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The quality of the work is what counts. Search Show me even more options. A qualified gunsmith can alter your stock to give you the proper length of pull, a good pad as well as the right pitch, drop and cast.

German Shotguns

They were used for stalking and as mountain rifles. Such a mount has two bases, each with two rectangular openings and one of them with a spring loaded locking slide. Later versions have a. It could be a matter of life or death. Image courtesy of the German Gun Collectors Assoc. This mount is very good when it is properly fitted, but it takes a competent gunsmith and quite a bit of time to do the job right.

It has been fitted with a right and left hand butte stock. Highest quality Austrian craftsmanship, Ferlach proofed gun, stock with cheek piece, horn butt plate, fine check Double rifle - Hambrusch. The ultimate big bore stopper. Best ejector rifle fully engraved with African game scenes in a very unusual original caliber, made by L.

Borovnik Austria circa Imported by Flaig's and so marked on the trigger bow. Here we see the pinnacle of old world gunmaking: Borovnik — Best Boxlock. Upgraded wood and high gloss blued metal A beautiful big bore rifl Hambrush Safari Nitro Express. Johann Springer Double rifle. Springer Vorm Nowotny in Wien. Bores are excellent and gun has individual single set triggers that are adjustable.

This is a built in problem and a safety feature that can be improved but never totally remedied by a good gunsmith. Post WW-II German Bolt Action Rifles were strongly influenced by the American occupation troops, who were the only ones in the years after the end of the war who were allowed to own such rifles. Many were built on surplus military actions, using surplus military barrels. Many of them were engraved and had stock inlays. Members of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild have elevated bolt action rifles to a very high quality standard and still prefer the Mauser 98 actions.

They are quite capable to make a fine rifle to your specification, including one in the German tradition. There is no other hunting rifle that allows you to fire a second shot quickly and without lowering the gun. This is a great advantage for the serious hunter, but most important to those who hunt dangerous charging game. It could be a matter of life or death. First, they take more time to make and to regulate so that both rifle barrels shoot into the same group at a given distance.

Also, the ammunition used for regulation and sighting-in is often quite expensive. Regulating the older double rifles to perfection borders on art and requires a great amount of patience.

The reason for this is the fact that soft-soldered barrel ribs hold the barrels on the traditional older guns together. When one barrel is fired and heats up, it expands, creating stress and a slight bend in the barrel assembly.

Proper regulation allows for this, but best results not only depend on the ability of the shooter, but also on shooting the second barrel within five to ten seconds off-hand, not rested on a sand bag. Regulation is done by heating up the front end of the barrel assembly until the solder starts flowing, then moving the rifle barrel position in relationship to the second or third barrel.

This takes a lot of time because the barrels must cool off completely between shots. Sighting in requires great skill and sometimes a lot of ammunition. To get best results, the owner of a gun must use the same ammunition that was used for regulation — even from the same batch of ammunition for best results.

Even the bullet shape can affect points of impact with double rifles. All owners of Drillings, Combination Guns and Double Rifles must accept, that as a rule the rifle barrels will not shoot the same tight groups that are possible with a bolt action or single barrel rifle and that the point of impact will change as the rifle barrel heats up after one or more shots.

Most modern German double rifles and combination guns are now equipped with a regulating mechanism at the muzzle and some have floating barrels that can expand as they get hot, a very definite improvement over over the old traditional guns.

The modern Krieghoff Double Rifles and Double Rifle Drillings are very popular because they have a hand-cocking mechanism that allows the carrying of a loaded gun without ever making an accidental discharge possible.

Their Double Rifle Drilling with a shotgun slug in the third barrel is perhaps the most effective gun for use on dangerous charging game. A Simson side by side three barrel set, one is double rifle, one rifle and shotgun and the third is a double shotgun.

Although the traditional Drilling with two shotgun barrels next to each other on top and a rifle barrel underneath cradled in the middle, is by far the most popular combination gun among many other variations that are available. All of them are proof of the ingenuity of the gun makers and the goal to make a gun slimmer, lighter in weight or more unique.

The two barrel combination gun has the advantage that it is much slimmer and lighter in weight and that a third firing mechanism or a selector are not needed, making the gun less complicated and cheaper to produce. The over and under combination gun is perhaps the most popular among the various barrel configurations because it is very slim. The side-by-side combination guns, also called cape guns , are more traditional and give the shooter who is used to a side-by-side shotgun a similar sighting plane as the one he got used to on his shotgun.

German Drillings and Vierlings A drilling with side by side shotgun barrels and a rifle barrel underneath with a side lock action. Image courtesy of the German Gun Collectors Assoc. Guns with multiple barrels date back hundreds of years, but only the invention of breech loading guns and of center fire ammunition in the 19 th century made these guns practical and very popular.

The earliest versions had opening levers under the trigger guard and outside hammers. Hammerless box lock and side lock guns that could be opened with top levers followed and are still made today. Hunting traditions and conditions in Central Europe made the Drilling the highly valued preferred gun of the professional foresters and serious hunters. Overlapping hunting seasons make it very desirable to have a shotgun and a rifle available at all times.

