. Very rare helmet stencil for the famous 'SeeBees' - it features a mermaid and the text 'CB' which comes from the term Construction Battalions. This stencil comes from a very early war helmet before the stencil changed to a 'Fighting Bee'. Its lineage is carried on by the 90th Sustainment Brigade.

The Division took part in several more major combats of WW2 and on the 8th May Erich Hartmann , the highest-scoring fighter ace in history and his squadron, surrendered to the 90th. It then went on and fought in several more combats before mopping up operations in April in Hanover, Germany. To place your order by phone, please call Simply, we have to many items to photograph; write articles about and put on online weekly.

We just do not have the man power at this time. Merchandise must be returned within 15 days of the date of purchase. All returned merchandise must be in the original condition along with packaging example: Refunds or exchanges are COST of merchandise only. Postage and handling charges will not be refunded. Replacement items are subject to additional shipping charges. No returns on custom made items. When I got the helmet the rear pin was missing and I installed a reproduction pin.

The chin strap is cloth which I have seen before bu tnot very often. A nice affordable original M40 Lufty. The two front pins were missing on this helmet and I have installed reproduction pins. The M17 liner band is in place but the leather is gone. A canvas type material has been sewn in its place. Not sure when this was done but it looks like it has been in the helmet for a very long time.

The liner has a lot of deterioration from age and some of the leather is gone as you can see in the pictures. Still a nice example if you are looking for an inexpensive single decal army helmet. An extremely nice late war M42 no decal army helmet.

The helmet is in very good condition with minor wear. A good one for your top shelf. All helmets below are recreations featuring original shells - unless otherwise noted.

Recreated from an original M42 shell, here is a nice large size 66 helmet for those of you with big heads. The marking on the shell are obscured but it measures a huge size The helmet has old post war worn white paint. The SS runes, chinstrap and size 59 liner are all reproductions. The helmet is solid with no holes. The perfect helmet for your Battle of the Bulge display. A unique and attractive M42 single decal Waffen SS helmet. The shell on this one is a reproduction and is a size The liner, decal and chinstrap are also all reproductions.

Done as a Normandy camo in tan, green and brown. Nicely done and priced to sell. The helmet is a repro that has been painted in a classic 4 color camo pattern with 1st Foot Guards Leibkompanie markings. The liner is also a reproduction. It is nicely aged and has just the right amount of wear and tear to make a great looking display. A great looking and unique helmet in a large size It features SS runes and party shield and a simple rope net.

The liner, chinstrap, shell, paint and decal are all reproductions on this awesome looking DD SS snow camo. This is an original US M1 helmet that has been repainted as a th Glider Infantry Regiment helmet - a you would have seen at Bastogne. It is a rear seam shell with a later Nam era para liner. Lots of wear and character and one of the A-yoke straps is missing as you can see in the pictures. Just a cool looking recreation of a US paratrooper helmet.

The helmet has been restored with new paint, reproduction decals and a repro size 59 liner with the early reinforced aluminum band. A very nice recreation that make a nice display - and has a nice large size shell if you want to wear it.

A nice recreation of an M42 single decal Waffen SS helmet with a green camo over-paint scheme. The camo paint is ols and worn but is post-war. The helmet has a very authentic look.

Whether on your shelf or on your head, it will make people look twice. The size 61 liner and SS runes are reproductions.

Note the helmet has a ding on the left side - see pictures. It is a great large size 68 helmet and would be great for reenacting or for a nice display. Here is one with lots of charachter.

The paint is old but post-war and has a real combat worn look. The helmet looks like it previously had other decals, possibly Norwegian. The size 58 liner, decal and chin strap are all reproductions.

Offered here is an original US M1 white winter camo helmet. The shell has a rear seam and the liner is early Vietnam Not sure when this helmet was painted but it is old and worn and has lots of character. It even has a few dings on the top - see pictures. The liner is an orinal Firestone that has been reworked as an aged paratrooper liner. It has some wear and tear and cracks - see pictures. Altogether made to look like an authentic combat worn helmet. The size and maker stamps are obscured but it is a large size 66 shell.

The helmet has some dings in the crown as you can see in the pictures. The size 59 M31 liner is a reproduction.

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markings m1 helmet

All book sales in this grid are now being fulfilled by Amazon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The MA1 helmet, adopted in , differed only in minor details.

markings m1 helmet

Secondly, many men incorrectly believed that a nearby exploding bomb or artillery shell could cause the chinstrap to snap their neck when the helmet was caught in its concussive force, although a replacement buckle, the T-1 pressure-release buckle, was manufactured that allowed the chinstrap to release automatically should this occur.

markings m1 helmet

Marine units to engage in offensive ground combat magkings during For instance, there are hemlet different receivers - action bodies- markings m1 helmet on the eleven variations of both rifles, five variations of breech bolts, nine variations of rear sights, thirteen variations of markings m1 helmet and two variations of stocks. It only gave way to the Model Springfield as the latter rifle could be loaded quickly single wohnung recklinghausen nord easily with a five round clip. The liner, decal and chinstrap are also all reproductions. The helmet has old black paint.