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Shin Won-Ho (1991)

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There's secrets, deadly illnesses, and fraudsters waiting in line, get on with that plot. Em so confused between Nam joo hyuk and Lee jung shin! Don't think about negative comments. That is a lot of drama. My list has started to be really heavily cdrama laden these days, ha.

Completely biased reviews and fangirling

What you have is amazing! Our heroine is relatable and likable, and her bevy of suitors is amusing. The moment you kiss cha si ah I don't know why but I feel jealous You are so cute and handsome! I absolutely plan on checking out Age of Youth, it sounds very good! Jeong-sun Dec 27 2:

In my defense, I did drop more dramas this year, and I also checked out more mini web series as well. Which is totally something that I resolve to fix next year.

Its a daily family drama that i cannot wait to watch. Although im a newbie in kdrama world i have already spent countless sleepless nights trying to bingewatch on my favorite drama series. I am not sure when i would get over this addiction but at this point in my life i would like to immediately pack my bags and migrate to korea!! Looks like we have the same taste in kdrama.. Happy new year to you!!

Lets wait and see what have in store for us!! I rarely ever watch dailies, tbh. Other times I start, but never reach the finish line. Also, welcome to the wonderful world of kdrama! Otherwise, your addiction would be hard to sustain on so little sleep! Have you watched anything else besides kdramas lately? My list has started to be really heavily cdrama laden these days, ha. That is an impressive list of dramas.

I am in awe. Hope you would enjoy it too if you ever get around to it. Like Liked by 1 person. Seems that folks are just as interested to know why I drop a show, as they like to know why I love the shows I love. Oh yes, trust me I read many of your dropped posts, especially on the ones I have watched myself. They are very entertaining to read. Gotta give a shout out to Page Turner on your A list. Super short but packs more feels than some full length dramas.

Thanks for sharing your list! Oh yes, Page Turner definitely pulls more than its weight in drama feels! So short, but so good! I watched 20 to the end, but probably dropped as many. Thanks for the heads-up on Task Force 38, Islander! And thanks for the tip on Laurel Tree Tailors too. Goblin is a mixed bag for me at the moment.. I liked some more than you and vise versa, but find we are in agreement more often than not.

I think Shopping King Louie gets better and better as it goes on. I thought at first Louie would drive me crazy. The Good Wife is probably one of my favorite dramas of the year and not a fan of the legal dramas usually. Just good storytelling and pacing in TGW so I bow to the writer who adapted it. Sometimes a drama goes under the radar. Love the genre, the set up was solid, the production value high quality, good actors…. It took me 5 episodes to get into Beautiful Mind. I think they handled getting their episodes cut as well as can be expected.

And then just when I feel like I should admit defeat, Show does something to make me sit up a little bit. Thanks for the heads-up on Beautiful Mind. Pity it got cut.. For me, the gentle, slower pace worked because of the themes being explored.

The relationships developed beautifully I especially enjoyed the bromance , and the pace allowed time for reflection on the themes of love, loss and forgiveness. Having experienced the death of my husband, I found this show to be profoundly moving and not at all trite.

It explored the issues of death, grief and living through loss, with respect and insight. Needless to say many tears were shed! That definitely elevates this above the average kdrama — at least for you personally — and that is precious indeed.

That was my first kdrama and I watched it in the thick of a very dark personal time, of loss and rejection. I cried many cathartic tears as well, so I can very much relate.

And I will keep your insight in mind, as I adjust my viewing lens. Thank you for that! I wish I could check out this many dramas in a year. You know what, maybe I will this Looking forward to your review on that!

So excited about ! I wish you all the best things to come your way next year and hopefully no more pesky viruses—only great health and great blessings! Thank you and more power to you and your blog! Awww, thank you lizzie!! I guess other people might say I have a drama problem, but hey, a hero in any context is worth celebrating, right? Congrats on owning Moonlight on DVD!!

DVD ownership is definitely a sign of true drama love! I recently posted the review, which you can check out here! And ooh, a post on Nam Joo Hyuk! And thank you for the lovely wishes! Indeed, no more pesky horrible viruses indeed! Only great health, great blessings, and great dramas — right back atcha! Reblogged this on The Sunny Town and commented: This a great drama year in review written by kfangurl.