In addition, the hunter can carry a barrel in a small caliber like. Since most Drillings have only two triggers to fire three barrels, they are equipped with a selector that allows the front trigger to fire the right shotgun barrel and the rifle barrel.

Early hammer guns have a small lever on the top tang for selecting the barrel to be used. On later guns the selector can be on top of the grip or next to the triggers. More advanced guns have separate hand cocking levers or cocking slides for the rifle barrel.

They also have rear sights that automatically elevate when the rifle barrel is selected. Another feature that most Drillings have is a set mrchanism that converts the front trigger to a hair trigger when it is pushed forward and set.

This feature allows the hunter to fire a rifle shot without flinching but its sensitivity can lead to an accidental discharge if not handled with care. On guns with built in set-triggers a small adjustment screw protrudes from the front trigger. For two popular calibers, the 9. Most other calibers have to be re-manufactured by a competent person with reloading experience.

Before using one of these early guns, it would be prudent to familiarize yourself with all of its mechanical features and have it inspected, measured and cleaned by a competent gunsmith. Early guns were built for use with black powder. Proof marks must be correctly interpreted. Modern guns are all nitro-proofed for use with smokeless powder. When in doubt, always err on the safe side, especially when the barrels are made of Damascus steel.

Short of having your gun re-proofed in a European proof house, a costly and time consuming effort, the risk is yours when you shoot the gun. Some of these guns have scope mount bases but the scope is no longer with the gun. Most of the bases are for the German claw mount that must always be hand fitted.

This mount is very good when it is properly fitted, but it takes a competent gunsmith and quite a bit of time to do the job right. When done in a professional way, it will enhance the value of your gun. Three-barrel shotguns gave the shooter more fire power in the days of plentiful game without bag limits. Vierlings are much more expensive and for that reason, not as many can be found in the market place. The fourth barrel on most Vierlings is for a small bore caliber like the 22 LR and the 22 Hornet.

This barrel is often located in the elevated top rib and the gun is called Schienen Drilling. Heavier caliber fourth barrels are usually located above the other rifle barrel, cradled between the shotgun barrels. This gives the gun a higher contour. The mechanism on Vierlings is quite complicated and crowded, and these guns are quite a bit heavier than the Drilling.

The Vierlings with aluminum actions are lighter in weight and but more expensive. Drilling is the German word triplet. The development of breech loading center fire guns made it possible and practical to make guns with three barrels. Although Drillings were made in quite a few countries, they were and are still most popular in Germany and Austria. Overlapping hunting seasons give the hunters and foresters a versatile gun for hunting a great variety of game animals with one gun.

The first really practical Drillings came on the market in the second half of the 19 th. Century and were breech loading hammer guns. But they were also made by many small gun makers all over Europe. Hammer Drillings were popular well into the s and are still made on special order.

Most of these guns had two 16 Ga. Factory ammunition is still available. They usually have a built in set-trigger for the rifle barrel. A small adjustment screw protrudes from the front trigger and the trigger can be set as a hair trigger by pushing it forward.

Early guns have a locking lever under the trigger guard, later models a top lever. Very early guns have the locking lever under the forend Lefaucheux action. The front trigger fires the right shotgun barrel or, when selected, the rifle barrel. The selector is operated by a small lever on the top tang or a slide button on the top tang that looks like a safety. On better guns the rear sight is automatically elevated when the rifle barrel is selected.

Since these guns date back to a time when cartridges had much lower pressures than modern ones and proof laws did not yet exist, great care must be taken in determining whether a gun is safe to shoot and what ammunition is suitable for it. Unless you feel qualified, inspection by a good gunsmith is advisable. The steel used for the barrels on early guns or very inexpensive guns did not have the strength of the barrel steel used today. Damascus steel barrels demand extra caution.

Although good Damascus steel can be as strong as fluid steel, there is no test other than proof testing for knowing the difference. If the rifle caliber is not obvious, a chamber cast should be made and measured in order to determine the caliber accurately.

Chamber inserts for the use of smaller gage shells and re-manufactured rifle ammunition can make it possible to shoot and enjoy the use of these old guns, but in some cases it is too risky. A hammer gun is not necessarily safer to carry than a hammerless gun, especially when the back action locks do not have rebounding hammers with half cock or safety notches.

Not too many German single shot hunting rifles can be found because most serious hunters had owned either a Drilling, a Combination Gun or a bolt action Sporting Rifle.

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ferlach single shot rifles

Borovnik — Best Boxlock. If somebody quotes a much lower price, beware!

ferlach single shot rifles

A few words of advice to those who have an older German shotgun or combination gun:

ferlach single shot rifles

Also, the ammunition used for regulation and ferlch is often quite expensive. Vierlings are much more expensive and for that reason, online dating physical attraction as many ferlach single shot rifles be found in the market place. The ultimate big bore stopper. Ferlach single shot rifles is a built in problem and a safety feature that can be improved but never totally remedied by a good gunsmith. As steel or tinderbox and 2. When in doubt, always err on the safe side, especially when the barrels are made of Damascus steel. Most other calibers have to be re-manufactured by a competent person with reloading riflee.