Do check it out! Ooh you finished a lot more dramas than I did! Like Doctors, MotW, Entertainer.. And yes you should watch 38 Task Force! I wish you all the best for the new year! Happy new year to you too, Jas!! I feel kind of bad for not finishing Please Come Back, Mister, coz I remember you really liked that one. Hahaha my list is super long too, but I guess that's the life of drama fans XD Take your time with it! Sorry for MY late reply, Jas! I did like the campy humor in Marriage Not Dating though, and very much too.

Yay for some progress, lol. I also started to get busy this month, which means lesser time for dramas and blogging now! Yes but humor in kdramas tend to be exaggerated and OTT a lot of times, it may feel like its too forced. Comedy can be hit or miss depending on the viewer and how we appreciate it. I have not watched Age of Youth though.

I love ALL the characters. Everytime Bok Ju cries, I do too. No protagonists; just bad situations and the obstacles of life. I cry and squeal and giggle and feel all the real feel right along with the characters. It is a lot better than almost drama that currently airing now and It deserves all those high ratings.

But really, nobody ever talk about it! Wow, sounds like Romantic Doctor is better than the average medical drama! Happy new year to you too, mayu! And yes, more and better dramas to us all, in ! You deserve a HUGE thank you for consistently churning out such candid, entertaining and detailed reviews of dramas that either has me squealing along or nodding in agreement if I watched them, or helping me narrow down my drama choices given the very limited drama hours I have.

But oh well, different people different tastes I guess! Happy new year and all the best for ! Has so much time passed already since you found me?

Happy 2 years to us, cinnamonxspice! So, definitely not saying that Seven First Kisses is a better show than Goblin! Thank you for listing all the kdramas, I need to watch some of them as well.

Glad you found this list useful, kfanatics! I plan to check it out soonish! Just wanted to wish you health, happiness, love and KDrama enjoyment in So sorry you are not enjoying king Louis as I just loved the two leads. Excellent and with Wang Kai to boot. Thanks for the tip on Snail — I have it on my list!

My very long list, which I hope to make a dent in, somehow! I loved Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and Reply Both are great gems.

Great writing, directing, acting…with lots of heartfelt surprises. Park Bo Gum is so wonderful in both. I feel so bitter and disappointed that a perfectly good, gripping premise was wasted with half-baked writing and further worsened by poor directing, editing, and over-the-top musical score.

To be perfectly honest, I like Je Ha. JCW totally owned it. His screen presence is so impactful I thought I was watching a movie on the big screen. The second time watching K2, I start to hold this show a bit dearer to my heart still hate the background music - mainly because to me, it represents a watershed moment in Kdrama land where for the first time, there is a convincingly realistic action-packed themed drama.

I hope there will be more shows like this although with better writing, directing and less annoying music in the future and I feel that JCW has accomplished an amazing feat for Korean dramas Asian dramas in general! I hope they paid you very well. Some plot twists are not plausible. The best thing about this show are: Once I made myself forget this caveat, then I grew to like the show. Hands down, best kissing scenes E. Sounds like you had a relatively good drama year, TrueBlue!!

I hope his next drama will be a really good one! I definitely recommend checking out Age of Youth, though. A relatively conflict-free drama, but I had lots of fun. It would have been nice to have one more drama to check off at the end of the year. I absolutely plan on checking out Age of Youth, it sounds very good! I will give Louis another chance. I was ready to drop it, coz I was getting so annoyed with Louis and the way he kept on doing dumb things that made things harder for Bok Sil.

But you, and a couple of others, have convinced me that Louis is more lovable than I give Show credit for. On the plus side, we have fresh episodes of a reputedly excellent drama that we can marathon if desired! C Jung Do Jun: Aw, right there with you, Stoica; I made some bad drama choices in too.

Hopefully, my overview will help you pick a few dramas that will be more satisfying! Hi, this is my first time leaving a comment in ur blog, even though not a first-time reader of your articles. Let me start by saying that the fangirl verdict had become my go-to destination for kdrama reviews.

I started my descent into the world of kdrama in a rookie , and since then, I have been binge-watching an embarassing amount of dramas. My hubby cursed kdramas because it introduced me to Gong Yoo, and your article about him made it worse. I watched a lot of kdramas because of your reviews. And the most recent one was Weightlifting Fairy. It was sooo good. Funny, heartwarming, beautifully paced, and so darn cute. That it might not be a hea.

Oh kdramas, what have u done to my ordinary-normal-ish life? How the hell kdramas can have this kind of emotional effect on my psyche? Thanks for coming out and leaving a comment!

Yay for first comments! That makes me happy, and motivates me to keep on writing! That made me really happy too! You still beat me to it. I watched 40 Kdramas this year, and not all were released in I did watch 18 Korean movies on top of that, though.

Wow, you watched quite few dramas this year too, neve!! And yes, I do have to agree that Weightlifting Fairy is wonderful. I hope we can have better dramas on , I was not tempted a lot last year like in previous years. Yes, did feel somewhat patchy as a drama year, but there were definitely good dramas in the mix. Both of those shows had me shooting hearts out of my eyes, for reals. Review is newly up, you can check it out here!

Age Of Youth is definitely a must-watch. But still worth a watch if you like realistic dramas. Which is great, coz I was feeling rather meh about the more current drama offerings. If that's the case I'm gonna throw in some money that I don't have and call the Sundae Soup team. I think a good punch to the heart by Bong-pal would get rid of her obsession or better get rid of her completely.

Haha, the most interesting- or tragic? I'm dizzy from all the eye-rolling at every Hye-ji scene, but am holding back on venting my frustration with that character and idol-actress.

She's not worth it. I woulda liked JW so much more if he wasn't an insufferable ass most of the time. He and miss entitlement are getting way too much screen time. Huge waste of the very cute JIW. And seeing Hyun Min reduced to a mopey mess is regretful. I wish to erase both episodes from memory, please. There's secrets, deadly illnesses, and fraudsters waiting in line, get on with that plot. I like new plots and crazy dramas, but sometimes you just need something corny, and this drama hits the spot.

I think Ji-woon already acknowledge his feelings for Ha-won. But at the sametime he has the need to take care of Hye-ji. I hope he learns to draw the line to Hye-ji, she takes him for granted. Since the beginning i was time Ji-woon. And i don't regret it, ji-woon and ha-woon are adorable!!!!!

So happy he is back in a drama!!! Keep getting the feeling that Hyun-min feels or is responsible for her brother's death and that he is pushing her away out of guilt. It honestly seems like the only explanation from the information we've been given at this point.

Also thinking that Chairman looks rather well for someone with terminal liver disease. And who do we think will be his living partial liver donor? I can't understand Hye-ji! I need a plausible background for her and Hyun-min because he starts to become a nonsense too with his love for her and the constante rejection.

Ha-won is as cute as ever and I am totally rooting for her and ex-grumpy-guy now however puppy Seo-woo breaks my heart: Come to think of it, her stepmom and stepsister aren't exactly good female role models.

And her best friend is practically a big baby. So maybe that's why Hye-ji appears to be so awesome? That tree analogy was just bogus: Even a tree is not gonna wait for you forever? Making fun of overdone kdrama tropes is one of my favorite things, but if a show wants to cut out the middleman and take care of it directly that's ok too. I love this recap though, I have a huge grin while reading it. Silly girl is taking a break from stalking HM and immediately starts pestering JW.

I wasn't sure because she's so passive but am positive she knew very well that he's had feelings for her al along. And now she's using him and that fool is falling for it. If I see that picture of the little kids one more time, imma break things. I'm of the opinion that dramas become much more interesting when all the cards are on the table.

When we have a couple that's fighting to stay together then we can get progress and development. The writer is not capitalizing on that tension because of the focus on the sideline story. Also, seeing Ji-Woon figure out the bio-dad mystery alongside HW would be really refreshing. All the back and forth gets old real quick. And another thing, I don't appreciate the writer trying to tie Ahjussi to the villain. Admittedly, step-grandma is a bit of a lame duck right now.

It's episode 9 and we've yet to see her do anything but arrange blind dates. But then again, we all know how scary allowing a parent to set you up on a date can be so It's like the song reincarnated into the angelic music It just won't die! I'm having flashbacks honestly! Seriously, less is more with the music people. I actually like the soundtrack for C4K unlike BOF, but after they play the same song approximately every 26 seconds, I want to rip my earballs out.

Yes, can Hye-ji have something else to think about. Such a bland character which doesnt give the actress much to work with so every scene with her is just painful to watch. And i think their history will involve the brother telling Hyun-min to stay away from his sister before he died.

Hence, Hyun min trying so hard to stay away I do feel bad for the actress playing Hae Ji though - she's so outclassed by PSD, and the best she can do is look dribbly eyed. I like this drama so much that I can't bear with the ridiculousness courtesy of HJ and Hyun Min sudden change in personality Hye-ji oh Hye-ji, where do I start? I must admit that I never really liked her but after the last stunt that she pulled, I am now putting her into the "I shall skip and ignore all your scenes" category for me and my laptop's well being 'cause I might end up smashing the screen.

I guess my frustration stems from the fact that Hye-ji's character has not done anything worth falling in love for aside from low-key stalking Hyun-min and being all pseudo-girlfriend ish to Ji-woon, and yet we've got our two main knights sort of fighting over her.

Her characterization is so basic, that even my soggy ramen breakfast seem to have more personality than her as I mentioned on my previous post from last weeks recap, hihi You ignored her when she was practically throwing herself at you but now that she says that she's moving on, you get all possessive?

Make up your mind and stick with it. My puppy Seo-woo, being friend zoned sucks, it is riddled with heartache and pain but it's good for writing lyrics and stuff. Just look at TSwift. To Ji-woon and Ha-won, I've seen the way you look at each other. Don't be a wuss you two, just 'fess up already.

We only have 6 episodes left and we still have to resolve several issues like who's the real Kang cousin, getting rid of the fake "real dad" etc.

I need some more fluffiness, I demand the fluffy!!! I feel like that would make more sense. I mean, if you're friends with someone your entire life and then they suddenly start dating everyone it makes more sense to me to be sad about it than if you were only friends until you were nine. Yeah, the fact that they were 10! Kdramas love their fated childhood love stories though. I would say they should have at least been seriously dating until maybe I think what happened is her brother died and he either feels like he caused the accident or whatever; or the brother had voiced his disapproval for some reason.

It's dumb really but totally typical which means that when it comes out, Park So Dam's character is going to read him to filth for being such a doofus. Meanwhile I'm really irritated that Secretary Lee's mother somehow hid him or disavowed her original family.

I would have paid cash money for him to slip up and say "Well actually I'm your step-son now. Park So Dam's talent is wasted in this drama. The plot is terrible, the characters are inane. At first I thought it was great that Jung Il Woo finally has a good partner to act with in Park So Dam but the drama is spiralling into a boring heap. The characters and actors of Hyun Min and Hye Ji sabotages the tone of the entire drama.

I am effectively dropping this one. Wishing them better luck next time in choosing their dramas. For some odd reason, I just can't stop watching this show It's a waste of time, talent and frankly brain cells but I just can't look away..

I actually have made this exact comparison before on another site. Anyway, I hope they get the plot moving sooner. Hye Ji is a really badly written character.

The actress is a singer right? I hope she gets some acting lessons in before her next acting gig. No offense to fans of hers.

Badly written or not, a good actor can pull off more than what she's doing here, sorry. I should drop this now. Been fast forwarding parts and just relying mostly on the recaps anyway. The talent of the actors are being wasted. Which is not to say they're not doing their best.

But I guess they can only do so much what with this crazy writing. I still don't understand and can't believe that TvN accepted to broadcast this drama. Everything in this drama feels fake and forced from the characters, the supposed relationships and the story. Hoping the next one would be better but the trailers are giving a DoTS Part 2 vibe: Hope it does'nt turn out that way. Only redeeming factor, happy to get to know the actor lee jung-shin apart from his singer persona.

Melinda the actor lee jungshin apart from singer persona??? Sorry to tell you but jungshin is only the basis of CN blue not a singer lol please do your research. Can't we just edit all Hye-ji scenes out in the upcoming episodes? If Moon Lovers can do a re-edit than something as mindless as C4K can do it as well.

I'm sure they have enough filler stuff considering how long they filmed for this and nobody's here for the plot anyway. Btw wasn't it this drama that caused PSD to arrive at the BM set at the last minute because the writer handed in her script late? Which made KBS to delay the start and gave them an excuse later to cut BM due to the clashing time with the Olympics etc etc Yeah, I see it was totally worth it and am definitely looking forward to see what an amazing plot is awaiting.

If they could have traveled to the holiday house by car then why bothered with the first class plane ride in epidode7? I really don't get the hate this show is receiving.

It's cotton-candy level fluff. I really look forward to coming home after work on Friday night and zapping some pizza and kicking back to watch this ridiculous show. This show isn't one of those "so bad it's good" it's more like it knows what it's about, it's ridiculous K-drama trope version of Cinderella.

Just wait, we'll have a glass slipper analog in this show yet. I loved this show, until Hyun-min became different person and Hye-ji keeps appearing from nowhere,. I like love stories like everyone but when a drama brings more and more stories -like Hawon's birth secret, Hyunmin and Hyeji currently infuriating love story that no one knows and Grandpa's severe illness- I demand them to be told.

And I hope the transition is smooth because I personally felt HW and JW's love story -the only one that has evolved- started in the blink of an eye. I like the antics in the drama but at times you feel holes in the story. Please enter your username or email address.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Cinderella and the Four Knights Favorite. CatoCat September 13, at 1: Please be more thoughtful in the future your post violates the spirit of the dramabeans Commenting Policy which states: Bunny September 13, at 1: On Paper Seo Woo easily beats the other 2 cousins. Yes, the only with a job apparently. The other two a-holes are just pine-y, broody asses!

I hate the JM is still in love with her. It makes him way less fun to watch. TVN was smart to show it in Fri night too But with all this said, I watch this then switch to Moonlight Drawn By Clouds -- which is also about young pretty sweet - and I am shocked by the difference in terms of acting - story - emotion.

Yoyo September 13, at 6: That bathtub was never used for its original purpose. Get a clue, Hye-ji. No one wants you popping in. Totally Random September 17, at 3: I LOLed so much. PBY September 13, at 2: Flightey Gazelles September 13, at 4: Someone September 17, at 3: Yup, that totally makes sense! Let's just say we dislike that character with passion. Sunflowerdiva September 13, at 7: She isn't a good example.

If you follow her steps, I'll leave the show. Curious1 September 13, at 5: So no week of coma this time, and no amnesia? Kinda like the first 90 seconds of Mask. Noooo, it won't leave my head now! Such a frustrating song, seriously! LP September 13, at 4: Thank you for the recap! Reminds me of the ep 1 footballer's lover ghost in Master's Sun.

I am copying someone's comment in previous recap: Do you know what is worse than ep. Which I am too afraid to watch That was my comment! The show is not being ridiculously anymore, its already insanely stupid. Cue operatic angel army And now an open letter to our main characters Alessar September 14, at 6: Can this drama gets worse after this episode? I sincerely want HJ to disappear, for good.

Yes unfortunately it can as evidenced by episode 10, le sigh. Someone needs a time out from boys JW's waterproof jeans was the highlight for me It would be an entirely different story if Kim So Hyun played Hye-ji. Kdramaland is in a dark place right now. This year started of so well. Melinda September 14, at

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jungshin dating

He's very handsome, and a great actor. God Bless you more. And also hes face

jungshin dating

He even rinses her hair of his own volition by sitting in the tub while Ha-won rests comfortably on the edge. I'm not sure if he still consider her as his ideal type now. Hello, linking to previews is okay it's up to others if they want to click , but it would be great if we can avoid describing what's in them here in the comments section.

jungshin dating

Can jungshin dating send Hye-ji off for a year to live abroad and find jungshin dating before she starts a relationship? I wish ur dreams will come true. He wasnt an annoying character, its good. I wish I can be so cool. What we're watching by DB Staff.